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'Time Magic' Reveals The Hidden Truths For How Female entrepreneurs Manifest Time and Financial Freedom.

How Does Time Magic Work?

Time Magic is designed to be a fully immersive experience. You don't just learn the material, you implement and live it.  You get:

Six (6) Powerful Interactive Workshops
Enhance & Understand Your Female Manifesting Power
Proven Pleasure [Vision] Board Training to Manifest FASTER!
Powerful tools including: Awareness & Self Discovery Audit
Turn Daily to-do lists into FEEL GOOD lists
Find Clarity for your LIFE PURPOSE
Learn To Raise Your Vibrational Energy 
Create More Quality With Family and Friends
Develop Your Creativity & Your Future-Seeing INTUITION
Learn to Unclutter your mind and create INNER PEACE
Lifetime membership
BONUS: Manifestation Movies - the Next Level... beyond the vision board. 
BONUS: Meet and engage with like minded women in business

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Find out what it takes for women to REALLY create more time and money!

Inside Time Magic you'll discover exactly how to create time and money in both your life and business.  If you've been in business and not getting the results you think you should be getting, it time to unlock the female time magic genie in your life! 

You don't have to take our word for it though, here's what others are saying about our immersive workshop series... 👇


I've found TIME to NAP, pray, and work during the day and still home-school my three children! Love Time Magic!

Hilary DeFreitas

Business Integrator Consultant


Time Magic gave me back time, confidence and the faith to manifest my move to Bali and start a new career. Time Magic Works!

Karyn (Kaz) Mahoney

Mental Health Wellness Coach

Life Transforming

I'm more accomplished in my life. Health, Home, Finances, and Friendship. Time Magic gave me back my life that I didn't know I lost.

Julie Kelly

Soon To Be Published Author

So what is Time Magic anyway and why do you need it to help you manifest?

Most women think that time management is as simple as blocking time, setting a schedule, and following a to-do list of activities to grow their business. 

This isn't the case at all! (you've been conditioned to believe this. )

Time Magic is how women create time through intentions and feelings. It's following your rhythm and your flow as a women.  Stop wasting your time and being frustrated by trying to manage time, and learn the secrets to creating time to manifest more into your life. 

For example: Planning time for everyone else but yourself is actually taking you out of alignment because your energy isn't  focused on the right intentions. 

And did you know that there are certain days where your productivity is higher and days it is lower? Learning to establish your rhythm is critical to creating more time and money in your life. 

These are just some examples of what we teach in our online workshop series for Time Magic.

When you know how to create time the right way it works as a powerful tool to call in everything you desire.

What can you manifest with Time Magic?

The beautiful thing about Time Magic is that you can use to manifest anything your heart desires including: love, money, success, abundance, weight loss, changes to your physical appearance, dream homes, pregnancy and even helping you discover your life’s purpose!

Here are just *some* of the things we and our students have successfully manifested using our powerful step-by-step process for creating Time Magic.

Moved Entire Family To Another Country
Aligned Friendships
Increased Family & Personal Time
Improved sleep, health and vitality
Writing a book with fun, play, and ease
Moving to Bali to Start a New Business

When you know how to create REAL Time Magic that you are fully aligned to, it will act as a powerful anchor to call in all that you desire!


Can I Start Right Now? Can I start in the New Year!

Yes, you can start creating your amazing year anytime you want! 

What If I Can't Attend The Workshops? 

Ladies, we understand that your life is busy. Learn at your own pace. You are never behind or late to this training! The workshops are pre-recorded to ensure that you have everything you need to start and move forward when you need to. 

Meet the Creators of Time Magic for Female Entrepreneurs

Chef Katrina

Time Magic Instructor

Business Strategies

Truth Bomb Academy

Heidi Mummau

Time Magic Instructor

Cash Management Expert

Truth Bomb Academy


Ladies, It's time to UNLOCK Time Magic for Yourself and Your Life! 

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