What does it take to create something that doesn’t exist? That was the challenge in creating and launching Truth Bomb Academy.

How do you design business training for women when there are few women entrepreneur role models? What I mean by that is where are the women in business who are following and syncing with their Infradian Rhythm and then modeling that for other women to follow? When you buck the traditional to avoid burnout and overwhelm… what do you create instead?

You never know what will fall out of our mouth in our Truth Bomb Podcast, Did She REALLY Say That?! It’s the first REAL conversation and training for female entrepreneurs. It’s here that you will unlock a new paradigm shift in female business education and training. 

This week Chef Katrina & Heidi opened up about the struggles, setbacks, and success we experienced in designing business training for female entrepreneurs. We took our pain and struggle and turned it into pleasure and collaboration. Does this resonate with you?

Highlight of the podcast

  • The idea for our business – why we chose this path
  • What we saw women struggle with and couldn’t handle anymore
  • The naked truth of what we’ve experienced
  • How we turned struggle into pleasure.

Being a female entrepreneur is about working in our flow. For too long we’ve been working in an overproductive, always-on-demand role that pushes us to our breaking point. We’ve been told we can’t have balance if we want it all, family, business, health, and financial security. Something has to be sacrificed and we are no longer okay with this mindset or training for women.

About Truth Bomb Academy

We’re exposing the myth-information that has been causing women to burn out in all areas of their lives. We’ve designed a business education and training app that allows women to design, launch, nurture, and scale a business all while being in sync with her Infradian Rhythm.  Our mission is to teach women how to become sustainable millionaires in business, health, and family. It’s time women understood that their bodies, hormones, and gifts are blessings and undeniable superpowers. 

Truth Bomb Academy download the app today

After three years of testing and working with women from all walks of business. We are opening the doors to Truth Bomb Academy to all female entrepreneurs who want to experience a better way to build and scale their businesses. Inside this private app and community, you will learn things about being a woman that is finally being revealed.

  • The female Infradian Rhythm – YOUR 28-day clock
  • Your four-phase monthly unique superpowers
  • Adding creativity back into your business design and lifestyle
  • Working with your natural intuition and female habits

It’s time to embrace and awaken the female power inside of you. Learn how to use your feelings, intuition, and empathy with humanity to build and run extraordinary businesses that leave you grounded, fulfilled, happy, and financially secure. Leave the burnout and come play in the world of abundance and creativity. Welcome to Truth Bomb Academy and the sisterhood of collaboration. Join for free today!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina 🥰🦋🕯️

truth bomb academy Founders Chef Katrina and Heidi Mummau

P.S. Within the community of Truth Bomb Academy, you’ll experience a new world of business training. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Learn for yourself and pass this knowledge on to other female entrepreneurs. Together we can make a difference.

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