Oct. 10 -13, 2024 - All Inclusive

Re-Imagine Business Retreat

A Transformative Retreat and Sanctuary for Female Business Owners. Rest, Awaken, and Level Up Your Business Energetically

You are woman

A being. A light. A promise gifted to the world. You've had some success in nurturing and growing your business, yet you feel stuck, burnt out, and unsure of your next steps. 

You want balance yet don't know how to find it. 

Reconnect with yourself and discover the female truths that are just now coming to light. You are a cyclical force of nature and it's time to tap into that cycle for freedom, success, and living life on your terms. 


Business Clarity

Work with us to discover your inner business truths and release truths that no longer serve you. 


Connect authentically with women through a variety of interactive activities guaranteed to make you giggle and laugh. 

Next Steps

You are supported before, during and after this retreat with access to a private group for accountability and integration. 

Automation & Finances

Learn automation tool that make business easier, so that you are not chasing down payments. Plus how to financially structure your business for exponential growth.

Time Magic

Discover the secret of time for women. Experience and live each day in harmony with your energy cycle. 

Force of Nature

Step into your personal authentic power as a female who is living her most authentic and cyclical life on your terms. 

Opening Up and Blossoming

The more we open up, the more we flourish. Workshops and activities designed to foster self-discovery and empowerment become catalysts for transformation. Ladies, you'll learn to honor your power and those of our newfound sisters. We create friendships forged in authenticity, that deepen as laughter, tears, and shared insights strengthen our bonds.

There’s a sense of joy that radiates from each woman, born from the understanding that they are not alone on their journey.

All Inclusive

What to Expect

This 4 day retreat will be an experience of reflection, female truths, exploration, and learning how to re-imagine your business to reduce stress, increase energy, and live a balanced life.

It's time to awaken and understand the female inside of you. She has been there the whole time, yet social norms and beliefs have told us to push her down, hide her away, and be something or someone else. It's exhausting and time to unleash the force of nature inside of you. 

Re-Imagine Business is for women who desire true balance and freedom in all areas of their lives while they grow and nurture their businesses to the next level

For the first time ever, you will learn about your Infradian Rhythm and the power it holds. Experience each day as an integration of your cycle and your life to create abundance, time, and sustainable financial freedom. It's all within your grasp. You don't have to wait years to have the business of your dream, that weaves effortlessly into your life. You can have it in the next few days, weeks, and months. 

You will take away from this event clear actionable steps to take in your business. In the areas of leadership, business finances, and digital marketing. Plus support and resources that are exclusive to this retreat.

Each day is an integration in syncing with your energy and understanding the four phases of your monthly cycle so that you start living with your energetic flow. 

There will be magic and laughter each night via campfires and connections.

Enjoy our curated menu of foods designed for the female body. We will be hosting breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course snacks. If you have a dietary restriction, please let us know. 

What's Included:


Your own bed inside the geo-domes. We are building connections, rooms are double or multiple occupancy.


We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks each day. 

On Property Amenities

153 acres of private, secluded forrest, Geo-Dome Living, Infrared Sauna, Cold Plunge, Hot Tub, Pool, Sun Lounges, 2 Fire Pits, Barefoot Playground, Hammocks, Nature Hikes, and so much more!

The Florrest

This healing sanctuary and retreat is a unifying space for female business transformation. Feel the expansiveness of gratitude. Come and awaken the possibilities in your life and business. 

Unlock your inner child as laughter bubbles up inside you, thanking you for following your heart to come to Re-Imagine Business. Be seen, celebrated, and ready to create a ripple of light and awareness in your next steps in business. 

Guest dome

Rooms & Amenities

Hot Tub
Cold Plunge
2 Fire Pits
Barefoot Playground
12 miles of hiking trails


In Person Retreat: October 10 -14, 2024

Day 1, Thursday: 4pm Check-In. Get settled in, community dinner, and special evening event.
Day 2, Friday:  Re-Imagine & Redefine, 2 hour lunch and break, Fun Activities
Day 3, Saturday:  Re-Imagine & Redefine, 2 hour lunch and break, Fun Activities 
Day 4, Sunday: 8:00am - 11am.  Recap and close with a special bonding celebration. 

*Note: this agenda is subject to change and is not all inclusive. It's to give you a glimpse into each day. 

We've designed this retreat for plenty of rest, 1:1 time, exploration of the property, and time to enjoy the amenities. It's about weaving together the balance of self care with business to create time and financial freedom in all areas of your life. 

What you will Gain from This Retreat

What You will gain from the ReImagine Business Retreat for female entrepreneurs
Deeper understanding of what it actually means to be a female entrepreneur in sync with her energy.
Leadership tools for your life and business
Carefully Curated Workshops
Business Finances Straight Talk 
Collaborate and Learn from Successful Women in Business.
How to live the four energetic phases of your month.
Take home tips and new technology that can support you as a woman in business.
Rest, Play, Journal, Relax, and have fun 
Private group inside Truth Bomb Academy for follow up, support, and integration of new tools and methods. 

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Meet Your Hosts

Heidi Mummau

CFO Truth Bomb Academy

Mom of three amazing young adults, and grandma to two beautiful grandchildren, she is the CFO of Truth Bomb Academy. Her background is in bookkeeping, investment real estate, and small business consulting.

Passionate about helping women in business discover and create life and business within their energetic flow. Knowing how exhausting it can be to homeschool kids, take care of the house, and build a business, she is sharing her new found love of experiencing a cyclical life. 

Chef Katrina

CEO of Truth Bomb Academy

Former Disney Chef turn entrepreneurs, she is the CEO of Truth Bomb Academy. Her background is in digital marketing, Pinterest marketing, development of high level coaching programs, digital course creation, community engagement, and small business consulting. 

Chef is passionate about working with female entrepreneurs to support  them in designing a business recipe that is right for them. Teaching them how to find their energetic balance in all areas of their lives. Her holistic approach to life, family, and business is what has women in business recommend her to other female entrepreneurs. 

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