As female entrepreneurs, our business is how we pay the bills, put food on the table, and take time for ourselves. We create our business to have more balance between family and work. We desire for others to see and know our accomplishments. Yet 43% of female entrepreneurs are struggling with overwhelm and burnout. Why is that?

Before now, there wasn’t any business training specifically addressing concerns women have about owning a business while taking care of themselves, family, and what’s important to them.

Our traditional business training is written for men by men. It was to empower men to step up, build a business, and support their lifestyle and family. The business model focuses on money and prestige. The traditional training addresses the concerns and blocks men have around building a business. 

What’s been missing is the business training designed specifically for women. How we approach life, business, and family. Over the last few decades, female entrepreneurs have been following a business model that wasn’t designed for them.

Today, Truth Bomb Academy reveals the first-ever business playbook designed exclusively for women that want to create a consistent business income and maybe even become a millionaire.

Female Entrepreneurs Are Thriving

As a woman in business, we have priorities that need to fit into how we are building our business. We don’t have the luxury of sacrificing family to build a business to take care of our family. It feels counterintuitive. 

When we created the Truth Bomb Academy for female entrepreneurs we knew it had to be different. We could no longer rely on the traditional business model. The business model had to change.  

Here’s what we did. 

Female Entrepreneur Business Plan Revealed

The three ingredients that women need to create a business playbook that works for them. It requires a different thought process that only Truth Bomb Academy is teaching. 

It’s simple. 

  1. Self Discovery and Awareness of what’s most important to you. Know that your wish is yours to command. 
  2. Designing a business that works with your life, not a separate part of life. 
  3. Time Magic – the new way that women bend time to create more and have more without sacrificing what’s most important. 

It’s simple when you see it laid out like this. As women we have different priorities that drive us and why we create the businesses that we do. 

Let’s put the focus back on women and what drives us. Most of the time, what drives women is internal validation. We want to know ourselves as… 

  • Having value
  • Being authentic
  • Feeling confident
  • Connecting with others
  • Balancing family and business successfully

Time for Change

As female entrepreneurs we at Truth Bomb Marketing are leading the battle cry for change. We are tired of seeing women struggle to have a business only to be overwhelmed or burnt out. 

We are no longer accepting the status quo that 90% of female entrepreneurs will never make six figures in their business. This has got to change. The only way to change is to embrace a new approach to how women put together their business playbooks. 

Truth Bomb Academy provides the first and only business training for female entrepreneurs. The course, Unlocking My Millions, gives female entrepreneurs a new way to create their business with fun, play, and ease. 

Go here to access the Truth Bomb Academy

If you are tired of spinning your wheels and not having a consistent income, it’s time for something to change. Welcome to Truth Bomb Academy, Unlocking My Millions.

Your sister in business, 

Chef Katrina

Truth Bomb Founders

P.S. We help busy women create more time and money with a simple business playbook so they can create millions without sacrificing what’s important to them.

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