Co founders of truth bomb marketing, Chef Katrina and Heidi

why we do what we do...

Our Mission

Exposing the Myth-Information that has been causing women in business to burn out in all areas of their lives. We've designed a business and training app that teaches women how to design, launch, nurture, and scale a business all while being in sync with her Infradian Rhythm. 

We expose women to the truth of being a sustainable millionaire in health, family, and business. When women understand their body, hormones, and gifts that aren't a curse, but an undeniable superpower.

Unlock the Secret to Building Energy, not draining it
Feeling Powerful & Confident in any situation
Have time work for you, by doing less but getting more done!
Millionaire Marketing Cycle - Not feeling the pressure to be perfect
Sisterhood & Private Community:  Access to women that 'get it' and are working through the same challenges you are. You're not alone.
Paying It Forward - A portion of every sale goes to support female education, business training, and our local community. 

Honest. Supportive. Simple. Innovative. Heart Centered. Philanthropic. 

Who Are We?

Your Sisters In Business

Your Team for Business Planning, Cash Management, and Digital Media Marketing.

Katrina van Oudheusden

Female Business Mentor

CEO & Founder

Heidi Mummau

Cash Management

CFO & Founder

Truth Bomb Academy

Female Business Training & Education

Unlock Your Female Business Cycle

Hilary Defreitas

Integration Specialist

Director of Operations

Krista Bakker

Web design, email, and funnels

Marketing Specialist

Female Millionaire Code

Female Millionaire Code

How Women Unlock True Financial Freedom, Sanity, and Happiness. 

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