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It's Time To Reveal:
How Busy Business Women Create Time & Money Without Sacrificing What's Important To Them.

Discover The New Era in Female Business Education & Training.  Revealing hidden truths of being a women in business with priorities.

Create, Collaborate, and Grow Your Business.

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It's time women had business training that addressed their concerns

It's time to let go of the traditional 'male' model business plan.

Discover how you can get your time back, focus on self-care, and become a business millionaire without sacrificing what's most important to you. 

You're about to unlock the secrets to having an authentic 'life-work' balance as a busy woman. 

That's where Truth Bomb Academy comes in.

It's Time for a new era in female business education & Workshops

Our attempt as women to have it all and do it all is costing us. 

Inside Truth Bomb Academy™ you'll experience your life and business in a more holistic way but customizing your business playbook. Taking you from feeling ashamed that you haven't 'made it' yet, to having your family and friends proud of you for how you built your business while still prioritizing what's important to you. 


Grow and nurture the business you are in or want to be in. 10x your income.


Create lifelong friendship and connect with women going through similar business journeys. 


The TRUE holistic approach women crave for business education and implementation. 


Access both live and virtual workshops and weekend retreats. Plus continued support in our community. 


Track your journey with our one of a kind Female Business Journey Workbook. 


Network and Resource Women in Business. Highly engaged community of female entrepreneurs! 

These Women Are Amazing!

Life Transforming Training and Community. It's time to unlearn what you know about business, marketing, and money. Are you ready to manifest your true life?

Learn From Experts

Women business owners who teach from the 'Unlocking Feminine, $ecrets to Million$' business playbook. 

Awesome Women

Incredible female entrepreneurs from all over the world. Plus your ability to connect and network!

On The Go

The first ever all in one. Business education, training, workshops, networking, and refer & earn! 

Amazing Resources

Tap into proven resources, tool, and years of experience. Each resource unlock play, fun, and ease for women in business. 

See What All The Excitement is About

We've unveil the new era in business education and training for women with our Truth Bomb Academy™

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Say goodbye to overwhelm: Our Truth Bomb Academy™ is designed specifically for female entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed and struggling with burnout. We'll help you simplify your business and get back to doing what you love.
Get your life back: Running an online business shouldn't mean sacrificing your personal life. Learn how women create time magic! 
Get the support you need: Being a female entrepreneur can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be. Discover how to leverage your skills to get more business!

What Women Say

"What I've learned about myself is incredible. I've grown so much and I'm so grateful for Truth Bomb. I'm finally following my bliss!"

Karyn (Kaz) - Mental Health Wellness Coach

"It's refreshing, fun, new, and has allowed me to give more to my EPIK mastermind for women in business. The collaboration and trust of this training and community is helping me grow my business with renewed purpose."

Lisa - Founder of EPIK Mastermind

"God, is pulling me towards my passion and Truth Bomb Academy, gave me the tools and training that align with who I am. I love helping women create financial wealth in their life."

Jen - Affiliate Marketing Strategist

“Truth Bomb is manifesting a paradigm shift where we can embrace our feminine values, and rise and shine even more!”

Jackie - Direct Sales Marketer

"It's a relief to finally go through training that gets me as a mom and entrepreneur. The workshops and community have been amazing."

Hilary - Home Schooling Mom & Entrepreneur

"After sever business burnout, I questioned everything I was doing. Truth Bomb Academy is giving me the confidence to dip my toe back into the water again. I'm loving this new approach to business for women."

Deb - Retired

"I'm learning so much about the masculine and feminine energy in how it relates to my business."


Katie - From the Heart Catering (Owner)

See What All The Excitement is About!

We've unveil the new era in business education and training for women with our Truth Bomb Academy™

Full Access