As a woman in business do you know the difference between a business plan and a marketing plan?

In our survey, 90% of female digital business owners didn’t have a business plan. Most thought a business plan was a marketing plan. A daily list of things to do for their business. 

The world of digital media gave us a false sense of business. While it created more millionaires than ever before, it also gave the illusion that all you needed was an idea and a marketing plan to receive your riches. 

This worked for a time, but not longer.

As women in business, we work better and have a better life/work balance when we have a business plan. Yet, a business plan sounds so formal and boring. And it is. Business plans have the occurrence of being complex and difficult to create. So we did something about it. 

We made business planning fun and simple. Our mission is to help create more female millionaires in the following industries. 

  • Coaching/Mentorship
  • Digital Course/Products
  • Digital Store (Etsy, Shopify, e-commerce)
  • Social Selling
  • Affiliate Marketer

If your business falls into any of these categories, then you will want to listen to what I’m about to share with you.

How Business Plans Went Missing

A business plan includes everything you need to create fun, play, and ease in your life. I’m serious.

I’ve been online since 2008 and NO ONE ever mentioned having a business plan. We were all chasing the easy money of the wild, wild west of digital media. Back then it was super easy to have an idea and start telling people about it.

Today, things are VERY different. People know they can make money online. What use to work in building a digital business doesn’t work anymore. Why? Because the business training of old didn’t adjust to the digital business information or connection that we now have access to.

Right now, more than ever, women in business need a business plan… or more accurately they need a business playbook. Why do we need a business playbook as women in business you might ask?

Because without it women are struggling with mental, physical, and emotional burnout. And that is not okay. I’m tired of seeing women create incredible businesses only to burn them down due to mental and emotional exhaustion.

When we did our research at Truth Bomb Marketing, the #1 reason women were struggling as female digital business owners is that they had no business plan. They had an idea and marketing tactics sold to them by online gurus promising more leads and sales… but that isn’t enough.

Why Women in Business Need a Business Playbook

Life is fluid for women. It’s not about having a rigid plan. It’s about having a holistic approach to self-care, family, business, and money. As women we see it all working together. One ripples into another.

Without a business playbook, we are at the whim of marketing tactics that lead to burnout and frustration. We can’t keep chasing the marketing tactic. It’s time for a better way.

Inside Truth Bomb Academy we created the first-of-its-kind holistic female business playbook. We blended and blurred the lines between self-care, business, money, marketing, and community. Showing women how to create balance in their lives. Putting a stop to the shame and blame so many of us women experience in owning a digital online business.

Our unique business playbook, Unlocking My Millions, shows women how to create and run a business based on what they love to do and what they want to create in their life. It’s about honoring yourself and not doing things just because someone said you have to.

There are a million ways to build a business, it’s time to follow your heart and intuition. This is your customized business playbook. It includes;

  • Self-Awareness & Discovery – Entrepreneurship will expose everything you know or don’t know about yourself. How to manage self-care.
  • Unlocking My Millions: Develop a business playbook that clarifies your idea, brand, team, financials, and marketing.  Don’t go it alone
  • Time Magic: Unlock the genie in your bottle to grant your every wish. Powerful & True
  • Time Magic Workshop: How to implement everything you need for a better life & work balance. Accountability and Collaboration.
  • Mastermind & Community:  All your business training PLUS community in one place. Download our mobile app to access everything you need.

It’s time to bring everything you need together in one place with access to experts that can guide you throughout your life & business journey. Why? Because women don’t separate life and business. It all blends and knowing this can keep you from burnout and overwhelm.

Which leads to the infamous marketing plan.

How Marketing Plans Pretend To Be A Business Plan

Digital marketing plans are sneaky little suckers! They are devious and seemingly innocent. They promise wealth and prosperity quickly and with the promise of little effort.

A marketing plan hits all the highlights…

  • Avatar
  • Audience
  • Landing Page
  • Offer/Product
  • Traffic Strategy
  • Profits!!

Tada! A bastardized business plan at play! (cheeky tone)

I’m not gonna blow smoke up your bum… this works. It’s everything you need to experience burnout, overwhelm, self-doubt, fear, and still make money!

A marketing plan is part of a business plan. It’s one of the key elements of a business plan. It’s just not the whole thing.

Think of it like buying wheels for your car. We know that a car without wheels doesn’t go far. The car is then a lump of metal and design waiting for a way to be put into motion.

Yet wheels without a car can still move. They can roll and be in motion even without the car. Most of us that are have created digital businesses have only been driving our business forward with only the wheels of the car. We’ve been pushing the wheel forward with our own two hands and struggled to make it stop. We had no control over our business, it was controlling us.

Ever feel like your marketing strategy was controlling you and your life? You’re not alone.

What’s been missing is having your own customized business playbook. It’s the key to unlocking self-care, peace of mind, money, and time.

If you have been feeling burnout in your business… it’s time to share with you a better way forward.

Truth Bomb Academy – For Women In Business

Stop spinning your wheels and design the car that can help you reach your dreams faster.

Truth Bomb Academy was designed specifically for women in business. You are walked through an easy and simple roadmap that guides you every step of the way in creating your business playbook. Feel confident in designing, planning, and implementing. Have the balance you want in all areas of your life.

Choose the best approach for you and your business today. Are you a DIY type of person or do you like working directly with mentors and creating the BEST Business Playbook EVER!!

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning how to create your business playbook. If not now… when? Don’t waste another moment buying another proven marketing tactic that doesn’t give you the complete picture. It’s time you drove your business forward in comfort with systems and tools to do all the heavy work for you so that you can get to your financial destination with ease.

Get back into the a/c driver’s seat of your business.

I’ll see you inside Truth Bomb Academy!

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Your sister in Business,

Chef Katrina

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