You finally found it, female millionaire training that teaches women exclusively. What you are about to read is NOT a regurgitation of the male business model written by a female. It’s not about making business girlie. It’s the superpower women bring to the business world and gaining access to training that aligns with being a woman.

Ready to gain access to an entirely Female Business Model that is scientifically proven. We here at Truth Bomb Marketing, have done the unthinkable, we re-imagined business entrepreneurship around women’s rhythm and flow.

While we can claim to 10x your business profits, live… blah, blah, blah…

The reality is that women can manifest and create faster if they tap into their 3M’s in business. Life as you know it will shift for the better forever. It’s not a guessing game, it’s scientifically proven.

Listen in as I share how our 3M methods transform women’s business approach for the better.

Traditional Business Model Doesn’t Work For Women

Let’s get the record straight… we know without a doubt that women and men approach business differently. It’s proven and factual, and both sides agree with this statement. It’s not even a thought for most of us. Books like ‘Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus’ have pointed to this truth for years.

So if we KNOW this to be fact… WHY are we following a male business model ladies????

Doesn’t it now seem weird that we follow guidance and training taught by men for men? I’m sure right now you are thinking…

“You know what? You’re right.”

Time Magic For Women

Scientifically proven point number 1. Ready?

  1. Men’s hormonal cycle is 24 hours. They think, process, and do the do’s of their day in one day.
  2. Women’s hormonal cycle lasts somewhere around 28 days. Meaning time is not linear, it’s cyclical.

Now most articles will tell you that men have the advantage because they experience their highs and lows in a day. Women experience time, life, and emotions over a 28-day cycle. This means we have longer time periods of genius, energy, creativity, and life.

When we follow a business plan or training from a male point of view, we as women are limited. 99% of the business training is set with the intention of doing the work and getting the job done in 24 hours. This honestly doesn’t work for women. It’s leading to 43% of female entrepreneurs experiencing burnout and overwhelm at a higher rate than men.

Ladies, we got into our business to improve our lives… and yet for many of us, it is destroying our lives.

Flipping the Business Script

Inside the Female Millionaire Code, we reveal the 3M proven methods that is setting women free. Free to create more time and money than ever before. We are unlocking the shackles that have been holding women back and we didn’t even know it.

The Female Millionaire Code has women take part in a workshop where they download their Female Millionaire Code workbook and engage in interactive training that feels like the world makes sense again.

Stop wasting time and money on programs and coaching on business tactics that are steeped in male rituals and thinking.

Step into a new, refreshing world of female entrepreneurship that works with your natural rhythm and flow. Unlock your inner genie!!

Grab your free spot in this limited live online training workshop. There are only a few remaining, so don’t miss a chance to attend live!

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Female Millionaire Code. How to 3M your profits in business.

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop. If you got value from this post, share it on social and help us spread the word. There is a new business training in the world made exclusively for women!

Yours Sisters in Business,

three founders of Truth Bomb Marketing, Truth Bomb Academy, and Unlocking My Millions

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