Recently, I attended a Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Follow Up Retreat. I personally believe that every single woman in business needs to etch out time to attend one of these events if they are ready for massive change and growth inside themselves and their business. 

I’m thrilled to dive into my extraordinary experience I recently had at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Follow-Up Meditation Retreat. Believe me when I say that this event is a game-changer for women in business. I’ve been to seven of his retreats, and each time, I’m left awestruck by the mind-blowing transformations that take place.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings are revolutionary, and I can’t wait to share the highlights of my experience with you. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey that could change your life and business.

Setting Intentions for Success

One of the things that struck me from the very beginning was the power of intention. Dr. Joe asked us to set our intentions for the retreat, a practice we now incorporate into Truth Bomb Marketing and our Unlocking My Millions program. 

Setting an intention focuses your mind and prepares you for success. It’s like crafting a mental blueprint for how you want to think and feel during specific events. This simple yet powerful practice is a game-changer for both your life and your business.

Rewiring Your Mind Through Meditation

Dr. Joe’s retreats are all about rewiring your mind through meditation. Meditation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a life-altering tool. It’s the secret sauce for manifesting your dreams, whether it’s more time, more money, or any other goal. 

During the retreat, we learned how to change our energy, our lives, and ultimately, our destinies. It’s all about rewriting how you respond to situations that would typically leave you frustrated or overwhelmed. By thinking ahead and practicing this new response during meditation, you build a strong mental network that shapes your future actions.

The Power of the Kaleidoscope

Dr. Joe continued to awe me with how he used one of his most fascinating tools – the kaleidoscope. It’s a form of hypnotism that enhances the rewiring process. The combination of visuals, sounds, and the ambiance of the retreat room creates a profound impact on your mind. 

My experience with the kaleidoscope was filled with laughter, thanks to programming for mystical and magical experiences. It’s incredible how this simple yet effective technique can reboot and reset your brain.

Coherence Healings: Opening Your Heart

If you’ve never attended a Dr. Joe event, the coherence healings are something to look forward to. These sessions are incredibly transformative, where we open our hearts not just to ourselves but to others. Dr. Joe teaches a formula to maintain an open heart throughout the retreat, and it’s a process that spills over into all aspects of life.

Opening your heart helps you overcome feelings of frustration and burnout and fosters a sense of love, gratitude, and bliss. This shift in energy is a key to success in business, allowing you to create a business you truly love. I’ve learned that embracing these principles has improved my relationships with my business, my partners, and everything I do.

How it Applies to Your Business

Understanding how to open your heart to your business is the key to a more enjoyable and successful entrepreneurial journey. As women, we thrive when we have fun, enjoy the process, and avoid burnout. When your heart is open to love and gratitude, your business thrives, and the magic unfolds.

So take Dr. Joe Dispenza’s advice and learn the formula to open your heart and mind to create a better way towards success. If you haven’t attended an Advanced Follow-Up Meditation Retreat, it’s time! This was an experience I can’t fully express in words. It’s a life-changing event that has the potential to transform anyone.

And if you’re ready to learn even more business strategies, mindset, and manifestation techniques, then you’ll also want to check out “Unlocking My Millions.” This is definitely for you if you’re looking to build a business that provides you with more time, money, and joy without sacrificing your family or what’s truly important. Excited to see you inside!

Your Sisters In Business, 

Truth Bomb Founders

Transcription Below

Recently, I attended a Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced follow-up meditation retreat and to say that it is life-changing for women in business is an understatement. Some of the things that you learn at these events are truly mind-blowing and completely change and rewire your brain for the better.

This is exactly what we’re going to talk about today. I’m going to talk a little bit about my experience as well as how this can help you and how we think that we’re doing a lot similar things inside of unlocking my millions. So stick around with me because we got a lot of fun stuff to talk about today.

Well, my name is Karin Angelly. I am one of the co-founders here inside of Truth Bomb Marketing where we help busy women create more time and money with a simple business playbook so that they can create their millions without sacrificing what’s most important to them.

