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Totally Uncommon Conversation

Unlocking Feminine

Get your hands on the truly uncommon Female Business guide. Learn what it REALLY takes to become a female millionaire. (It's not what you think)

As we embrace being a women in business we unlock the truths that are changing women's lives for the better. 

Paying It Forward: A Portion Of All Sales Is Given To Charities Supporting Female Entrepreneurs And Businesses

What They Are Saying...

“OMG! The ‘Female Business’ should be required reading for every female entrepreneur. I’ve fallen in love with the business I’m really in! Eye-opening read.”


Mom, Entrepreneur

"Truth Bomb helped me rediscover my business. Now I can speak my heart, laugh with friends and connect with fellow female entrepreneurs that understand the Female Business we are in!

Deb Andrews

Mom, Entrepreneur

“This book has been a long time coming! I’m excited that the Founders of Truth Bomb Marketing are teaching the Female Business! This is refreshing!”



“I finally realized why I was struggling and burnt out as a Female Entrepreneur building my business. Reading the “Female Business” has been a game changer for me!”


Mom, Entrepreneur

Hey There! Not too long Ago...

We were struggling like you are today but we can help

We've started businesses, built 6-figure business, consulted for companies and clients, only to feel unfulfilled, burnt out, and struggling with the 'to do and must haves' of owning a business.

Our business education and training has come from incredible men in business. They have taught us so much and opened so many doors.

The only problem is that men don't understand women and how we think about business. They have been teaching from the only view they have access to... their view. The masculine business strategy viewpoint.

When Karin, Heidi, and Chef Katrina looked around the world of business what they saw missing was feminine leadership. Women leading from the vagina by teaching, mentoring, and implementing the foundation of a female business strategy.

Truth Bomb is a God inspired mission! The premier feminine business leadership, training, and development organization. Teaching the Female Business fundamentals that enable any women in business to add back fun, play, and the ability to get shit done with ease.

Exposing the Truth Bombs behind why women have been struggling and how by letting go and embracing the Female Business, we get back our power and grace. 

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