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What's The Next step to Joining the 2% of Female Millionaires

'Unlocking My Millions' The First Ever Business Plan Training Designed for How Women Think & Feel Their Way Through Business!

'Unlocking My Millions' is an app-based interactive training program inside Truth bomb Academy™. discover how to create your business with more fun, play, and getting sh!t done with ease. You'll find everything You need for planning to scaling your business as a women with priorities to her health and family.

Created For Women, By Successful Women

Unlocking My Millions™ is Business Training, Workshops, and Mentorship for Female  Entrepreneurs. Teaching how to create balance in all areas of your life. Enjoy the journey to becoming a female millionaire.

Why Unlocking My Millions™?

It's new era in Female Business education and training. We are on an undertaking of a lifetime as we’ve reworked and re-imagined how women need to learn and implement business education and training.

Ladies, we've been taught how to build a business from a male perspective for far too long. And it’s worked, up to a point. Today more and more women are suffering from mental and emotional burnout in life and business.

Our attempt as women to have it all and do it all is costing us our families, our health, and our wealth. 

Inside Truth Bomb Academy's 'Unlocking My Millions' we are showing women how to unlock their inner power to create the life and income they desire. We have designed a proven system that ensures women can create a successful business and achieve millionaire status without sacrificing what's most important. It truly is a new era in female business education and training! 

It all starts the first step... Unlocking My Millions. The first ever business planning and training designed for women with priorities. 

Here's What Women Are Saying About Us

It's time to achieve balance in your personal and business life. 


Female Entrepreneur

"Truth Bomb is manifesting a paradigm shift where we can embrace our feminine values, and rise and shine even more!


Business Integrator Consultant & Home Schooling Mom

As an MBA graduate, 'Unlocking My Millions' reveals business training that is missing from traditional business education. This course is a MUST for every female entrepreneurs.

When You Join Unlocking My Millions

Clarify Your Business

Take the the online course,
'Unlocking My Millions'
Create Your Customized Business Playbook around your priorities.

Unlock My Millions

Exclusive access to business training, tools, systems, mentorship, & community.
A 360° Approach To Your Life & Business

Become A Millionaire

Create and simplify your business with our proven system so that you can do what you love and be a happy millionaire. 

Learn At Your Own Pace

Go through the program at your own pace. We offer ongoing live training and open office hour so that you can always ask questions and talk things out. We know that women need the ability to verbally work through ideas, problems, and roadblocks. So we create time to talk and support.

If you are working a full-time job, several part-time jobs, getting married, having a baby, or navigating life events, don't worry. You can't fall behind. Being a female entrepreneur is about learning when to plan, take action, rest, and play. The community is there to support you on your business journey.

Course Breakdown

The Foundation

The Female Business Model

Define Who YOU Want To Be

Every truly successful female business is built on her knowing her worth and purpose.

12 Questions that only you can answer to unlock your core business & beliefs. 
Get clear on what's holding you back so you can start to move forward.
Dramatically increase your confidence to ask and have whatever you need in business. (few women do this)
7 Minutes to getting present and focused.
Unlocking My Millions defines what women want in life and business.

Maximize Your Profits, Guaranteed

Building An Authentic Business and Brand

Unlocking My Millions has a unique way of teaching branding to women in business.

Never start a business just to make money. Start a business to make a difference.

5 crucial decision you MUST make today before you do anything else in your business. 
Get crystal clear on your brand voice so that you are heard above the noise.
Mindfulness activity that women rave about... Experience your brand and align your heart to trigger a endless flow of sales and raving fans. 
Unlock the 8 questions your customer are asking, so you know exactly how to connect your product/service to your customer. - In flows the money

Your Idea Becomes Profit

Create Scrumptious Offers That Have Them Coming Back For More

The probability of selling a new customer is 5-10%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. Become the desired business that people flock to. 

Answer this one question... (female secret)
How to create offers that sell like hotcakes! Our 3-step formula for product and service you customers are begging to buy. 
Unlock a stupidly simple formula for pricing your products or services. (It will shock you!)
Unlocking My millions shows women how to take an idea and turn it into profit or an extra income stream

Together Everyone Achieves Miracles

Your Business Impacts More Than Just You

Your approach to T.E.A.M. will define how fast your grow or how long you will struggle.

90 seconds to have everyone on your team (most women fail to do this)
The one secret no one talks about -become bullet proof in any business. You can be, have, and do anything without criticism or self-doubt.
How to become the Ask-hole in your business. 🎉💕🎉 

Cash Management = Cash Flow

Pay Yourself First and Give Yourself a Bonus Every Quarter

Infinite money is yours to earn, save, invest, and exponentially multiply and share. Your abundance is making everyone better off. 

