A question that has been on my mind for years. Do women need a different business plan? Do women need different education and training for how they are creating and running a business?

Never in a million years would I think I would say this… but


We absolutely need a different approach to creating, running, and growing a business. The male business model is for men. As women we have different priorities and the hormonal cycle that we’ve been criticized for is actually an asset. YUP… an asset!

Finally get access to business training that understands the mental, emotional, and physical health that makes us women. Women are wired differently and that should be celebrated in business. This is what we do inside Truth Bomb Academy.

Grab your pen and paper, cause this might surprise you…

Why Truth Bomb Academy?

Honestly… our approach to business, family, and self-care needs a MAJOR overhaul. The male model methods of business and digital marketing have not helped women.

For women, we see business as collaboration and relationships. Men see business as competition and winning. Who is right?

I can not tell a lie… both are needed in life and business. We need the competitive edge to drive us forward and we need the collaboration to keep us moving forward.

Inside Truth Bomb Academy, we work exclusively with female entrepreneurs that want the opportunity to build and run a million-dollar business. We show you a proven business playbook designed exclusively for women and how we think.

Unlocking My Millions Business Playbook

We had to go back to the drawing board for how women need to create a business plan. The first thing we have to address is what season are you in as a woman.

  • Single
  • Married
  • Active Parenting
  • Home Schooling
  • Empty Nester
  • Impact/Significance

Next, we had to look at defining your purpose and we did this by having you go through a powerful training called, Time Magic. Through this interactive training, you discover your power and your purpose.

Once you know your purpose, creating your business plan is the next step. You have the ability to step into this new business conversation with purpose, drive, and compassion for yourself.

Unlocking My Millions is our entire business planning and playbook course, because our purpose and passion is to reconnect you to your body, mind, and spirit as you build your business. Honoring the feminine energy and unique talents you bring to your business.

How To Access Unlocking My Millions Business Playbook

Truth Bomb Academy

Not your traditional business model. Creating a business plan can take anywhere from 30-90 days. After that, you will need ongoing support and resources to ensure you and your business thrive.

We offer a ‘Do It Myself’ or a ‘Done With You’ options. Allowing you to choose the best approach for you and your business. With the ‘Done With You’ option Monthly membership (after 2 months) is less than a cup of Starbucks coffee a day. Get your Business Playbook today by choosing the best approach for your business:

  • Truth Bomb Academy™ Core Courses
  • Unlocking My Millions Business Playbook
  • Exclusive Mobile Member Access To Community
  • Live Open Office Hour for Q&A
  • Download Templates & Worksheets

For those that like to save money, and have access to ask questions and get feedback as your creating your business playbook – we got you!! You’ll pay a bit more upfront and get 2 months free. Choose what works best for you.

What we teach, we do ourselves. We’ve tested and shown many businesswomen how to get back their time and money to grow a million-dollar business without the overwhelm and frustration so many women are dealing with. We absolutely need a different approach to life, family, and business. Welcome to Truth Bomb Academy for Female Entrepreneurs!

We look forward to seeing you at the training and inside the community!

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Your Sisters in Business,

Chef Katrina 🥓

P.S. We help female entrepreneurs become millionaires with a simple proven business playbook that prevents burnout & overwhelm. Our 360° approach to self-care, family, business, and money. Choose the approach that works for you!!

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