For entrepreneurs women’s retreats not only offer ways to find inspiration, your purpose, community they also offer the opportunity to disengage from everyday life and experience fun activities, while exploring new ideas and relationships.

When we are building a business it’s easy to get in ruts or plateau in our excitement and ingenuity. Retreats can inspire new ideas, energy renewal, even transformation of not only our business but our lives. Women’s retreats offer a unique opportunity to meet other growth-minded women, with experiences that enhance your holistic well being.

When we neglect to put a retreat on our calendar I do believe we miss out on not only the business growth but, our overall holistic personal growth. We are better moms, wives, sisters, and friends when take the time to connect, collaborate, create and engage in the self-care that comes from women’s retreats.

Women Don’t Really Need A Retreat……🙃🤔

  1. A Retreat is not an endpoint
  2. Women don’t need time away from their lives
  3. A retreat is NOT a vacation

While a few days away offers a break. In my opinion and experience a woman rarely goes on a retreat just to step away from her life. Instead the underlying motivation is to find herself, step into her voice and her life more fully. The opportunity to have a deeply transformative experience.

Here’s why:

You Gain Long Term Benefits

Like vacations women’s retreats can certainly boost your mood but, more so they help learn something new which has a more lasting impact.

Retreats are restorative — you are able to recharge and reset your internal compass to take better care of YOU, so you can be there for others without feeling drained.

You Find or Renew Your Purpose

In the day-in, day-out focus on ‘doing ‘ in life, we can get lost in ‘going-though-the-motions’.

When that sense of stuckness or discontent arrives and we can’t put a finger on what needs to change. Retreats offer the opportunity to meet ourselves all over again.

We get outside our comfort zones the necessary discomfort, that comes with growth, like metaphorical labor pains in the cycle of our own renewed life.

From Strangers to Sisters. The Power of Female Camaraderie

Women are choosing to attend women’s retreats more and more as a way to find inspiration, purpose and community, while engaging in fun activities and exploring new, beautiful locations.

The more we open up, the more we flourish. Workshops and activities designed to foster self-discovery and empowerment become catalysts for transformation. They learn to honor their own stories and those of their newfound sisters. Friendships forged in authenticity deepen as laughter, tears, and shared insights strengthen their bonds.

There’s a sense of joy and camaraderie that radiates from each woman, born from the understanding that they are not alone on their journey. Nurturers by nature we form community and create a sudo village to raise our business in.

Reconnect With Your Voice

When you come to a crossroads of self; when you reach a moment where you can no longer distract, ignore, or downplay your feelings, needs or intuition; when you recognize the culturally-defined success isn’t aligned with your truth— you start to see new doorways and you hear new messages.

To me, a women’s retreat is never about that one week you stepped away from your life. It’s not really about getting away, but getting in. It’s about reconnecting with yourself and stepping further into the TRUTH of who you are.

Spending time in nature, expanding your mindset in new and refreshing ways, and reconnect to what brings you joy. Attending a retreat can help you recommit to focusing on your own happiness and remember how to have fun!

Vulnerability Transforms Into Authenticity

Life is not linear we have seasons (Childhood, Teenagerhood, Young adult, Marriage and/or starting a career, Children or Career/Business growth, Etc.). There are times in our lives that we may feel unaligned or get lost in our purpose. As life transitions take place, it is easy to lose sight of what our purpose is or how to meaningfully achieve a new purpose.

The power of these retreats lies in the profound connections that emerge. Strangers become sisters, and vulnerability becomes a path to authenticity and strength. Through the shared experiences of the retreat, these women have not only deepened their own self-awareness but have also gifted themselves a supportive network that extends far beyond the retreat’s end.

Women’s retreats are more than just getaways; they’re transformative experiences that remind us of the beauty of connection and vulnerability. Through shared stories, laughter, tears, and a mutual journey toward self-discovery, a sisterhood emerges – a testament to the incredible strength found in unity. From strangers to sisters, the transformational power of women’s retreats is a testament to the profound potential of human connection.

The Re-Imagine Business Female Retreat

As we know when women are together in person, magic happens. We are blessed to bring women something amazing.

Through the power of connection and collaboration, we are hosting our in-person ‘Re-Imagine Business’ female retreat. This all inclusive 4 day retreat is what nurtures the heart and soul of an entrepreneurial woman.  The best price available the earlier you sign up!! Click here to find out when our next Women’s Retreat is.

You’re invited to be part of the start of something extraordinary. A paradigm shift for all women, now and future generations, to re-imagine and design businesses that honor our energy, our mindset, and our female strengths.

I’m proud to be out walking this earth as the Truth Bomb for female entrepreneurship. I’m no longer ashamed or afraid of walking a different path and holding hands with my sisters in life and business. Will you join us?

Your Options: 

No matter where you are at in business or life, we have something for you. Thank you for being a light in the world as a female entrepreneur! 

To Your Success,

Heidi Mummau 🦋🧚‍♀️🍷🥂🥳

truth bomb academy Founders Chef Katrina and Heidi Mummau
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    • Hilary A De Freitas

      I’m so glad to be apart of this community. Can’t wait for the retreat! I take a spiritual retreat every year

      • Katrina

        This is retreat is going to be different from anything we’ve experienced in the past.

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