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Uncovering the Truths About what We've Been Told To Sacrifice as Women in Business.

Lost Truths

Unlock the Secret to Life-Work Balance to achieve flexibility and financial independence. 

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Missing Truths

Harness this POWERFUL energy that women need to create a business with fun, play, and total ease. (it's refreshing)

Unlock Your 6-Figure Biz

Learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs, plan for success, and BE the amazing female entrepreneur that creates a 6-figure business with grace and ease.

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It's Time For Female's To Have A Business Model Made For Women.

Outdated traditional business training is keeping women from having time freedom and financial success.

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Three Successful, opinionated, & Heart Centered Women

Came Together to Create...

A new era in Female Business education and training. We are on an undertaking of a lifetime as we’ve reworked and re-imagined how women need to learn business education and training.

Women have been taught how to build a business from a male perspective for too long. And it’s worked, up to a point. Today more and more women are suffering from mental and emotional burnout in life and business.

Our attempt as women to have it all and do it all is costing us our families, our health, and our wealth. Women are struggling to be women in business because women are acting like men. We have put on the cloak of being masculine and forgotten the power of being feminine.

At Truth Bomb Marketing we are showing women how to unlock their feminine power to create the life and income they desire. We have designed a proven system for women to create and nurture a six-figure business without burnout and overwhelm. It truly is a new era in female business education and training!

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