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Truth Bomb Academy

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Truth Bomb Academy™ is designed for women by women. Prioritize what's important to you. Become more confident, increase your time and income while still making your life and family your top priority. It can be done.

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Katie, Owner of From the Heart Catering 

What Does It Look Like Inside
Truth Bomb Academy™?

Our Female Business Truth Bombers are thriving in all areas of their life. They experience being heard, seen, and understood in what they are dealing with in having a life, family, and business.
The life a Truth Bomber is all about…

Has a simple business playbook to becoming a millionaire
Has more time for family and those that matter
Family and friends are proud of her.
Working smarter, not harder
Excited about her business and telling others about it
Feeling confident and authentic
Understands what self-care really is and when to use it
Her business is making consistent money
She effortlessly has the life and work balance that many thought was impossible

Simple, Supportive, & Innovative

These women in business can't be wrong


"As a mindset coach, my business is benefiting from Truth Bomb Academy. The collaboration and trust of this training & community is helping me grow my business with renewed purpose."