And today, as I mentioned, we’re going to be talking about that Dr. Joe Dispenza an advanced follow-up retreat. This is a retreat that you can go to if you’ve already been to one of his weak, long retreats.

So I’m going to kind of touch on that, but we’re not going to go too deep into it because this really is about the advanced follow-up portion. So if this is interesting to you and you want to hear more from us at Truth Bomb Marketing, you probably want to smash that subscribe button, tap that like, let’s get started because there is a lot to talk about here.

There is so much to unpack. I still don’t know if I can put words to what I experienced at this event. So I’m basically just going to tell you what happened and try and dribble in a little bit of my experience.

But it’s really like I still can’t fully comprehend what happened in my own personal mind after attending this event. So we got a lot to unpack. So let’s get into it.

So one of my favorite things, the doctor Joe did that he’s never done before at any of the events that I’ve been to. I’ve actually been to seven of his retreats. I’ve been to three of his week long retreats and four of his advanced follow-up retreats.

Because honestly, you go in, they’re so addicting because the community, the atmosphere, how you feel, it’s just completely mind-blowing. but one of the things that he asked us to do on the very first day, which we actually do this inside of unlocking my millions as well as inside Truth Bomb Academy before every single training, is he actually asked us to set an intention for what we wanted to experience during this event.

And I love that, because when you set an intention before you do something, you’re actually setting yourself up for success. It’s literally creating this wiring in your mind that this is what you wanna focus on. And what you can start to do, the more you set intentions for yourself, you can actually start to visualize and plan out in your mind how you want to think and feel during specific events and setting an attention actually helps you to do this.

That’s the reason that we do this before any training inside of Truth Bomb. We literally want you to get an intention set first. How do you want to think? How do you want to feel? How is that going to translate for this session now?

I love that he did that because let’s be honest. It’s been proven to help, to actually help make things go better in your life, in your business, and whatever it is that you’re trying to create, setting an intention first is a beautiful way to get started.

So this is literally how we got started at this event. And I love that we do this also inside of Unlocking My Millions. So the next thing that Dr. Joe did at this event follow up that really I appreciate so much is he spends a lot of time actually helping you to understand deeper concepts about how to rewire your mind.

This whole purpose of meditation is to rewire your mind. But in order to rewire your mind, You actually have to review yourself and ask yourself, what is it? Where is it that I am falling from grace or missing the mark? Where is it that I can actually change and do something differently in the future? So he has you actually turned to your neighbor and explained things that he shares. He has you explained to your neighbor exactly what you understand from what he shared.

So you’re wiring more of these concepts. He has you do this at the week long as well, but at the advanced follow-ups, what he has you do is dive deeper into those concepts. Learn more about what it is to change.

What it is to change your energy, change your life. He says that all the time, change your energy, change your life. Literally, that is truly the secret sauce, the formula to manifesting anything in your life, anything in your business, whether it’s more time, whether it’s more money, whatever it is, that’s the secret sauce, changing your energy in certain situations where normally you would have acted frustrated or you were burnt out or you were overwhelmed.

Instead, rewiring and asking yourself, how can I flip the script in my mind and how can I start to practice that? By thinking that ahead of time and then going into the meditation, you’re actually creating this network in your brain that it’s cementing, this is how I’m going to act, this is going to how I’m going to respond to people whenever this kind of situation happens.

Literally, it meditation is probably, in my opinion, the best way to actually rewire your mind. I haven’t found anything better. I’ve done a lot of things in the past too. I’ve done things like journaling, I’ve done things like tapping.

Breathwork is a part of Dr. Joe’s stuff. So that is absolutely a part of meditation. Like that, like, and I’ve done breath work on its own, but when you add it in with all of these concepts, you are literally programming yourself for a new future and a new destiny. And during this advanced follow-up, there is actually a lot of special things he did to help rewire our minds.

