First off I want to start by saying Thank You to all the amazing female leaders, risk-takers, entrepreneurs, and teachers of feminine power. Without you, this new era in female business development and implementation would not be where it is today.

Who am I? I’m a connecter. A gifted seer for what’s to come and be the implementor of that change by showing the way as a guide. I see possibilities all around me every day. I see hopes, dreams, and missed opportunities. When I close my eyes or gaze off into the distance I see it all, the good, the bad, the mistakes, the passion, and humanity. And I look for unseemingly relevant connections in our humanity.

As women, we’ve come so far in so many ways. Yet at the same time, there is still so much myth-infomation about our bodies, our minds, and our hormonal brilliance. The fact that today, June 27, 2024, we still have issues like this for women.

It is here that I’m bringing awareness that we as women are still struggling with our bodies, hormones, and the myth-infomation that has been given to us. It is only in the last few years that studies and findings about how the female body works are just now being shared with us. Thank you to the brave female doctors, researchers, and innovators who are in positions to ask questions and find answers that we as women are desperately seeking.

Success in Business Starts by Understanding Feminine Energy

I’ve discovered in my research of wanting to understand the differences between men and women in business, is that women don’t listen to their bodies. We are shamed and humiliated for what our body does. As if it is not normal or healthy. The good news is that change is coming.

Change in how we view our bodies and change for the feminine energy that is awakening. I’ve heard this year called the awakening of woman. A time when the female begins to question everything she has been taught and seeks a better understanding of herself. This is truly a beautiful time in our history.

So I want to share with you a post written by Dr. Stephanie Rimka, Recieve: The Art of Feminine Power

Embracing the Divine Dance: The Feminine’s Power of Receptivity

In the dance of existence, the interplay of the divine feminine and masculine has long been depicted as a cosmic battle, a struggle for dominance that echoes through our histories, mythologies, and even into the intimate fabric of our personal lives. But what if we’ve been viewing this all wrong? What if the true power of the feminine isn’t in battling for equality or dominance, but in embracing its intrinsic nature as the receiver?

The divine feminine is often associated with creation, intuition, and nurturing – qualities that have been undervalued in a world that has historically glorified the traits of the divine masculine: action, logic, and conquest. Yet, in the heart of the feminine lies a profound strength that is transformative and healing: the power to receive.

Receiving is not a passive act; it’s an active engagement with life that allows for growth and creation. It is the soil to the masculine’s seed. Without the richness of the earth, the seed would remain barren. The feminine, as the receiver, is the womb of potential, the sacred chalice that holds and nurtures the seed of life until it is ready to emerge into existence.

The time has come to move beyond the duality and the battle between the divine feminine and masculine. It is time to recognize that the dance between these energies is not one of opposition but one of complementary forces. The feminine as the receiver does not diminish its role but elevates it, acknowledging its critical place in the cycle of life.

Authenticity is key here. In a world that has starved itself of joy, love, food, and connection, the feminine’s ability to receive these gifts openly and graciously is revolutionary. It is an act of healing, a balm to the wounds inflicted by centuries of denial and suppression. When the feminine receives with authenticity, embodying her true essence without societal constraints, it becomes a powerful act of self-affirmation and transformation. This authenticity not only heals the feminine but also creates a reciprocal harmony with the masculine. The masculine, in turn, finds purpose and fulfillment in giving to an authentic and receptive feminine energy.

The receptive feminine teaches us that receiving is not about taking; it’s about allowing. It’s about opening our hearts and souls to the gifts that life offers, whether that be love, support, inspiration, or nourishment. It’s about understanding that we do not have to fight to be filled; we simply need to be open.

In embracing the feminine as the receiver, we find a path to healing the trauma that has been inflicted on both the feminine and masculine. We find a way to restore balance, not by erasing our differences but by celebrating and harmonizing them. We find a way to move forward, not in conflict but in beautiful, symbiotic unity.

In the sacred dance of existence, the masculine and feminine energies play distinct yet interdependent roles. As we embrace the feminine as the receiver, we also acknowledge the masculine’s vital role in creating a sanctuary of safety and trust. It is through the masculine’s honor and duty that such a space is cultivated, allowing the feminine to unleash her wild creative power.

The masculine energy provides structure and direction, a linear focus that can channel the feminine’s boundless creativity into fruition. It is the banks that guide the river’s flow, strong and steady, ensuring that the waters reach the sea. The masculine’s presence is not one of control but of support, offering a foundation upon which the feminine can dance freely and fearlessly.

