Today, Karin is going to show you how to use CapCut video editing to grow your business through video.

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  • 00:00 – How To Use CapCut Video Editing To Grow Your Business πŸŽ₯
  • 01:23 – How to use CapCut step by step
  • 02:39 – How to use the features inside of CapCut
  • 10:17 – How to use auto captions in CapCut
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Would you like to learn how to start using CapCut video editing to help you grow your business and create phenomenal professional video quickly? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about today.

I’m going to give you step by step tutorials on how to use CapCut so that you can create videos that you absolutely love. Well, my name is Karin Angelly and I’m one of the co founders here inside of Truth Bomb Marketing.

And we are all about helping you as the business owner actually create more fun play and ease when it comes to building your business. And today that means helping you figure out what you love for your social media.

So all if this sounds interesting to you then go ahead and tap that subscribe button because we’d love to hang out with you even more and help you build a business that you love. And as always, we do have a link in our description where you can join our community for 14 days for free and check out all of the training we have inside of there.

Inside of Truth Bomb Marketing you learn how to use social media, how to do video editing, but also how to build your business in such a way that it’s more sustainable and helps you build that business for the long run. Now without any further ado, let me share my screen with you so that you can see how to use CapCut so that you create phenomenal videos that help create more leads and sales in your business.

First of all, let’s get into CapCut and get started in here. So what I love about CapCut is the simplicity of you can either bring videos over to CapCut and edit them inside of CapCut, or you can actually record videos inside of CapCut alone and it’s really similar to TikTok actually how you record so let me show you how to do that.

Let’s start in the upper left hand corner where it says camera and we’re going to click on that and we’re actually here we are on camera right now. But I want to go through all of the things that we have available to us and show you how easy it is to record inside of this app.

Just like TikTok it’s set up pretty similarly you can see that we can record for three minutes 60 seconds or 15 seconds okay. So when you are recording all you have to do is hit this little teal button at the bottom here and it will start recording Okay, so you just hit record and it will start recording if you want to stop it just push that button again.

Now say you want to continue to record you can just start hitting it again and it will continue to record very similar to how TikTok is set up because it’s it is owned by TikTok. Now let’s talk about some of the other features that we have here.

So let’s start with effects in the lower left hand corner. We’re going to tap on that. And you can actually see there are so many different effects. It’s so similar to TikTok. Let’s just choose one.

Now you can see it literally put this disco effect on to our video. So I can continue to record with this and it’s going to have that disco effect.

Now if I want to take that effect off all I have to do is tap effects again, and then tap in the left hand corner where there’s a circle and a cross through just tap on that and it will take it right off for us. So I do highly recommend that you play through here and kind of look through and see what’s available for you.

Let’s start going through all the different things that we have available to us. So if we go to the upper right hand corner and we turn and we tap this little circle arrow thing in the top right hand corner, it will actually flip around our screen.

Oh that’s kind of crazy. What just happened oh my gosh, that’s crazy. But you can literally flip that around.

If you want to show what’s on the other side of you or if you want to show yourself and you can just record just like TikTok. Now if you keep going down on the lower right hand corner there’s a little box with like lines across it.

This is actually a teleprompter this is super cool. If you want to actually put in what you want to say in here, you can put whatever you want.

Okay, so let’s say clear all and we’re gonna say Hi, this is our CapCut tutorial. And we’ll just put that in there for us. We’ll say done in the upper right hand corner, and then it’s literally going to read like a teleprompter.

When you start using this can change the speed of it. If you tap in the lower right hand corner you can make it go faster, can make it go slower.

You can change the font size you can change the color if you wanted to. Once you hit play, right here, you will actually start going through that teleprompter like you would with a regular teleprompter.

So So say we had a whole bunch of text here. It would just keep going through and it will not show up on your final video. So that’s it for the teleprompter.

Let’s go where it says the 1x and we’re going to tap on that this is also really similar to TikTok where you can either speed up the video or you can slow down the video and the effect of how that’s going to look when you’re finally done. Keep going down where there’s those three circles on the right hand side.

We can change what the filters look like as far as colors and there’s all these different options that we can choose here. And you can play with this like I highly recommend if you are new to CapCut, please play with this.

This is one of the simplest video editing platforms that I’ve seen in a while. I use this one as well as KineMaster because they’re very simple and easy, especially if you’re new to editing.

Now if we continue down from the filters, we have our little time clock or in three seconds if I hit this little start button down here or I can change it so that it can be seven seconds. Okay, so we’re gonna stop that and I’ll show you again so we can hit three it’ll be seven seconds, or it’ll be no seconds.

So just keep playing with stuff and see what it works. Now if we push the down arrow you can see we now have everything all lit up and self telling us what it actually does.

So let’s keep going down to where it says duration. And just like in TikTok, you can actually change the duration of how long you’re going to be recording.

So if we were to hit start, it would just count down and then it would do our video for however long we set the duration for and now just like TikTok if I want to delete the last frame of video that I did, all I have to do is tap that arrow down below where it has an x and just tap that and say Delete last clip. Hit confirm now if I’m done with my editing, then all I want to do is I want to hit that check mark in the lower right hand corner similar to TikTok once again.

