If your goal is to become a rich woman through your business, then you want to create and know your audience. In the world of business, it’s far more important to create and nurture your audience than it is to build a following. Now, the gurus would have you believe otherwise but here’s what they didn’t tell you in their training.

First, I’m not one to blow smoke up your bum, but really… The following is all about you. How shallow and vain do you have to be? Stop focusing on the follower’s number and focus on your audience. The true audience will build your following for you. They will be the voice of your business and tell others. A rich woman is a mindset, a perspective that shapes what you do and how she connect with others.

Usually, the women who build vast followings and chase the numbers are usually the ones who burn out the fastest. The light dims, the trolls come out, and the burden of keeping up appearances wears us women down. There is only so long that we can maintain a facade before we call ourselves a fraud and walk away from it all.

The rich women quietly thrive, the ones who become secret millionaires and change the world… they know that the focus is on the audience. When you come from the heart and serve with purpose, you are less likely to fall for the icky marketing tactics that are spewing forth like lava across the internet right now.

Today I share from the heart… the power of cultivating an audience and having the patience to stand firm in your brand value and business. Just like we teach you how to do inside Unlocking My Millions.

The Death of the Avatar

The Avatar is mostly dead. While many still preach this outdated method, the avatar has been completely replaced with relationship marketing. Today we have access to more information, data, and research all thanks to the world of social media. It’s connected us beyond borders, cultures, and finances. The world got smaller and the avatar transformed into something better.

As I began my research into the world of re-imagining female business training, workshops, and playbooks, little secrets came to light. The secret that rich women have been holding onto for thousands of years, the secret of relationships, friendships, and community. Rich women focus on the relationship not the demographics of an avatar.

Rich women build stronger relationships. We form tighter bonds with our customers, employees, and team members. Part of this is because of our open and honest approach to communication. The other part is our empathy. We are more naturally in tune with others’ feelings, which can go a long way in building strong connections and gaining trust and respect.

The Followers Myth Exposed

The numbers lie. What is a follower? When we see followers on a social profile or business page what does it mean? Is it a grading scale? A true representation of the brand or service?

Those who chase the numbers are doomed to fail. As a rich woman of faith, compassion, and character the true meaning of business is the human connection. Too many times I’ve seen women in business create a mass following, only to disappear from sight in a few years. Why is this?

I can only speculate but research has shown that the way they built their business was inauthentic to them. They followed the male modeling of business that makes everyone a number or a statistic. Plus there were no boundaries. Most women don’t put boundaries around their time, energy, health, or family. And when you are solely focused on business and fans that aren’t in your day-to-day life, burnout occurs.

It’s okay to slowly grow your following if you understand that your following is your audience. Your audience is way more important than a follow or avatar. Let me explain.

Rich Women Build Audiences

An audience is anyone your business or brand engages with either directly or indirectly. When you focus on building your audience you tap into the trust and higher purpose of your customer or client. When your customer trusts you and knows you are looking out for their higher purpose, magic happens.

Being inclusive and focused on team building is part of our nature as women. Women do a better job of reading people and their body language, so we tend to pick up on alarming unspoken cues faster than men do. Meaning we can read a room and audience faster, allowing us to pivot or make adjustments in our training and coaching.

Audiences like the one Oprah built is what you want to focus on. In that blog post, we talk about how she became a millionaire and it had to do with switching her focus from her… to her audience. You can become a rich woman faster and easier than at any other time in our history. All it takes is knowing how to build your audience, which is the training we cover for female entrepreneurs in our course, ‘Unlocking My Millions‘.

We offer a ‘Do It Myself’ or a ‘Done With You’ option. Allowing you to choose the best approach for you and the future of your business.

Rich Women Love ‘Unlocking My Millions’

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