As a female entrepreneur, there is a different type of business training required to create, build, and scale your business successfully. Currently, over 12 million women-owned businesses employ over 10.1 million workers.

Yet, with all these women entering the business world the other side of the story is telling us that women are hitting burnout faster than men. With over 43% reporting frustration, anxiety, depression, and lack of energy. Are women taking on too much in wanting to own a business? Is there a proven business training for female entrepreneurs to ensure the success of their business and lifestyle?

Today, I’m sharing three (3) must-have business training if you are a female entrepreneur. We highly recommend our courses to creators, coaches, and service-based businesses.

#3 Time Magic: Manifesting Time & Money

Time Magic for Female Entrepreneurs. Business training that works.

Time Magic is the premier business training for female entrepreneurs around time management. The current traditional training of time management is not working for women. It is one of the leading causes of burnout and overwhelm.

Traditional time management teaches a ‘to-do’ list mentality. From the ‘Miracle Morning’ to “The 4 Disciplines of Execution’, each of these methods is delivered from a male’s perspective and business lifestyle.

Here’s an interesting fact. The hormonal cycle of a male is 24 hours. Meaning they can start and end time in a day. The hormonal cycle of a female is 28 days. This means women stay in our genius longer, and experience time over weeks not days. This makes women a valuable asset to the business world. A woman’s ability to take time to process information and see the impact is far superior to the male training of time. We look for human impact on all levels as we allow ourselves to sit with an idea or plan of action.

If you haven’t already, register for the Time Magic course and start implementing the simple system of time magic. Gain confidence and accountability in creating your year, month, week, and day.

#2 Unlocking My Millions

Unlocking My Millions with happy females and butterflies

Your business plan is key to the creation, building, and scaling of your business. Once you take the time to put your idea to paper magic happens.

Features in UBC News World Podcast: Unlocking My Millions is changing how women approach business.

Unlocking My Millions took the traditional male business model and flipped it on its head. We consulted top millionaire businessmen from around the world. We had them teach us their business plan methods and strategies. Most of it we threw out the window and kept just the structural foundation of business planning. We agreed that those are non-negotiable.

Then the play began. Through the help of female entrepreneurs bold enough to challenge the status quo, we created Unlocking My Millions. An out-of-the-box, bold, and proven approach to business that allows women to add back fun, play, and ease in their business.

Not only are they gaining confidence but they are also learning cash management that allows them to take profits and pay themselves first. Plus leveraging a proven marketing syndication strategy that has them focus on only ONE thing in their marketing.

#1 Female Millionaire Code: 3M Your Profits

Female Millionaire Code

The Female Millionaire Code is a free virtual workshop with a workbook. This interactive workshop is designed for female entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their business to the 7-figure income level.

This workshop is FREE to join and you can register right now to grab your spot! Women are falling in love with this new approach to business that makes sense for how women think and feel. Learn to unlock your millions by applying this simple 3M to Profits method! Improve your business, avoid burnout, and gain confidence!

These business trainings are designed exclusively for women. For the first time experience business training that taps into your natural intuition, and gut feeling, and provides you with a road map to a balanced life and business. All the business training out there teaches pieces of business. For the first time ever, unlock mindest, brand, money, and marketing, and keep your sanity!

Wrap-Up for Business Training

Women and men approach business differently. Isn’t it time that you learned to build your business by implementing the Female Business Model? Do you have the courage to buck the norm and do something different?

Business is more than the money and marketing. It is a lifestyle and a mindset. If you don’t address that at the start of your female business journey, you are more likely to experience burnout, frustration, overwhelm, and maybe even make yourself sick.

Build your business into your life… don’t let it be your life.

If you got value from today’s post, comment below. We love hearing from our readers.

Your Sister in Business,

Chef Katrina

three founders of Truth Bomb Marketing, Truth Bomb Academy, and Unlocking My Millions
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