Struggling Female Entrepreneurs... 

what's the next step in Scaling a Business to 7-Figures?

'unlock my millions'
The First Ever 'Female Business Model' That Shows Women how To Unlock Time, Money, and Ultimate Success! 

Our 'Done With You' training allows you to reimagine your business as your most authentic self. Giving yourself permission to build your business as you envision. Create a holistic approach to your life, family, and business.

Includes 2 Free Months Access To Truth Bomb Academy

Truth Bomb Academy Unveils A Secret...

The traditional male model business structure and planning doesn't work for women. 

Ladies, we think differently. We feel differently. So wouldn't it make sense to say that women need a 'female business model' to follow. One that helps us balance life, family, and business with more fun, play, and ease! 

Truth Bomb Academy, launched the first ever female business planning interactive course called Unlocking My Millions


'Unlocking My Millions'

It's the first ever business planning and playbook training designed exclusively for how female entrepreneurs approach business. 

A new era in Female Business education and training. We are on an undertaking of a lifetime as we’ve reworked and re-imagined how women desire to learn business education and training.

Women have been taught how to build a business from a male perspective for too long. And it’s worked, up to a point. Today more and more women are suffering from mental and emotional burnout in life and business.

Our attempt as women to have it all and do it all is costing us our families, our health, and our wealth.

Inside Truth Bomb Academy we are showing women how to unlock their inner power to create the life and income they desire. We have designed a proven system that ensures women can create a successful business and achieve millionaire status without sacrificing what's most important. It truly is a new era in female business education and training!

It all starts the first step... Unlocking My Millions | Done With You. The first ever business planning and training designed for women that choose to have a business but not at the cost of their health or family. It's time to stop the stress and overwhelm of the male business model... and embrace the female business model that has women unlocking their millions with fun, play, and ease! 

Includes 2 Free Months Access To Truth Bomb Academy

Here's What Women Are Saying About Unlocking My Millions

How the female business model changes your life for the better


Female Entrepreneur

"Truth Bomb is manifesting a paradigm shift where we can embrace our feminine values, and rise and shine even more!


Mom, Entrepreneur, Home Schooler of 3

"A breathe of fresh air. Finally, business training and a community for female entrepreneurs. My business is thriving and so is my family because of Truth Bomb."

Unlocking My Millions | Done With You

Clarify Your Business

Take the the online course,
'Unlocking My Millions'
Create Your Customized Business Playbook around your priorities.

Unlock My Millions

Exclusive access to business training, tools, systems, mentorship, & community.
A 360° Approach To Your Life & Business

Become a Millionaire

Create and simplify your business with our proven system so that you can do what you love and be a happy millionaire.

Includes 2 Free Months Access To Truth Bomb Academy

Unlocking My Millions™ Today!

Truth Bomb Academy™, Is The Proven Secret For How Female Entrepreneurs Create & Thrive As Happy Millionaires Who Have Balanced Lives.

Done with You + Academy
Unlocking My Millions™


Includes 2 Free Months Access To Truth Bomb Academy

Unlocking My Millions LIVE Weekly Virtual Workshops
Unlocking My Millions Course
Unlocking My Millions Business Playbook
Clarify Your Business Idea
How Coloring Unlocks Your Brand Voice, Colors, and Logo
Money Management System That Has You Pay Yourself First & Give Yourself a Quarterly Bonus!
How Women Need To Market Their Business. Less Stress, More Fun!
Scientifically Proven Mindset & Manifestation Training for Women

Includes: Truth Bomb Academy  (2 Months Free)

Weekly OPEN Q&A Office Hour with business experts and special guests
Unlocking My Millions Course
Time Magic - How Women Create More Time and Money
Time Magic Weekly Accountability
Weekly Manifesting Secrets & Training
Money Truths - Resources to Get and Receive Money For Female Entrepreneurs
Marketing Strategies Designed for Female Entrepreneurs
Digital Tech Support & Training
Truth Bomb Academy - Mobile App
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Includes 2 Free Months Access To Truth Bomb Academy

This female style of business mentorship is what I've been searching for. I can certainly say it has been worth every penny - amazing! 


Former Nurse, Entrepreneur, Direct Sales

Paying It Forward

Women supporting women in business. A portion of your purchase goes towards charities that support women education and women in business. Together we can make a bigger impact.