And now in here. There’s actually a lot of stuff that you can play with also, you can also play with filters of your video once again inside of here. Very similar to how TikTok is you can also change your editing in here as well.

So say you want to play with some of the lanes of your video. Maybe you started talking too slow into the video and you want to trim some things all you have to do is tap it and drag it across Okay, so there’s quite a bit that we can do inside this editing period portion here Okay, so we can change the speed if we go to the lower.

If we go to the lower part of the screen you can see their speed. We can speed up the frame rate. We can change the volume of it so we can make it louder, lower whatever loudness adjustment we can hit start over and we can literally re record a whole portion of video just like you can on TikTok.

You can hit replays and you can actually if you had something that you already recorded, you can replace a piece of video with something that you already have recorded. And then also if you want to just delete, you just go to this delete and it’ll delete that whole frame for you.

So there’s quite a bit it’s pretty robust here and the thing is, is that it seems very complicated until you start pushing buttons that the most important piece of this whole thing just start pushing buttons and see what happens. Say you want to undo something that you just did.

All you have to do is go to this right hand side where these little crescent half moon kind of things are and we just hit undo or delete. We’re going to undo the delete that we just did or we can redo the Delete now if we want to put text on top, we can just like on TikTok we can put whatever kind of text we want here.

We can change the way the text looks. We can change how it feels we can change the color we can change the style. There’s so many things and keep it going just like we would on TikTok same kind of thing.

Okay, so if we’re playing with our texts, we should see down here at the lower bottom of the screen see add text that’s where we just were style that that’s where we were also text to speech this is similar to TikTok will actually change what I wrote to that trickster sound. So lasting text in literally make it so that the text that you just put up will go for the entire video that you shot.

That day you want to copy this it will literally duplicate it. So you can see down here. It’s made two of these little high speech bubbles for us. So we could do that we can delete them. There’s so many things this is very robust.

And then of course, if we hit delete, it’ll just delete that high for us. Also, we also can do auto captions. Okay, so whatever I’m seeing in my video, I can hit auto caption, and I can actually put the caption of what I’m saying so I want to keep it from the video.

As you can see, I can also do all whereas the sound source where I’m speaking over the video, so it could be what I’m saying over this video, or it could just be a voiceover that I have for the video where it’s doing the captions for that or just straight from the video what I’m seeing from the video so this is pretty robust and it knows quite a bit about what’s going on with your video. Now one thing that I love is this identify invalid clips.

And this is free for CapCut users. I love this. Basically if you say a lot of Ummmms or Uhhhs or if you add spaces, CapCut will actually identify that and it can actually you can go through and make sure that it’s doing it properly.

But you can actually delete out all of those Ummms and Uhhhs or space, pauses or spaces, whatever it is that’s going on in the video. So let’s hit start and it will actually create our Auto Captions for this video that we just shot.

And so if you want to change anything, if you read through this and you’re like, oh wait, I didn’t say that. Like you can actually go through and you can change things up.

Now. Remember how I said that is going to look at these filler words. So is one of them that is picking up on I could literally tap this delete two clips at the bottom here and then it’ll delete these automatically for me.

So basically, it’s just picking up on things that are filler words and we don’t need and then they’ll just edit it out straight away for you. No big deal.

Now if you want to listen to your entire video and make sure that what you’re saying is what’s being written. You guys hit that play button and it will go through the video and what’s going on here. So it’s pretty, pretty robust. Pretty cool.

So let’s pause it real fast. And then I’m going to show you how we do this. Delete two clips pretty easy. Just tap that. Yes, I want to delete both of these clips and now it’s gone like literally it’s it just clips it out of the video clips that part of the video out and it’s just completely gone forever.

You don’t have to worry about it ever again. We’re gonna say we are done with this. And now we have our captions on our video, which is pretty cool. Now you can actually change what the captions look like.

You can do that Batch Edit, which is where we just were where you can go through and you can change things, delete things, whatever. You can change the style of your captions change the way that it looks change the way that if you just want to have an outline of your captions, you can just do that.

There’s so many things that you can do with this and I highly recommend that you just keep pushing buttons and play with things because you’re not going to break it. You’re you’re just going to be learning how this all works.

You can also tap copy and it’ll copy it all over again. So you could have two captions here if you really wanted to I don’t so I’m just gonna tap the Delete in the lower right hand corner, and it’s now deleted.

So that’s it like this is really pretty freakin simple when it comes to like captions and all of that. So I mean, it’s just so frickin robust. Of course when it comes to using CapCut it really is all about pushing buttons and playing so just are getting in here.

Get your hands dirty play with this video editing software that is free, which is really, really cool. I hope that gave you a thorough overview on how to use CapCut so that you can create videos that actually convert more leads and sales in your business. As I mentioned earlier, we have a 14 day free trial for you to join Truth Bomb Marketing.

You can find that link in the description and inside. We’re not only teaching you how to build on social media, how to build your business, but I also do trainings quite frequently on how to edit how to create videos that you absolutely love.

So if you love this training, I am positive that you’re going to love what we’re doing inside of truth bomb marketing. Go ahead and check the link below in the description and I can’t wait to hang out with you inside.

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Karin πŸ¦„

Co-Founder Truth Bomb Marketing

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