Are you a female entrepreneur on a mission to become a rich woman who has balance, health, flexibility, and sanity? Whether starting or owning a business, without financial education, you are risking your money and security.

Recently I was invited to speak about my unique perspective when it comes to female entrepreneurship. This training is in your face and I don’t pull any punches when it comes to being a female entrepreneur and what we deal with.

From finances to seasons of life, women approach business differently. We lead with our intuition and protection of humanity. Join me as Bob Clarke, a successful business entrepreneur, interviews me about being a female in business. Plus my unique perspective on what success is. Grab a bowl of popcorn and get ready…

The TRUTH BOMB for how rich women create cash flow in a business, plus bonus tips on how to better use social media to scale your business while doing LESS! Stay till the end, you don’t want to miss the truth bombs and tips I share throughout this training.

Cash flow is the heartbeat of any business. If you don’t have the financial education you need to stay in business, it’s time to get the education. The one thing I heard over and over again is that just because a business LOOKS successful doesn’t mean that cash flow is happening.

Many businesses go out of business because of cash flow, income, and incorrect perspective of how money moves in business. It’s time to change the conversation and create more female millionaires.

In my interview with Bob, we talked a lot about setting up your cash management system even before you make your first dollar online. The science behind this is that we naturally have habits and beliefs about money. Most of the time these beliefs and ideas keep us from making money. Yet when we do make money, we allow our habits to control how are money moves in business. Do you live paycheck to paycheck in your personal life? Chances are you will carry that same habit into your business.

What can you do to break this loop and create a new habit that doesn’t feel like it’s hard or stressful? Create a simple cash flow system that interacts with your habit, while learning to pay yourself first, and create the structure for quarterly bonuses, taxes, and operating expenses. It might sound or feel overwhelming, yet it is easier than you think.

A New Perspective on Marketing

Once you have a system for cash flow, marketing is the next step. Now you know what money you can spend or allocate to marketing. And yes, there is money to be spent on marketing. Graphic, video, ads, copywriter… the list goes on.

Yet one of the most overlooked habits in marketing is doing what feels good for you. There are only 3 modalities of marketing.

  1. Written – Book, Magazine, Blog, Email, Copywriter
  2. Audio – Radio, Podcast, CD, MP3
  3. Video – YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, Lives, Prerecored

With the birth of digital marketing… everyone is trying to make you omnipresent. Yet if you are just getting started and don’t know a lot about marketing… pick one of the above. Then go to a social platform you are familiar with and start testing that modality out.

Just know that FREE social media will require more time and effort than paid. That is the trade-off in 2024 and beyond. The old-school way I used to build is no longer effective unless you start choosing your marketing modality. Listen in as I share more in the interview/training above.

Unlocking My Millions

We help female entrepreneurs become millionaires. Empowering the whole woman in growing and scaling her business with fun, play, and ease—a paradigm shift in mentorship, business education, money, marketing, and mindset. Experience the difference

It’s time for a new conversation about how business looks as a female entrepreneur. If you are hitting a glass ceiling or beginning to feel the start of burnout… it’s time for a different perspective on how women design businesses around the life they desire. Learn more at

Build your business into your life… don’t let it be your life.

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Your Sister in Business,

Chef Katrina

three founders of Truth Bomb Marketing, Truth Bomb Academy, and Unlocking My Millions
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