Businesses are connected to their community. I see this over and over again inside Truth Bomb Academy. The women in business want to make a change and have a philanthropic core value built into their business model. It’s not just about making money for women, it’s about what we can do with that money to improve the lives of our family and our community.

Truth Bomb Marketing, LLC has been on the lookout for organizations to donate to. We’ve discussed many amazing organizations over the year that we want to collaborate with, yet one stood out that we want to support. It’s called the Period Project and it is part of the alliance for PERIOD supplies.

Did She REALLY Say That?! podcast is about sharing truths and creating awareness for female entrepreneurs. We felt this was important to share.

Truth Bomb’s Podcast | Did She REALLY Say That?!

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Resources Referenced inside today’s podcast:

  1. Period Project
  2. alliance for PERIOD supplies

A portion of all sales from our courses and mentorship programs goes to supporting these organizations.

About Truth Bomb Academy

We’re exposing the myth-information that has been causing women to burn out in all areas of their lives. We’ve designed a business education and training app that allows women to design, launch, nurture, and scale a business all while being in sync with her Infradian Rhythm.  Our mission is to teach women how to become sustainable millionaires in business, health, and family. It’s time women understood that their bodies, hormones, and gifts are blessings and undeniable superpowers. 

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After three years of testing and working with women from all walks of business. We are opening the doors to Truth Bomb Academy to all female entrepreneurs who want to experience a better way to build and scale their businesses. Inside this private app and community, you will learn things about being a woman that is finally being revealed.

  • The female Infradian Rhythm – YOUR 28-day clock
  • Your four-phase monthly unique superpowers
  • Adding creativity back into your business design and lifestyle
  • Working with your natural intuition and female habits

It’s time to embrace and awaken the female power inside of you. Learn how to use your feelings, intuition, and empathy with humanity to build and run extraordinary businesses that leave you grounded, fulfilled, happy, and financially secure. Leave the burnout and come play in the world of abundance and creativity. Welcome to Truth Bomb Academy and the sisterhood of collaboration. Join for free today!

We also host live training for business owners. Training that helps you level up your business. How to hire people, how to grow your financial independence, how to embrace the new way of marketing in 2024 and beyond. We seek the outlier information that is having a significant impact on your business.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina 🥰🦋🕯️

truth bomb academy Founders Chef Katrina and Heidi Mummau

P.S. Within the community of Truth Bomb Academy, you’ll experience a new season of business training. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Learn for yourself and pass this knowledge on to other female entrepreneurs. When women work together, we change the world.

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