What would it feel like if you knew that every month you could add 100 new customers to your business? What would happen to your business? Would it grow or stay stagnate?

For many female entrepreneurs, the ability to add 100 new customers can be business-changing, especially if they are returning customers. Heck if these new customers were on an auto-ship or autorenewal that would mean significant growth to your business.

With 100 new customers a month over a 12-month period, you just added 1.200 new people to your business. Would that help you stay in business?

Today I want to chat with you about four of the nine mental triggers you can use right now to start getting more customers. These are super simple and you can begin using them today.

Four Words of Mass Influence

These four words have the ability to change the course of your business. So get ready, clear all distractions and grab a pen and paper. You are going to want to write this down.

First off, I didn’t come up with these words of influence myself. I learned them from a book by Jeff Walker called Launch. This is a book I highly recommend adding to your online marketing tools. It is invaluable. If you want to build a millionaire income online… buy this book now!

So back to these really powerful words that get people to buy from you.

  1. Authority
  2. Reciprocity
  3. Trust
  4. …. oops… I’m gonna make you wait for this one as you continue reading down.

1. Authority

People tend to follow others in a position of authority. Take the example of me, Chef Katrina. Every time I put on the white chef jacket I’m seen as an authority on all things involving food. People listen to me on how to prepare food, cut food, and prepare yummy dishes. Some find me intimidating because I have a skill that I spent decades honing.

It isn’t unusual to fan over celebrities and people we think are important. We often look for people of authority to help us guide our decision-making process. I call and reference my business mentors all the time. I lean on them to help me navigate business obstacles or mental blocks.

Like many other mental triggers, we use the authority trigger to help shortcut the decision-making process. As we move through our lives we have thousands and thousands of tiny decisions to make all the time. Every action we take requires some level of thought and decision. Following people with authority is a way in which our brains have evolved to make those decisions more efficiently.

If you want to increase your customer base and income, it pays to be seen as an authority.

There are three types of authority

  • Claimed – I’m the top Pinterest Strategist in the network marketing industry.
  • Christened – Someone of authority tells others you have authority. Announced, Showcased, and Trained into someone else sphere of influence. (She is the top Pinterest Strategist)
  • Certified – schooling or training with a piece of paper that states you’ve received this education or training.

2. Reciprocity

This is the idea that if someone gives us something, we feel some obligation to give them back something in return. In fact, reciprocity is the very basis from which humans were able to create commerce and trade. For trade to occur, there has to be some amount of trust that when we give a product or service to someone, they will complete the trade by “holding up their end” of the agreement.

We often see this in online marketing training, when we say, ALWAYS overdeliver. Give more than you get. It’s tied to the idea and belief of reciprocity. Ever get a gift and you don’t have a way to reciprocate? Our mental trigger goes off and something deep inside of us wants to make it right. We look for ways to give back.

In your business, always look for ways to go above and beyond. Focus on serving your customer. By doing this, you both win in business and service.

3. Trust

Building trust is the ultimate short-circuit to becoming influential in someone’s life. Can you think of a time when a trusted friend or family member told you something you believed without questions because of your relationship with that person? Something that, if a stranger had told you the same thing, you absolutely wouldn’t have believed? That is the power of trust.

If you want to convince them or sell more stuff, it’s much easier if you have their trust.

Trust works both ways. It is easily made and easily broken. When we created Truth Bomb Marketing, we knew that we were making a bold statement. We claimed that women in business have been struggling in building their digital online marketing, courses, coaching, and communities because of one thing. The only business training they’ve received over the last 60+ years has all come from male lead masculine training, books, and workshops. Women are missing the feminine.

Do you trust us to show you how to build a six-figure business that honors being feminine and masculine in your business so that you can have it all without the overwhelm, burnout, or mental fatigue?

4. Anticipation

Did you feel it… the anticipation of finding out what was missing from the four influential words to get 100 new customers.

Anticipation is a powerful word that influencers and digital marketers use all the time. Heck, you see it all the time in movies and tv-series where they end the season with a ‘cliffhanger’. OHhhh, the anticipation! UGH!

Do you know who is really good at building anticipation… Apple. Those darn phones have created lines and masses of people waiting for the newest technology or ‘thing’ from Apple.

Don’t be afraid to tease or create anticipation around a new product or service you have to offer. As women in business when we build communities that we serve, it is super easy to create anticipation. So I challenge you to create your tribe by leading, serving, and being generous.

The Other Five Words

It’s like a terrible cliffhanger. I’ve given you four of the most influential word you can use to add 100 new customers… But what if you also had the other five words?

I guess you are going to have to do what I did… Grab Jeff Walker’s Book, Launch.

Here at Truth Bomb Marketing, we will be applying the Launch formula to our business as we gear up to officially launch Truth Bomb Marketing to the world. We’ve put a lot of work into The Female Business Academy™, digital courses, live training, and community. We’ve Re-Imagined how women create and nurture a 6-figure business by adding back fun, play, and getting $hit done with ease.

Secure your Spot in our Exclusive Female Business Training! Happening March 21st, 2023

Yours in Gratitude,

Truth Bomb Founders

Chef Katrina

CEO/Founder of Truth Bomb Marketing

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    • Heidi Mummau

      These are great words for attracting those customers. Anticipation and FOMO I know are triggers for me to buy. Great article. I look forward to the book.

      • Katrina

        When you can create anticipation for your community… It’s easier to build your business. Don’t tell, Show and Create the possibility for them.

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