How to stop feeding the monster you call your business, and have it start feeding you consistently. (stable income) 
Discover the sneaky hack to break up with your limiting money beliefs. (5 minutes is all it takes) 
The Millionaire secret to cash management that 98% of entrepreneurs don't know. We've giving it away. 

Female Marketing Secrets

Marketing and sales are the life blood of every profitable business.

Unlocking My Millions teaches rich women to market by our KISS method. Keep it Simple Sis!

Marketing is simply sharing your message so it can be found, and attract the right people.

Unlock 8 desires that will have your customer whipping out their credit card at any price for your product/service. 
Words sell - How to use words to sell more with fun, play, and ease. 
Our K.I.S.S. approach to marketing that will have you dancing for joy! 
Rapid Fire - 7 questions you don't have time to think about. (critical for success)

Going Viral

Content Marketing Playbook For Women

Less content, more exposure. How to keep content for sucking your life energy out of your body! 

How to turn one piece of content into an endless flow of leads and sale.
The three letter word that will change your marketing strategy - more time freedom.
The secret is not being on social media. It's being here instead. (Women love this approach!) 

INCLUDED: Truth Bomb Academy's Advance Training and Private Community with Unlocking My Millions*

Thoughtfully Curated Business Training, Implementation Sessions, Accountability & Community to guide you through every stage of your business journey -- perfect for start-up and seasoned female business owners.

*premier Truth Bomb Academy enrollment price $299/month. With your enrollment into Unlocking My Millions, you get 2 months FREE access, then pay only $99/month to maintain access to all training, resources, accountability, live masterclasses, and community. Cancel at anytime.

Unlocking My Millions playbook and worksheets for the Unlocking My Millions program, provided by Truth Bomb Academy.

Unlocking My Millions Playbook

Struggling for clarity and control in your business? If you are drowning in confusion or overwhelm, our unique female coded playbook with help you gain clarity so that you can honor your true self as you create and scale your business to new heights.

Value $499

FREE Included with Unlocking My Millions tuition!

Female Manifesting Truths Unlocked

The secret that 99% of women don't know is that rest and mindfulness are the keys to unlocking their millions. It's not about doing more, it's doing this 7-minute activity daily. Experience the difference you'll feel from the inside out. 

Expansive library designed exclusively for women.

Meditation Library, Unlock your unlimited female potential through unique sounds and thoughts.
Mindfulness Activities to rest, reset, and ignite your inner genie to have more abundance in all areas of your life.
Accountability and Celebration

Value $999

FREE Included with Unlocking My Millions tuition!

Time Magic Creation

Scientifically designed to follow the female cycle of 28 days to get more done, feel refreshed, and live life empowered. Women create time and it's time you experience a new level of productivity and creativeness that only exists inside of Time Magic Creation. It's how time works for women. 

Weekly accountability and creation at play to support women in creating their daily, weekly, and monthly schedule for business and play. 

Value $497

FREE Included with Unlocking My Millions tuition!

The Millionaire Banking Method For Women

By 2028 women are projected to own 75% of discretionary spending in the U.S. We are the world's greatest influencers. It's time we start banking with profits and stability of income in mind. Learn business banking strategies that increase your bottom line. We are giving this away... 

Value $999

FREE Included with Unlocking My Millions tuition!

Unlock The Science of Getting Rich For Women

BREAKTHROUGH the money mindset that is limiting your financial freedom. Discover the 16 secrets of money that will unlock financial abundance. Create healthier financial habits -- both in your business and your life. 

Value $497

FREE Included with Unlocking My Millions tuition!

Getting Started with WordPress & Shopify

Take back control of your website once and for all. Our bite size training will walk you through the in and outs of exactly how to setup your own professional, and easy to update website. Choose the one that works best for your business.

Value $499

FREE Included with Unlocking My Millions tuition!

Getting Started with YouTube, TikTok & Video Shorts

Don’t let your fears of video hold you back. Discover the time tested secrets to creating a wildly successful YouTube channel, TikTok, Video Shorts, and more. Unlock how to have effective SEO, Titles, and Thumbnails that will set the foundation to make your videos rank faster and create leads and sales on autopilot.  

Value $599

FREE Included with Unlocking My Millions tuition!

Getting Started with Pinterest

Image is everything! Discover the SEO and sustainability of your marketing without spending a dime on advertising. Learn a proven step-by-step system to leverage Pinterest to grow your business and brand, while generating leads for life. The hidden gem of marketing that makes you money organically.

