Let’s be honest, life as a female entrepreneur is always busy. Between running a business, family, health, household, and life, things can seem chaotic. So how do you add rest in? This is a great question; having done extensive research, it’s more than just breathing or walking. There is new science coming out that is proving that women NEED to rest and reset in ways that aren’t common yet.

Today I dive into three unconventional yet proven ways you can incorporate rest into your busy female entrepreneurial life and not feel guilty or shamed for doing so. It’s time to reclaim and understand our female physiology for choosing to rest.

Inside this video, you’ll learn

  • The most important phase of your business cycle for creating rest
  • The proven length of time women need between tasks to be more productive
  • How to listen to your body to schedule rest, reflection, and increase your energy level.

It makes sense. We experience all of this as women in business. Now it’s time that business training and education reflected the unique superpowers that women bring to the industry.

Designing the business you desire

With the help of my business sisters and women open to applying this new business cycle into their lives, we are changing the way women do business for the better. We designed Truth Bomb Academy to support women in creating their desired businesses by showing them how to get their businesses in sync with their flow. Even if you are perimenopause, menopause, or post-menopause, this can work for you. As women we don’t stop having a cycle, it just looks a little different as we evolve and experience different seasons of our lives.

Right now you have a rare opportunity…

Enroll in Truth Bomb Academy, and be part of this groundbreaking female business training. Access 9 Live Workshops that break down and deliver business training designed for women. You’ll get a new perspective on branding, business finances, marketing in your flow, community, and so much more. You are reading this for a reason and now is the time to enroll in Truth Bomb Academy’s, Unlocking My Millions. This was created for you. Are you in?

Welcome to a new paradigm in female business training and implementation. I’m saving a spot for you!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina 🥓🤗🦋🕯️

truth bomb academy Founders Chef Katrina and Heidi Mummau
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