We just launched our podcast Did She REALLY Say That?!

This week we take you through the adventure of how Truth Bomb Marketing got started. Plus, how we came together to change the world of business education for female entrepreneurs. We are on an undertaking of a lifetime to get the Truth out to women who desire to have a life, family, and a profitable business.

The three of us love what we do for female entrepreneurs! We are completely changing and evolving the education and training for female entrepreneurs. We want more women to become millionaires without the stress and overwhelm of adding a business to what they are already doing.

Women do the invisible work that makes the world work. Imagine if you got paid for the invisible work that you do, what would your life look like?

Karin shares a deep dark secret with our listeners. Can you relate?

Are you heading into burnout and don’t even know it? This episode is soooo juicy!

Listen in and let us know your thoughts! You can comment below and share your thoughts and feelings.

Truth Bomb Marketing Presents: Did She REALLY Say That?! Podcast

Are you tired of the same old narratives in business? You know the one that says you have to hustle harder to make it in business? So are we. That’s why we’re bringing you the Truth Bombs for better ways to build your business. Not only that, we will bring you stories from women you’ve been waiting to hear – stories that inspire, empower, and prove that women’s voices in business are not just impactful, but essential. From startups to CEOs, from innovative solopreneurs to trailblazing executives, we’re uncovering the truths, dispelling myths, and celebrating the triumphs of women who have dared to stand out.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business professional, or simply someone who believes in the power of diversity and equality, “Did She Really Say That?” is your go-to source for thought-provoking discussions and refreshing perspectives. Get ready to challenge norms, question assumptions, and be a part of the movement that’s reshaping the business landscape for females for good.

Tune in to “Did She Really Say That?” and get your hand on Unlocking My Millions as we pave the way for a future where women’s voices aren’t just heard – they’re amplified. Get ready to rethink, reimagine, and revolutionize.

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Thanks for listening and we hope you are getting tons of value from our podcast and blog posts!

Your sisters in business,

Karin, Chef Katrina, & Heidi

P.S. Learn how to become a millionaire with your business without sacrificing time with your family. It’s time to learn a better business method that is specifically designed for female entrepreneurs who want to have it all and be happy throughout the journey!

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