Are you a women in business that is tired, frustrated, and feeling a little burnt out in business. Are you ready for a reset? Business retreats for women are the latest tend to support women. Business retreats that cater to women and support them through a different approach to business are what ever female entrepreneurs needs.

Today, Truth Bomb’s podcast, “Did She REALLY Say That?!” talks about the benefits of attending business retreats. The old way of hosting workshops and events in hotels and convention centers, has it’s purpose. Yet for many female entrepreneurs, we are finding that retreats and workshops in environments that connect us back to nature awaken our inner creativity.

Let us know if you agree and if you’ve ever attending a business retreat for women?

Do Women Really Need A Business Retreat?

Contrary to popular believe, for women a retreat is not an end point. It’s now about escaping from their life, and it’s not about needing a vacation. For many women, a business retreat allows the opportunity to have a deeply transformative experience.

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The ‘Re-Imagine Business | Female Retreat’

Re-Imagine Business female retreat. Powerful business retreats for women in business.

Through the power of connection and collaboration, we here at Truth Bomb Marketing, are hosting our first transformative female business retreat called Re-Imagine Business’. This 4 day all inclusive retreats provides both business training around branding, business finances, and digital marketing. Alongside rest, relaxation, community, and of course LOTS of laugher and fun!

You’re invited to be part of the start of something extraordinary. A paradigm shift for all women, now and future generations, to re-imagine and design businesses that honor our energy, our mindset, and our feminine strengths.

I’m proud to be out walking this earth as the Truth Bomb for female entrepreneurship. I’m no longer ashamed or afraid of walking a different path and holding hands with my sisters in life and business. Will you join us?

Learn more about our Re-Imagine Business | Female Retreat and secure your spot!

I hope to see you there!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina 🥰🕯️🤣

truth bomb academy Founders Chef Katrina and Heidi Mummau

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