When a new thought or idea is being taught we push back. We are comfortable and knowledgeable in what we are doing currently. Building a business has been the same way.

I have been taught the same skills business owners have been taught for generations. Those skills work and are effective but, that doesn’t mean new ideas and thoughts aren’t just as effective.

The more I learn about the Profit First System the more I understand why it works so well. But, I want to address why it won’t work for your business.

3 Reasons the Profit First System Won’t Work for Your Business.

1. You believe the axiom ‘It’s always been done this way.’

The business makes sales, pays the expenses, what is left over is the profit.

There is a problem with that belief when we have 180 Billion small businesses worldwide and 83% of them are surviving paycheck to paycheck.

(Truth Bomb Academy founders are not financial advisors nor accountants. Always refer to your accountant or lawyer for advice on your personal business.)

2. My accountant says it’s unnecessary to create all those bank accounts.

Accountant’s are trained for financial statements, tax strategy, estate planning, etc. They understand: Sales – Expenses = Profit and can show you your profit on your Profit & Loss statement.

The Profit First System was written for entrepreneurs not accountants.

The benefit of the system is it works with our natural behavior not trying to change our behavior.

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3. My bank charges fees for every account and requires minimum balances.

Business banking has traditionally been bogged down with fees and minimum balances. I have found working with Credit Unions and small local banks can be beneficial in reducing those fees and balance requirements. They are more willing to work with business owners than the larger banks.

Even better is a bank that has no minimum balance and no monthly fees. A bank that like Profit First works with the business owner’s natural behavior not against it.

We have been using and highly recommend the online bank Relayfi . They have created an incredible robust banking system. The automation for moving money, integrations with bookkeeping software, 20 checking accounts and 2 savings accounts with no fees, etc.

Watch this video below for more insights on why Profit First won’t work for your business:

Challenging the Axiom of How Successful Businesses are Built

My dear sister, it’s time for more female entrepreneurs to succeed in building their successful business. We have been taught fantastic skills but, they have been missing something that females need. Check out this blog post on Avoiding the Overwhelm and Burnout that too many female business owners succumb to.

Here inside Truth Bomb Academy women are discovering the business that lights them up instead of overwhelming them. They are discovering how to work inside their genius and in their natural flo. We have created the training system that works with a women’s natural behavior instead of against it.

With the help of my two business sisters, we created, Unlocking My Millions. A business training academy designed for women to enable them to transform their lives by tapping back into their flow. When you learn your cycle as a woman, you unlock possibilities and a new way of doing business.

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It’s time for Business Training that works with your Feminine traits instead of against them.

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To Your Success,

Heidi 🤩🥂🧚‍♀️🦋

Truth Bomb Founders

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