Time Management is a hot topic among female entrepreneurs. Many often struggle with getting everything they THINK they need to get done each day.

The search for tools and resources to manage your time better is overwhelming with the simplest searches.

A simple search on Google not only gives you strategies but:

exercises and worksheets





I’ve tried many strategies in the past and they all work. At least they work for while, until they didn’t, then some got thrown out faster than others….🙃

Listen to this short video on what I love and have been using for 3 years now.

#1 – Self-Evaluation – Know Why You Even Want to Manage Time

In the past when I received a new time management planner or tool I jumped right into all my to dos. I scheduled my whole month and realized I had no time for anything I really wanted to do….🤪

Does this sound familiar? Do you find your planner more of a to do list instead of something that can actually help get back time and reduce your stress?

It took me years of struggling with time management before I finally found something that felt right. It was designed specifically for women by female entrepreneurs. Apparently women needed a different approach and system for time management. I’ve learned that women don’t manage time, we actually create it. How would it feel to create more time in your day and reduce stress?

Let me share with you what I found. It is unlike anything on the market or being trained.

Inside Truth Bomb Academy women are taking the time to discover what is most important to them.

We’re asking ourselves:

What do we want to experience

How do we want to grow

What do we want to contribute to the world

What is most important in my life

What do I value the most?

What am I most passionate about

and more

Taking all those things and more into consideration before jumping into time management has been a game changer for me. I’m learning how to prioritize my time and prioritize the people and things that are most important to me. By doing this I gain so much free time that I’m finally able to do more of what I actually love to do.

#2 – Do You Still Dream?

Ohhh this is a good one. Too often we as females put everyone else before ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even realize it. As children it was easy to dream. I know I spent most of my days at school dreaming away 😱🤣

It wasn’t until three years ago, that I got present to the fact that I had stopped dreaming. The worst thing I discovered was that I didn’t even know how to dream anymore. I had lost my dreams for everyone else’s. I wanted my kids to achieve their greatest dreams, I wanted my husband to have all that he wanted.

I lost myself and I don’t wish that for any women. And that is what makes this training inside Truth Bomb Academy so powerful. It wakes up your inner creative genius that many of us are burying. Are you ready to unlock your own personal genie in the bottle? To have your every wish granted?

Time Magic shows you how to dream again. At the start of your journey with this planner you will be asked to write down 50 dreams.

FIFTY dreams😱. After 20 minutes I had 5 written down. After looking at them again I realized 3 of the 5 were not my dreams but someone else’s that I wanted to happen for them.

Ladies I challenge you to write out 50 dreams. This exercise alone has helped to guide how I plan my years, months and weeks. If your dreams are a mystery to you so are your goals.

#3 – Your Top 5 Goals for the Year

After, writing down your 50 big, hairy, far out there goals. (Yes, go big and far reaching 🤩)

We then chose the 5 that we want to accomplish this year.

This, ladies, actually creates your overall intention for the year. What experience do you want to have this year – in your life, in your business??

Taking it a step further we write down ‘why’ these goals are important to us. When we achieve these goals how would that make us feel or what would happen?

These exercises not only helped me to have more focus they helped me achieve more than I dreamed. It unlocked my creative side and opened my eyes to see more.

One of my favorites we write down is the reward we would receive after achieving these dreams. I have struggled with rewards in the past. But, in Time Magic we have discovered the reward isn’t always external (it certainly can be, a good massage is always worth it 😍) but, sometimes the feeling you get by achieving the goal is all you need!!

I Know What You’re Thinking Now……🤔

I know because I was thinking it too when we started this. What in the name of all that’s holy does this have to do with Time Management???

Let me tell you it has everything to do with Time Magic – which is what we call it inside the Truth Bomb Academy. I know I was relieved when we discovered the secret that time CAN’T be managed.

It’s not possible.

All that I wasted trying to strangle time to fit in my color blocks and stop when my timers went off……

Instead of strangling time anymore I am now focusing on all those things I mentioned and creating the time for what is most important to me.

I know it often seems like a building a business can become all encompassing in your life – and it will if you let it.

Since I was introduced to using Time Magic I have created more time in my days and money in my bank account.

What would your life look like if managing time wasn’t such a focus? If living your life became the focus?

What are your Top 5 dreams for this year?? How will you feel when you accomplish them??

Truth Bomb Academy – For Women in Business

Can I save you some money? If you are a women in business, I recommend joining Truth Bomb Academy. Why? Because you get Time Magic when you join free of charge. You also get access to weekly accountability, where members inside the academy show you how they are getting time back and making more money.

You don’t have to go through this training alone. Do it with others that are having success with these tools and training. You’ll thank yourself for doing it.

Join the women reaching their goals, building their businesses without overwhelm or burnout because they are focused on their dreams and who or what is most important to them.

Truth Bomb Academy was designed specifically for women in business. You are walked through an easy and simple roadmap that guides you every step of the way in creating not only your business but the life you want. Feel confident in designing, planning, and implementing. Have the balance you want in all areas of your life.

Choose which approach works best for you and your business. Are you a DIY type of person or do you like to work directly with mentors and create the BEST Business Plan EVER!!

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning how to create the time you want. If not now… when? Don’t waste another moment buying another proven time management strategy that doesn’t give you the complete picture. It’s time you drove your business and life forward in comfort. Believe it or not it starts with discovering your dreams.

I’ll see you inside Truth Bomb Academy!

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Your sister in Business,


Truth Bomb Founders
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    • Katrina

      I use to do time blocking and even created a checklist of things to do, but I never put on my checklist things like taking a mental break, going outside, having fun, breath. Those things didn’t seem important. I now know how important those are in having a balanced life. Great article!

      • Heidi

        Going outside always helps clear my head and Ii can work better when I come back.

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