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Female Library

Female Library

In The Flo by Alisa Vitti, the first book I've ever read that explained to me how my body and mind work as a female. Groundbreaking research every female should be required to read. 

Profit First

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, our outdated traditional business financial training is preventing business from taking profit first. It's time to change how women design their financial future. Time to embrace the future of always paying yourself first! 

Pussy A Reclaimation

Pussy A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer, if you find the title offensive, then this is a book you must read. It's time women understood their female power and it starts with learning to listen to your pussy. The journey of embracing our female bodies. 

One Minute Millionaire

The One Minute Millionaire, the enlightened way to wealth. This book had a profound effect on my life and my business. You might find yourself reading it at least once a year. How women create financial freedom.

Tools For Business

Time Magic, it's the first time management training that takes into account the female Infradium Rhythm, our 28-day cycle. Learn how to create time, reduce stress, and have a lifestyle business that works for you! 

Unlocking My MillionsAdopting a cyclical way of doing business is the most revolutionary and empowering shift women can make to overcome the miseducation and cultural conditioning we have faced throughout our entrepreneurial journey. This is business mentorship designed for female entrepreneurs. 

samcart truthbomb

SamCartI love this tool! SamCart has all the features you need to grow your sales and manage revenue. Not to mention that I save thousands of dollars in development fees. SamCart integrates with all my other tools and has an amazing support team! Plus they have the fastest checkout process available.

siteground truthbomb

SiteGroundIf you are starting from the very beginning or want a reliable website host, I highly recommend SiteGround and have been using it for years. Recommend creating a website with WordPress that you can host on SiteGround

Jasper AI tool for female entrepreneurs

Jasper A.I.LOVE this A.I. platform for all my marketing needs, from creating blog content, articles, media posts, sales emails, website copy, and more. This tool saves me hours in my marketing. Create your brand voice and let Jasper do the rest.

samcart courses

SamCart CoursesSamCart Courses changed my business! An easy-to-use platform to create, organize, and sell digital courses and memberships. Comprehensive student management and progress tracking! Plus the only platform to have auto-enroll, so no more complicated login processes, lost passwords, or hours answering angry emails.


DropboxReduces stress and stay organized in your business. Dropbox is where I store all my files, images, and videos. You can start using this tool for free and upgrade as your library of digital assets grows.

viral marketing stars

Viral Marketing StarsMake life simple! Get over 100 customizable Canva templates that are proven to go viral. Engage with your audience, grow your fan base, and boost sales, all on autopilot!


AWeberEmail marketing is crucial for every small business. The best email providers are ones that you can grow into. From FREE to the next level, Aweber is with you every step of the way. Build landing pages, Email automation, and more.


LastPassStill writing down all your passwords (or worse using the same password for your major accounts), it’s time to upgrade to a password manager. My personal favorite is LastPass. If you need to share passwords with team members or developers you can do it securely and even revoke access.

Financial Resources

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