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The Female Business Academy™, Is The Proven Secret For How Female Entrepreneurs Create & Scale A 6-Figure Business with Fun, Play, and Getting Shit Done With Ease!

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A new era in Female Business education and training. We are on an undertaking of a lifetime as we’ve reworked and re-imagined how women need to learn business education and training.

Women have been taught how to build a business from a male perspective for too long. And it’s worked, up to a point. Today more and more women are suffering from mental and emotional burnout in life and business.

Our attempt as women to have it all and do it all is costing us our families, our health, and our wealth. Women are struggling to be women in business because women are acting like men. We have put on the cloak of being masculine and forgotten the power of being feminine.

At Truth Bomb Marketing we are showing women how to unlock their feminine power to create the life and income they desire. We have designed a proven system for women to create and nurture a six-figure business without burnout and overwhelm. It truly is a new era in female business education and training!

Our Proven Female Business Academy™ Is Built On 4 Pillars That Reawaken The Feminine Entrepreneur Within

Add back the Feminine Energy and Power that's been missing from your business training.

Re-Imagine Feminine Business


The Female Business Academy™ reveals the feminine truth that women need to create and birth a business that is important to them with fun, play, and ease.

Exposing how to build a female business by knowing how masculine and feminine energy work together to create seemingly magical profits and growth.

Designing your business around what's most important to you so that you can create a life & work balance. What is your idea and what problem are you solving for your audience?

Your brand is not your business, your business is your spirit of service. How to give your business a brand personality that makes an impact.

Birthing A 6-Figure Business


There are three trimesters to a female business that allow women to thrive and create multiple streams of income that align with their core values.

Creating and testing your M.V.P. for business. Then crafting the marketing strategy that aligns with your core values and what's most important for your audience. Authentic Marketing.

Marketing Strategies that flow for women. How to leverage automation and A.I. tools to grow your business faster and give you back time freedom.

Together Everyone Achieves Miracles. How to define and structure your business to guarantee the success you desire. Build your dream team.

Nurturing A 6-Figure Business