Welcome to “Did She Really Say That?” the podcast that is disrupting the world of business education and breaking down barriers for female entrepreneurs. We’re your hosts, Chef Katrina, Karin Angelly, and Heidi Mummau, founders of Truth Bomb Academy. We are challenging the status quo around the ‘male’ modeling of business education and training! Revealing hidden truths that women are unlocking about planning and running a million-dollar business. We support and teach women how to become millionaires without sacrificing their health or family!

Join our candid conversations, unfiltered insights, and real stories that women face in entrepreneurship. Every episode, we’ll dissect what actually matters for you as a female entrepreneur. We share the challenges that were conquered, and the strategies that led to success.

Discover Business Plans That Unlock Millions For Women

In today’s episode of Did She REALLY Say That?! we had the privilege of having Natalie Poindexter on our podcast. Natalie’s expertise is focused on helping women in business receive business grants. This topic has probably caused more women to scratch their head, because it’s not always clear what steps we need to take in order to receive money. Well thanks to Natalie, you will discover exactly what you can do in order to create some amazing cashola to help you get started in your business venture. So grab your favorite snack, and comfy blanket, and let’s jump right in!

It’s time to unlock it, Ladies! We are challenging a lot of your beliefs and on the other side of those beliefs, you will discover freedom.

To connect with Natalie and get more information on grants check out her website www.npiconsultinghouse.com 

LinkedIn: Natalie Poindexter MPH, CHES

Instagram: @natalie.poindexter


Tune in to “Did She Really Say That?” and get your hand on Unlocking My Millions as we pave the way for a future where women’s voices aren’t just heard – they’re amplified. Get ready to rethink, reimagine, and revolutionize your business ladies!

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Unlocking My Millions – Female Business Model

Unlocking My Millions with happy females and butterflies

The time has come, for the first time in history, Truth Bomb Academy is proud to be the premier female business leadership, training, and development training. A true holistic approach to building a business and a balanced lifestyle for women entrepreneurs.

Inside our premier course, Unlocking My Millions, we guide

women through a holistic business planning approach that is proven to create time and financial freedom.

Our interactive workshops provide a safe and creative space to go through all nine steps of building a business that creates legacy income. Design a business you love that works for your season and female cycle.

We designed an app that is OFF all social media channels. It’s not connected to other community platforms like Mighty Networks or Circle. We have ZERO tolerance for criticism, cattiness, bullying, or judgement. This is a safe and supportive space for female entrepreneurship. We explore intuition, gut feeling, spirituality, female hormones, feminine energy, and the female mensural cycle.

Our unique 28-day monthly business cycle allows women to find their

natural rhythm while avoiding burnout, reducing stress, and living a more balanced lifestyle.

If you are in business and struggling to keep all the plates spinning, you’re not alone. Meet other successful businesswomen, who are learning how to create and live in the flow of their cycle and sync their business to their natural rhythm.

So what is the next step? What do you need to do to be part of this new world of Female Business education and training?

Inside Truth Bomb Academy’s ‘Unlocking My Millions’

We’ve made it super easy to get your hands on Unlocking My Millions.

  1. Go to https://truthbombmarketing.com

Once inside our premier mobile app, you will have access to live weekly

workshops, expanded bonus training, our cash management system, and a syndication marketing roadmap. You can customize your business playbook every step of the way. We want to give you back the freedom to be whole and complete with yourself, your family, your health, and your business.

Join us today and experience what it is like to build a business by implementing the female business cycle into your business.

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truth bomb academy Founders Chef Katrina and Heidi Mummau
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