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Truth Bomb Academy teaches women how to be women in business. Leverage your unique 28-day cycle for ultimate success without the overwhelm or burnout.

Truth Bomb Academy

STOP following business training that was NEVER designed to include women. Adopting a cyclical way of doing business is the most revolutionary and empowering shift you can make to overcome the miseducation and cultural conditioning you have faced throughout your entire entrepreneurial journey.

Business Development

Leveraging your female 28-day cycle to design lifestyle businesses that give you true time and financial freedom

Weekly Live Workshop

Learn from women who are implementing and doing business the female way. Business, Money, and Marketing.

Events & Retreats

Thoughtfully curated in-person workshops, events, and retreats. 

Truth Bomb Academy

Cash Management

Access to financial experts, workshop, and support in designing a financially healthy lifestyle business. 

Marketing Tips & Strategies

Design your marketing calendar to generate endless leads and sales, without the overwhelm or burnout.

Secret Society

Access an exclusive community of female entrepreneurs that are implementing the female business cycle model.