At each and every week long or advanced follow-up, he uses something called a kaleidoscope. Don’t know what a kaleidoscope is? Well, let me show you. This is what it looks like.

When you’re looking at this, it’s literally a form of hypnotism. So the things that you’re hearing, the things that you’re looking at and the things that you’re experiencing as far as what you’re feeling from the room, from the things that he’s saying, is literally helping to rewire your mind. When you add the kaleidoscope in, it, I can’t explain it. Other than, you’re literally, your brain is just getting a reboot. It’s getting a reset.

And for me, what I experienced is lots and lots of laughter. Like there is no explanation for how come, I laughed as much as I did other than there was a lot of programming for mystical experiences, magical experiences during these kaleidoscopes. And he actually did more kaleidoscope than he ever has before because he really wants to work with that advanced community and actually help you rewire your brain faster.

So, loved the perspective that he took with this kaleidoscope. Honestly, it’s truly like if you wanna rewire your brain, this is the place to be.

And then let’s talk about the coherence healings that occur at Dr. Joe events. If you’ve never been to a Dr. Joe event, you are in for a treat when it comes to the coherence healings.

One of my favorite things about the coherence healings is it’s no longer about me. It’s about someone else. I have literally seen people that couldn’t walk, couldn’t see, had some sort of deficiency with their hearing, couldn’t hear, couldn’t speak. And literally after a coherence healing, some of them just one coherence healings had full recovery in a lot of these areas. It’s wild what you see.

But Dr. Joe actually teaches you a very specific formula for how to open your heart during the entire retreat. And the coherence healing is just a representation of you continuing to open your heart towards another person.

What do I mean by opening your heart? Well, let’s be honest, the feelings of frustration burn out overwhelmed whatever it is that you’re feeling in your life. Those energies cannot allow you to actually open your heart to either yourself or other people. You literally close yourself off because it’s not safe to love other people or even yourself if you’re feeling that way.

But when you start to feel higher vibrational energies like love, gratitude, bliss, all of these things can cause you to actually open your heart And it’s now safe to love other people, to create and manifest and to have a life and a business that you absolutely love. So the coherence healings is like that cherry on top of helping you to open your heart to another human being.

And when you open your heart and you experience that and you feel that, you now understand what it means to actually open your heart to yourself and to other people. I personally don’t believe that I fully understood how to love or even what love was. Until I experienced these coherence healings that Dr. Joe does.

Now, how does this relate to your business? Well, one of the things that I do now, that I didn’t do before I started doing these Dr. Joe events and experiencing those coherence healings, is I’ve learned to actually open my heart to my business, to people inside my business, to people I’m connecting with, to my business partners, Katrina and Heidi, to how I feel about my social media, how I feel about our blog, how I feel about everything.

And simply by practicing, opening my heart and staying in my open heart throughout the day, actually creates a better outcome in my business in my life each time. time. So this for me is a non-negotiable. Now that I know the formula of how to open my heart in a coherent ceiling, I can now look at the rest of my life and ask myself, is my heart open right now or have I closed down because I’m feeling anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, whatever is that you tend to feel on a daily basis, insert word here basically, but when you start to feel that love, that gratitude, that’s bliss around your business. That’s when the magic can actually happen.

Inside Truth Bomb, we absolutely love helping women to build their business with more fun play and ease ’cause let’s be honest. As women, we wanna have fun, we wanna enjoy the process. And when it’s not fun, that’s when we get frustrated. That’s when we get burned out. And that’s when we want to quit.

So if you’re looking to actually start building a business that gives you more time, more money, and allows you to do the things that you want to do without sacrificing your family without sacrificing what’s important to you, then you’re probably gonna want to check out Unlocking My Millions. Because we want to help you create and manifest a business with more fun, play, ease, and you’re actually enjoying the process as you’re going, instead of feeling like you’re doing the do and not getting anywhere.

If this is you right now, you probably want to check out the link in the description for Unlocking My Millions. It’s absolutely going to change the way you look at your business. And I cannot wait to hang out with you inside.

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