Harmonization between these energies is not just a meeting in the middle; it is a dynamic interplay where each amplifies the other’s strengths. The masculine creates deep safety, not just physical but emotional and spiritual, where the feminine knows that her vulnerability is not a liability but a cherished aspect of her being. In this safe harbor, the feminine’s intuition and creativity can flourish, nurtured by the masculine’s unwavering commitment to her well-being.

The need for the masculine to provide safety is profound. It is a recognition that the feminine’s true potential is unleashed only when she is free from the shackles of fear and restraint. When the feminine knows she is safe, her creative force becomes a torrent of innovation and beauty that can transform the world.

Thus, the masculine’s role in harmonizing the feminine’s energy is not merely a passive act; it is an active engagement in the dance of life. It is a sacred duty to protect and to serve, to ensure that the feminine’s wild nature is not tamed but celebrated and given the space to expand.

In this harmonious exchange, we find a way to move forward, not in conflict but in beautiful, symbiotic unity. The dance becomes one of mutual respect and admiration, where each energy is honored for its unique contributions to the whole. Together, the masculine and feminine create a balance that is not just a concept but a lived reality, a testament to the power of unity in diversity.

Let us move beyond the duality and the battle, and into a future where the dance of the divine is one of harmony, respect, and mutual flourishing.

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The New Era In Female Business Development & Implementation

Did you know that over 43% of businesses in the U.S.A. are owned by women? Yet still less than 3% are millionaires. I don’t believe it has anything to do with our ability and more to do with our lack of understanding of how our hormonal cycle differs from a man. I believe that if women had access to education about how amazing our bodies are beyond birthing a child, we would have gender equality and equal pay because we as women would know what we are worth deep down to our core.

Enter Truth Bomb Academy. My passion and purpose is to provide women with access to business education, development, and implementation designed for women to manage their energy in all areas of their lives. Our energy and our female hormones are us. They are the quiet guardians of our body who are asking us to wake up and pay attention.

Where’s my proof that this works?

I love this question. I took the best of the business training I’ve had access to over the last decade. I researched business plans, business strategies, DMO’s, Business Finances, Digital Marketing, and Copywriting. I pulled all the information from business books, mindset, habits, and productivity. Did you know that over 90% of the book and training I was reading was from the male perspective? It’s quite literally wrapped around the male hormonal cycle… 24 hours. (aka Carcadium Rhythm)

Thanks to Alisa Vitti, author of In The Flo — I was finally introduced to the female hormonal cycle called the Infradian Rhythm. It is a 28-DAY hormonal cycle that we experience as women! HOLY F*CK! Now it all makes sense.

So I took the traditional business development and started customizing it around the female Infradian cycle. I didn’t throw out the structure of the business principles… I reimagined business development through the eyes, heart, soul, and feelings of women who want to create sustainable businesses without stress and burnout.

Women are the balance of duality. We live within two biological clocks, the circadian rhythm and our infradian rhythm. For women, our primary clock is the infradian rhythm inside of the workings of the circadian rhythm. For men, their primary clock is the circadian rhythm only. This is a truth bomb worth noting and re-reading. This difference is our superpower, once we understand, track, and implement as women. Know thy self is the key to success, ladies.

Truth Bomb Academy | The Home of Female Entrepreneurship

Truth Bomb Academy with women from all over participating in our academy.

Truth Bomb Academy is a blend of innovation, business development, and a female business community.

The innovation comes from our commitment to the continual development of our app that allows women privacy, female truths, and business development and implementation that supports women in scaling a sustainable business to millions and beyond.

The business development is redesigned from proven business plans, business financial education, and marketing strategies that generate leads and sales. We expand on them and bring in experts who support female business owners. This is a blend of both male and female experts. We need both.

The female business community allows women to find, connect, and do business together. Women are incredible at recommending people they know, like, and trust. As this community grows, so does the commitment to support each other as female business owners. The conversations in our groups are vibrate and together we grow and learn.

Learn more about the founders of Truth Bomb Academy.

It’s time for a new era in female business development and implementation. And I’m excited to be a leader in the continual development of business education that includes the education of being a female at the hormonal and energetic level. Each woman who joins Truth Bomb Academy helps create and improve the training for future female business owners worldwide. Plus sees substantial growth in her own business while having more time and money.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina 🦋🕯️💝

truth bomb academy Founders Chef Katrina and Heidi Mummau

P.S. Explore and join the fastest-growing female entrepreneurial community and training academy. Download the Truth Bomb Academy app today to gain access to business training designed for female entrepreneurs.

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