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Unlocking My Millions!

How Rich Women In Business Plan For Growth And Passive Income. Truth Bomb's Female Business Academy.

The Female Business Academy of Extraordinary Women

When You Start
Unlocking My Millions
You Unlock The Female Business Recipe For Having More Time & Financial Freedom.

Ladies, it is a known fact that women think differently than men. So why are we following business training that wasn't designed for us? Business training that has us feel like an imposter, or even worst, unworthy. 

Inside our premier business academy course, Unlocking My Millions™ you'll unlock access to a one-of-a-kind female business training. Becoming more confident, while increase your income and having more time freedom.  

As women we have different perspective on how we want to design our business. Our business recipe allows you to find your best path for the season of life you are in. Grow, Scale, and have your Dream Business come to life with fun, play, and ease.

Clarify Your Business

Access your online course, 

Unlocking My Millions

Design Your Business For Time & Financial Freedom. 

Your Millions

Running a profitable, freedom-based business will change your life forever.

Unlock Your Inner Female Genie.

Freedom & Prosperity

Live where you want, charge what you want, go where you want. 

Design a dream business for a life of financial freedom in any economy.

Let Us Save You Years of Expensive Trial and Error

Unlocking My Millions give you the exact playbook to start and scale your business -- so you can confidently ignore "shiny objects" that drain your life.

Life Transforming

"Unlocking My Millions, is the training I didn't know I needed. After years of spending thousands on Digital Marketing training, I finally know the business I want to create into my life."

Julie Kelly

Soon To Be Published Author

Mind Blowing

"The branding training alone is worth at least $20K. Unlocking My Millions has transformed my business and helped me feel more authentic in my marketing!"

Jen Jones

Affiliate Marketing Strategist


Honestly, 100x more powerful than my MBA degree. This is business planning every female entrepreneur should go through. Impactful!

Hilary DeFreitas

Business Integrator Consultant

What Does It Feel Like Inside
Unlocking My Millions™?

Women are experiencing being unlocked and dropping the shackles that have been unknowingly holding them back. Increasing their income, while doing less. Enjoy the pleasure of time freedom on their terms. The desire to be heard, seen, and understood in what they are dealing with to have it all work.  A life, family, and business.

Just imaging a business that blends effortlessly into your life...

You'll have Clarity in business 
Your business is consistently making money
You have more time for your family and those that matter most
Your family and friends are proud of you.
Focused on three simple profit producing activities
Excited about your business and telling others about it
Your Business is feeding you through profits and bonuses
You are feeling pleasure, purpose, and connected
You effortlessly have the life and work balance you thought was impossible to accomplish.

Simple, Supportive, & Innovative

What our sisters are saying


"As a mindset coach, my business is benefiting from Truth Bomb Academy. The collaboration and trust of this training & community is helping me grow my business with renewed purpose."