Welcome to “Did She Really Say That?” Our podcast is shaking up the world of business education and breaking down barriers for female entrepreneurs. We’re your hosts, Chef Katrina, Karin Angelly, and Heidi Mummau, co-founders of Truth Bomb Academy. We are challenging the status quo around the ‘male’ modeling of business education and training! Revealing hidden truths that women innately know about how to plan and run a business. We support and teach women how to become millionaires without sacrificing their health or family!

Join our candid conversations, unfiltered insights, and real stories that women face in entrepreneurship. Every episode, we’ll dissect what actually matters for you as a female entrepreneur. Not only will we share the challenges that were conquered, but also the strategies that led to success.

In today’s episode of Did She REALLY Say That?!, we share what led us to come together and create Truth Bomb Academy. When we came up with this idea to launch Truth Bomb Marketing and its academy we realized that we had work to do.

We couldn’t regurgitate what was already out there. We knew that the traditional business methods were causing burnout and meltdowns with all our female entrepreneur friends. So we asked one of our business mentors, a VERY successful businessman if we could take his proven 8-figure business plan and reimagine it for female entrepreneurs. He was curious to see what we would come up with so he said yes.

The results so far have been nothing but miraculous for female entrepreneurs. We tore apart our mentor’s business plan and completely reshaped it for female entrepreneurship. Yes, you can still take this business plan to the bank or apply for grants. This is as much for you as it is for the business world.

Do you want the female business roadmap to becoming a millionaire without sacrificing your health or family? Then listen in to today’s podcast.

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Tune in to “Did She Really Say That?” and get your hand on Unlocking My Millions as we pave the way for a future where women’s voices aren’t just heard – they’re amplified. Get ready to rethink, reimagine, and revolutionize.

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Say, I’m Unlocking My Millions!

Calling all female entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or struggling to build their business. We’ve created something unique just for you. We want to help and support more female entrepreneurs in becoming millionaires. To do this we had to reimagine the entire world of business education for women.

Truth Bomb Academy image with Unlocking my millions and what community access looks like.

This is NOT your traditional business model. Creating a business plan can take anywhere from 30-90 days. Next, you will want access to ongoing support and resources to ensure you and your business thrive.

We offer a ‘Do It Myself’ or a ‘Done With You’ option. Allowing you to choose the best approach for you and the future of your business.

Enrollment is open for our LIVE, Done With You, virtual workshops and Q&A, inside the Truth Bomb Academy. Grab your spot today! Discover a better way as a female entrepreneur to build and grow your business. You will LOVE this new approach. Increase your profits and have more time for what’s important in your life.

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Chef Katrina 🥓👩‍🍳

P.S. Collaboration is key to growing your business and we love collaborating with our Truth Bomb Academy members to give their business more visibility by spotlighting them in our podcast and blog. Isn’t it time you had a company and founders that really cared about you? You’re invited to join us in Unlocking My Millions, it’s your turn.

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