Value $599

FREE Included with Unlocking My Millions tuition!

That's Right Girlfriend! You're Getting over $4,686 in Advance Female Business Training. Because We Want You To Become The Next Amazing Female Millionaire 🥰

You're Protected By Our 100% Action Taker's Money Back Guarantee

Unlocking My Millions has the power to profoundly change your life forever. If by the second week of your program you don't feel like it's the right fit, submit your completed playbook and we'll issue you a full refund. Please note that refund eligibility has a firm deadline, which means you will be responsible for all payments after the refund deadline has passed. 

Unlocking My Millions Enrollment is NOW OPEN! 

Be the extraordinary female entrepreneur you were meant to be. Have a meaningful, profitable business with fun, play, and getting sh!t done with ease.

Founders of Unlocking My Millions

About Chef Katrina, Karin Angelly, and Heidi Mummau

We know what it takes to build a successful business and experience complete burnout. The toll it took on our each of our health, finances, and family is what had us start looking for a better way to build and scale a business. We were no longer willing to pay the price of success. After years of talking with women and successful female entrepreneurs, we discovered that 98% of them felt like a fraud in their business. Even after achieving amazing success, the insecurity was right there. We realized that it was time for a new business approach designed exclusively for female entrepreneurs. 

Unlocking My Millions is led by Chef Katrina, Karin Angelly, and Heidi Mummau, the creators of Truth Bomb Academy, the 'Did She Really Say That?!' Podcast, and leading the way for women to experience being unlocked! Together these ladies are unlocking more female entrepreneurs than ever before. Our mission is simple, it's for you to fully experience how to think, feel, and manifest wealth as a female entrepreneur -- so you will have this new skill to tap into on demand for the rest of your life.

FAQ - Your Questions Answered

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Unlocking My Millions has the power to profoundly change your life forever. If by the second week of your program you don't feel like it's the right fit, submit your completed playbook and we'll issue you a full refund. Please note that refund eligibility has a firm deadline, which means you will be responsible for all payments after the refund deadline has passed.

What Is Truth Bomb Academy? Do I Need It?

It is the portal to accessing Unlocking My Millions. We built Truth Bomb Academy as an App so that all our course, living training, and community are private and provide a safe place to share. This is an open, no holds bar academy and community exclusively for female entrepreneurs that want to breakthrough barriers and ceilings. The $99/monthly subscription provides ongoing access to live workshop, masterclasses, office hour, and resources. You can cancel at anytime. 

How to I cancel my access to Truth Bomb Academy? 

Included in your enrollment of Unlocking My Millions is 2 FREE months of access to Truth Bomb Academy, then $99/month. You can cancel through your customer hub or contact our support team.

Can my partner and I take Unlocking My Millions Together? 

Unlocking My Millions and Truth Bomb Academy are single membership programs. Meaning, one person per membership. If you'd like to do the program with your partner, please enroll separately. 

Where does the program take place?

Everything is accessible via our mobile app. -- no travel required. 

You can go through the material at your own place. Many students continue with our low monthly enrollment membership after their initial purchase of Unlocking My Millions. 

How is Unlocking My Millions different from other business training online?

Unlocking my millions is designed exclusively for female entrepreneurs. It is action oriented, purpose driven, and transformative. Our passion is to see you succeed in your life. There is no much outdated and energy sucking noise on the internet. Our app and community provide a focused environment where you can train with the best. 

We add back what has been missing for women to succeed in business. Our environment is about support, sisterhood, and inclusiveness. You'll experience real talk for female entrepreneur. 

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! It's a paradigm shift in business education for women.

What will I learn?

We outline the course breakdown, core curriculum, and Truth Bomb Academy above. 

Yet the power of Unlocking My Millions is not in our proprietary videos or secret formula. All the information you could ever need to start a business can be found online for free, right now. 

What you will learn is dependent on your participation. You'll learn skills, techniques, and the language that is unique to women and how we turn our purpose into consistent, stable income. Take want you need, leave what doesn't serve you. You will be challenged, feel uncomfortable, and shed beliefs that don't serve most women. 

This is the sisterhood of business. It's unlike anything you've ever experience in business seminars, guru events, coaching programs, or business school. 

What's not covered in the program?

We outline the course breakdown, core curriculum, and Truth Bomb Academy above. 

Beyond our scoop, we don't cover VC funding, bank loans, or investment capital. We don't cover anything dealing with manufacturing, distribution, insurance, or trademarking. For all legal, insurance, and tax advice, consult your attorney and your accountant. 

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