Did you know 40% of women in business report being overwhelmed?   Oftentimes they aren’t even aware of it and continue to hustle and hustle while sacrificing time with their family and friends.  

This is leading to a lot of mental and health issues for women, burnout and just simply overwhelmed. It’s an epidemic that is spreading and I’m here to shed some light on how to get back your sanity.

As a female entrepreneur that is passionate about your business, you need access to women and training that get you. All of you. Not just what you do in business.

Here inside Truth Bomb Academy, we are helping busy women create a simple business playbook that is giving them more time, and more money without sacrificing the things most important to them. 

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Let’s address this issue. Why are women so overwhelmed? 

Why are more women quitting their businesses instead of achieving their goals, reaching those six figures, and reaching that million-dollar mark at the same percentage that men do? 

Here inside Truth Bomb Academy, this has been bothering us. After researching and looking for business training for females we recognized a BIG gap in the industry. We are dropping truth bombs around how women are creating a business. 

Amidst our masterminds, the work we have done being women ourselves, and working with thousands of women we discovered a few things:

1. Emotions Play a Big Role

We have discovered that men, go about their day in a very linear way following the 24 hour clock. They go about them in a straightforward manner.  Emotions don’t necessarily play much into how the day plays out. 

    Women, we are on a hormonal cycle.  We have either a 28 or 30-day hormonal cycle. and our days are like that too. Our days have a hormonal cycle to them also. And here inside Truth Bomb Academy, we have been spending time with women and discovering how ignoring this has been affecting our businesses.   

    What Needs to Change?

    Instead of creating a day that is very linear, we have been looking at how we function throughout the day, week and month. There are many things that we are responsible or we feel responsible for. Taking care of the children, taking care of the house, possibly a job outside the home, taking care of our spouse, taking care of the laundry, right? And then you also have your business that you’re growing. How do you break up the day? 

    We have had a fascinating time dissecting that here inside Truth Bomb Academy. 

    We’ve actually discovered ways that women create more time. The fact of the matter is we are creators we create life and we can create time and bend it so that we do spend the time with the people and the things that are most important to us while we’re still being able to build our business. 

    We have learned so many of our business skills from men that we’ve actually modeled our business building after men which is not a bad thing but we have to add back the things that women need in their lives, need in their business. If it’s something that we need in our life, we also need to incorporate that into our business so that we don’t get so overwhelmed that we just want to give up and quit. 

    2. Natural Collaborators

    The second thing is we realize women are natural collaborators. 

    The popular phrase says, “It takes a village to raise a child,” I experienced exactly that and it was a true blessing in my life as I was able to have, other moms, other families pour into me, my kids and my family. 

    It’s the same with our business, we collaborate. Why are we building businesses by ourselves? 

    We have been taking on this persona, the solopreneur like it’s a badge of honor. It’s not a badge of honor. It’s a badge of grudgery and a badge of oh my gosh I have to do this all by myself. 

    No, you don’t. 

    And that’s the thing when women collaborate with each other, when you have other women in your life, that village of people that are there to help you build your business. Providing an outsider’s point of view.

    Insights From Trusted Friends and Fellow Businesswomen

    A trusted mentor, friend, and another female entrepreneur can see places that you might be overlooking or that you’re stuck on and you don’t even know you’re stuck on it. It’s fascinating and powerful when women get together and collaborate, encourage each other, and lift each other up. 

    Have a friend who understands what you are doing look and you’re able to look at each other’s marketing plan. What your idea is and how is this serving the clients that you’re looking to serve?  

    Here inside Truth Bomb Academy, we have discovered the power of collaboration. 

    Now I know there’s been other times where I’ve been with women and I’ve heard, “Oh, but women are just so catty, when they get powerful, they get competitive.” 

    That’s because we’ve been put into that environment. We’ve been told, “You have to compete with your competition.” 

    The fact of the matter is, we don’t. There are more people and more money out in this world than any of us are aware of. 

    Do you realize that as we’re going into a recession, there will be more people, and more businesses that reach that million dollar mark during a recession than when we’re not in a recession?

    The money doesn’t disappear. It just gets reallocated. 

    Where is that money and how do you get it and how do you collaborate with other women to find this powerful thing? 

    3. Your Secret to Millions

    Here inside, Truth Bomb Academy, we have discovered that a lot of women don’t like the idea of a business plan. It sounds analytical, it sounds overwhelming. I get it. You and I don’t have time to waste because making money matters.

    Many women that we spoke with have skipped over this. 

    We have this phenomenal idea. We think we know who needs it, or who wants it, or who would desire it, and then we go straight ahead to marketing, but we have no plan. 

    The way to get from our idea to the sales is unclear. We think we do, we know what people want. We go out and we just splash it all over social media or splash it all over advertising and, then we run out of ideas for marketing and marketing becomes a struggle because we skipped all these steps. Several things have been skipped and we don’t have clarity around what we’re marketing. 

    There was no plan written or thought out clearly. 

    Here inside Truth Bomb Academy, We’ve actually reconfigured this. 

    We are not OK with women sacrificing their family and friends in hopes of building a business that will give them time freedom and financial freedom.  

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you can never take a day off from your business without feeling guilty.  

    I have good news for you!!

    We have a proven model to get you to a million dollars. 

    It your time to Unlock Your Millions. This is a system that has been used all throughout the world. It’s in universities being taught to the next generation. 

    Although it’s a proven system, we discovered women are overwhelmed, quitting, and dropping out, until we figured out what has been missing. 

    We hear a lot about breath work, visualization, meditation, and self-care in the self-development niche.  It has been sorely missing from our business education.  

    We have discovered this is something that we have to add back to our business education.  It’s not an option. It’s necessary for success in your business because if you quit, if you burn out, if you get overwhelmed in the hustle, you’re not going to reach the dreams because you’re not there to reach your dreams. 

    Check out the Academy and Experience the Difference

    Inside Truth Bomb Academy we teach women how to be women in business. How to leverage your unique 28-day cycle for ultimate success without the overwhelm or desire to quit.

    Women we’re going to have fun. We’re going to enjoy our business again!  We’re going to acknowledge our feelings about our business. 

    So join us here inside Truth Bomb Academy. (Download the app for F.REE and meet a community of incredible women)

    See what it’s like for free. If it’s not for you, you can just close your membership and say goodbye. 

    But you will miss out.

    It’s time to stop following business training that was NEVER designed to include women. Adopting a cyclical way of doing business is the most revolutionary and empowering shift you can make to overcome the miseducation and cultural conditioning you have face throughout your entire entrepreneurial journey.

    You will have that time freedom to spend with the people and the things that are most important to you. I’ll see you on the inside.

    Your Sister in Business,

    Heidi 🦋🤩🍷🥳🧚‍♀️

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