I read a lot and love learning new information or approaches to ideas differently. I recently read an article on Medium about MVP being dead (minimum viable product) and the need to consider MVE (minimum valuable experience). Some comments on the article stated they were the same thing but, I value the usage of words and believe they hold power in how our message is received. (You can read the article HERE)

In this article the author challenges the idea of the MVP and instead focuses on an MVE. The experience your customer has with your product or service is much more important than your product or service just being viable.

Most businesses start because the founder had a great idea. Their lightbulb moment. They saw a problem and had a great idea on how to solve it. That idea created a passion to start a business.

Unfortunately a fantastic idea alone does not create a successful, viable or valuable business. There are a lot of statistics but ultimately only 1 in 10 startups survive to be a longterm, successful business.

Creating an MVP doesn’t automatically create success. Just because something is viable doesn’t mean it is valuable to your customers.

I love this story the author shared about Thomas Alva Edison:

Lessons of the Light Bulb

“You probably learned in grade school that Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb.

He did not.

Many other inventors, including Ebenezer Kinnersley, Humphry Davy, and Joseph Swan, developed various forms of wire incandescence before Edison. By the time Edison turned his attention to the problem of safe, sustainable, affordable, odor-free illumination in the 1870s, there were even a few patents on versions of incandescent bulbs. (The primary indoor lighting solution at the time was gas lamps.)

As an innovator and entrepreneur, Edison had already decided that the money wasn’t necessarily in the invention itself. He was more interested in what he called “perfecting,” which was making things better or cheaper. I like how the New Yorker put it:

“Edison did not look for problems in need of solutions; he looked for solutions in need of modification.”

The problem with the existing solutions was that they weren’t very practical, and the bulbs didn’t last very long.

In other words, they were viable but not particularly valuable.

This is the place where Edison shone (sorry, had to). From his headquarters in Menlo Park, Edison and his team tested somewhere between 3,000 to 6,000 materials and filaments before they figured out that carbon was the answer in 1879. A year later, they found carbonized bamboo could burn for over 1,000 hours, and the incandescent bulb that we know today was born.

What Edison worked so hard to create was something I call an MVE — Minimum Valuable Experience.

How could he take something that people desperately needed and make it easily accessible, affordable, and durable? That’s the real light-bulb moment you want to have.” – Pete Sena (Medium)

Creating Your Minimum Valuable Experience (MVE)

Before you can create your MVE you have to start by bringing it back to you as Chef Katrina points out in her blog post Unlock Your Female Business Plan For Time and Financial Freedom. Self-awareness and self-discovery have been missing pieces in business education but, for women it holds the key to understanding why you’re creating your business in the first place. Understanding what is most important to you will unlock the valuable experience you create for others.

When you know what is most important to you you’re able to understand your audience and the message that resonates with them. 

In Truth Bomb Academy we take women through 9 steps that not only refines their MVE you also create your Female Business Plan for the business you desire.

With the help of my business sisters and women open to applying this new way cycle of business into their lives, we are changing the way women do business for the better. We designed Truth Bomb Academy to support women in creating their desired businesses by showing them how to get their businesses in sync with their flow.

Right now you have a rare opportunity…

Enroll in Truth Bomb Academy, to be one of the first 100 women who will become millionaires in the next 2-5 years. If you are ready for a paradigm shift, you will manifest and bring into life a business that will bring you joy, rest, abundance, and millions. It’s not a dream, it’s a reality if you choose to do the work to embrace your female rhythm. This training will challenge you and your beliefs. Yet the reward will be bigger than you can dream of right now.

Truth Bomb Academy didn’t invent the Business Plan but, have refined it, simplified it, and made it relatable for female business owners. 

Welcome to the new paradigm in female business training and implementation. I can’t wait to see YOU in the academy.

To Your Success,

Heidi Mummau 🦋🧚‍♀️💡🥳🍷

truth bomb academy Founders Chef Katrina and Heidi Mummau
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    3 replies to "MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or MVE (Minimum Valuable Experience)"

    • vidya

      loved the Edison story and that New Yorker quote you included.. my DH talks about something very similar too.. so I have to share this with him..
      Now need to find my own MVE..

    • Dr.Amrita Basu

      I liked how you put it.MVE seems to be crucial. I loved the Edison story too.I haven’t heard this version before and it seems we don’t spend enough time on experience

      • Katrina

        Experience is everything as I continue to learn. I love this story of Edison also. There are so many lessons we can learn from our past if we take the time to listen. Thank you for commenting on my post!

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