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Unlocking My Millions™

level up your business in the next 90 days! Design Your Business to Sync with your unique cycle to enhance productivity and achieve life-work balance.

Unlock YOUR Unique Female Business Cycle and Transform Your Finances! Business! Family! Passion! Life!

Ladies, it's time to STOP following business training that isn't designed for you? Adopting a cyclical way of doing business is the most revolutionary and empowering shift you can make to overcome the miseducation and cultural conditioning you have faced throughout your entrepreneurial journey. 

Inside Truth Bomb Academy you'll start Unlocking My Millions™  Gain Unlimited Access to business training and education designed for female entrepreneurs like you. Increasing your confident, while having the time and financial freedom you desire.  

It's time you learned how to honor your two biological clocks to unlock your inner rhythm to unleash your creativity, reclaim your power, and build momentum in your business without the burnout, stress, or overwhelm.

Ending Your Myth-Education

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Truth Bomb Academy

Clarify Your Business. Plan your business activities more effectively. Paving the way for sustainable success and growth.

Your Millions

Create a profitable, freedom-based business by syncing with your Unique Female Business Cycle.

Weave together health, family, and business for harmony.

Freedom & Prosperity

Live where you want, charge what you want, go where you want. 

Design a dream business for a life of financial freedom while taking time to rest, restore, and enjoy your life on the journey.

Let Us Save You Years of Expensive Trial and Error

Truth Bomb Academy give you the exact playbook to birth and scale your business -- so you can confidently ignore "old school training" and tap into your female business cycle. Design the business of your dreams by following your unique flow.

Life Transforming

"Truth Bomb Academy, is the training I didn't know I needed. After years of spending thousands on Digital Marketing training, I finally know the business I want to create into my life."

Julie Kelly

Soon To Be Published Author

Mind Blowing

"The branding training alone is worth at least $20K. Truth Bomb Academy has transformed my business and helped me feel more authentic in my marketing!"

Jen Jones

Affiliate Marketing Strategist


Honestly, 100x more powerful than my MBA degree. This is business planning every female entrepreneur should go through. Impactful!

Hilary DeFreitas

Business Integrator Consultant

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