We just launched our Podcast, “Did She REALLY Say That?!”. It’s been a long time coming and we can’t wait to connect with you through our weekly show!

Now to be straight, we might throw in an extra show here or there depending on who we interview, the relevance of the topic, and just for fun! After all, this is a podcast for female entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create and sustain a stress-free business.

It isn’t easy being a woman these days. We have the responsibility, of the house, the kids, the spouse, the budget, and so many other little things. Often all of it can seem overwhelming and frustrating to add to a business. Especially when over 90% of the training on business and digital marketing appears to be nothing more than a to-do list.

So listen in as we share topics around being a female in business… the real Truth Bombs.

In our podcast, we will be covering a variety of topics that concern women in business.

  1. Business Planning: or as we like to call it, a business playbook – the stress-free business solution
  2. Self-awareness: Discovering your inner female Goddess and reducing your stress with fun, play, and ease.
  3. Business Finances: Straight money talk for women. How business & money really work.
  4. Marketing Playbook: Making marketing fun, easy, and less hectic. Unplug from social!

There is a good chance we will surprise you, shock you, challenge you, and become your best girlfriends in the business industry. Welcome to a new approach and feel to having and scaling a business from a woman’s perspective. It’s time to add back in the feminine to business and marketing and do what we do best! Have fun and make friends!

How To Find Our Podcast

Join us every Tuesday at 10 am EST live on our Podcast on YouTube! Subscribe now! You can also follow us on your favorite podcast streaming platform… Apple Podcast, PocketCast, Spotify, Amazon Music and more! We are so excited to connect with you!

Your Sisters in Business,

P.S. We help busy women create more time and money with a simple business playbook so they can create millions without sacrificing what’s important to them and their families.

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