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Female Business

What Women KNOW About Business That Men Don't 

A portion of all Book sales is Donated to charities supporting female entrepreneurs and businesses. 

The Female Business is a new approach to business education and training for female entrepreneurs and business owners. Learn why some women are seemingly always at play in business and having success, while others continue to struggle and doubt their next step in business. 

What Women Know About Business That Men Don't is not just a guide to female entrepreneurship, it's a manifesto for change.

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What Readers Are Saying...

“OMG! The ‘Female Business’ should be required reading for every female entrepreneur. I’ve fallen in love with the business I’m really in! Eye-opening read.”


Mom, Entrepreneur

"Truth Bomb helped me rediscover my business. Now I can speak my heart, laugh with friends and connect with fellow female entrepreneurs that understand the Female Business we are in!

Deb Andrews

Mom, Entrepreneur

“This book has been a long time coming! I’m excited that the Founders of Truth Bomb Marketing are teaching the Female Business! This is refreshing!”



“I finally realized why I was struggling and burnt out as a Female Entrepreneur building my business. Reading the “Female Business” has been a game changer for me!”


Mom, Entrepreneur

Hey There! 

Meet the Authors

What happens when you bring three successful, opinionated, heart centered women together? 

A new era in Female Business education and training. We are on an undertaking of a lifetime as we’ve reworked and re-imagined how women need to learn business education and training.

(top) Chef Katrina is a former Disney chef. Her many achievements over the last 15 years include, restauranteur, blogger, public speaker, influence, Director of Client Experience, and now co-founder of Truth Bomb Marketing. She has trained and mentored tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in the digital marketing industry. 

(middle) Heidi Mummau was a home schooling mom of three that was involved in real estate investments, direct sales, and entrepreneurship. She is now a co-founder of Truth Bomb Marketing and her own company Proper Trouble. She has taken her passion for gifting and crafting to create the fastest growing store on a new shopping platform. Her compassion for people make her ideal for customer recognition and event planning for Truth Bomb Marketing.

(bottom) Karin Angelly is a very successful six figure earner in the direct selling industry. Recently retired from her medical profession, she is now a co-founder of Truth Bomb Marketing. Her passion for personal awakening of the human body, has her leading the way in breathe work and meditation in our company. Her skills in video marketing and digital marketing make her a force for positive change. 

Together we are co-creating something that has never been done before. This book is the start of the change that is coming for women in business.

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