I’m calling BS on traditional time management. It simply doesn’t work for us. We’re here to create a new solution that empowers women to become successful millionaire entrepreneurs, breaking free from the struggles they’ve faced. Let’s dive into why time management has been a crapshoot and how we’re revolutionizing it inside Truth Bomb Academy.

Creating Time

Within us, women possess innate creativity. We are creators of life, ideas, and opportunities. Instead of trying to manage time, which is inherently uncontrollable, we focus on creating time. How? By reshaping our perspective. We evaluate our weeks and prioritize what truly matters to us. But it doesn’t end there. We go beyond the logistics and ask ourselves, “How does each activity make us feel?” Emotions play a vital role in our lives, so we add them back into our schedules, aligning with our values and desires.

Unlocking Time Magic

Every week, we gather and witness the remarkable transformations happening within our community. One of our members, a homeschooling mom running her own business and managing her home, discovered the power of intentional time creation. By implementing our approach, she not only gained more time in her week but has also enjoyed more precious moments with her children. Moreover, her income increased while reducing her workload. This is the kind of success we aim for—achieving more with less effort and embracing a fulfilling life.

Building Healthy Habits

In Truth Bomb Academy, we don’t just write down tasks. We delve into priorities and emotions, making sure our choices align with what truly matters. We create space for healthy habits to thrive, incorporating them seamlessly into our weeks, months, and lives. We understand that managing every detail is not the goal; instead, we nurture whitespace where our creativity flourishes. This is where we as Female Entrepreneurs, fill in the activities that bring us joy and fulfillment, without necessarily assigning strict time limits.

Achieve More With Less Effort

You might be thinking, “Creating time sounds impossible. There are only 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week.” But trust me, after experiencing our unique approach, you’ll witness firsthand how you can achieve more with less effort and genuinely enjoy your life. Join our community today and gain access to this transformative training for free. Dream again, rediscover possibilities you never thought of before, and experience the power of time magic in your business.

Transformation Happens Inside

Intrigued? We invite you to embark on a free trial with us. Step inside Truth Bomb Academy, explore this new concept of time creation, and witness how it can help you build a million-dollar business while enjoying a balanced and fulfilling life. It might sound unbelievable, but sometimes the most remarkable breakthroughs emerge from challenging the norm. Can’t wait to see you on the inside!

To Your Success,


Truth Bomb Founders

Video Transcript:

I am calling BS on time on time management, it’s crapshoot. Who the heck does it work for?

My name is Heidi. I’m one of the co-founders here inside of Truth Bomb Academy, where we are the premier business education for female entrepreneurs. We are looking for and creating those, those millionaire entrepreneurs that women have been struggling to become. We hear about them we hear about the dreams we hear about the percentages, the ratios, the stats, show that the training that we have out there currently is not working. So women need to be inside truth bomb Academy.

Inside here we’re calling time management crap. It’s a crapshoot, it just is. But here inside of Truth Bomb, we are not managing our time, because time can’t essentially be managed. But instead of managing time we are creating time. You say how do you do that? Well think about it women inside of us we are creators. Babies are created in our stomachs. We are creators of the things around us. We are creators of our thoughts and with our thoughts, we create other things. And so inside Truth Bomb Academy, we are actually taking time tearing it apart differently. Looking at it differently. And instead of managing our time, we are creating the time for the things that are most important to us looking at our weeks and we are scheduling things, but then we’re also looking at how do the things that we’re scheduling. How does all of this make me feel? How does what I’m doing make me feel and if you’re looking at your weekend it’s like this is crap. Like I don’t feel good about this. How do you think your week is gonna go set have taken out your emotions, put your emotions back into your week, and you’re setting up your week in a way that is most important to you and getting the things done that have to get done.

Miracles Happen

Each week we get together and it has been slightly miraculous for those of us who are going through it. We have a mom who is who is a homeschooler and she she’s homeschooling with three little girls. She’s running her business, and she’s running her home and she has not she has through what she has been learning in here, she has not only created more time in her week, she is enjoying the time girls on them and enjoying experiences with them. And through the work that she’s done in here and the things that she’s been super intentional about she has been able to actually increase her income while decreasing the work that she has to do.

So each week, we’re taking a book like this, and we’re going through and we’re not only just writing down the things that we have to do those non negotiables, we’re also talking about like your priorities and how are you going to feel about this because like I said, as women, we’re not taking the emotion out we’re putting the emotion back in and we’re also creating new habits.

What are those? How are those healthy habits that you want to incorporate into your into your week into your month into your life? We’re not going to manage every detail every time like all of this. All of this whitespace that’s your creativeness. That’s where you get to fill it in with those things that make you happy. I’m not going to set necessarily time for it, but we’re going to still create the time and have that time to get those things done. This might sound a little out there a little like what are you doing? How do you do that you can’t create time there’s only 24 hours in the day there’s only there’s only seven days in a week after going through this you’ll see how you can get more done with less effort and you’re actually enjoying your life.

When you join the community. You actually get this for free. You get this training for free. We walk you through it you’re going to dream again you’re going to realize these things as like wow, I didn’t even think of that. We’re giving you 14 days to to to experience this to come check it out. See what this is all about. See what this create in time is all about because it sounds really crazy. So in the link in the description, join us for 14 days you get you get free trial for 14 days. Come in, try us out and see how this time magic can help you in your business and achieve that million dollar business that you’ve been after. So I’ll see you on the inside.

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