Today we’re diving into the exciting world of how rich women do YouTube research to attract more clients. Why? Because we’re on a mission to help you attract more leads, and sales, all while building a business you absolutely adore. 

Intrigued? Well, buckle up, because I’m about to show you step-by-step how rich women do their market research. And yes, it involves some fun with YouTube.

Let’s talk about how rich women do YouTube research and how it can be your secret weapon. I’m going to walk you through three kick-ass methods to find those trending keywords that’ll have clients knocking on your digital door.

Method One – Google Is Your BFF

Let’s make Google your BFF in this game. Fire up an incognito window and type in a keyword you think is hot in your niche. 

For today, let’s roll with “cash flow.” Google will show you exactly what people are searching for, and you can capitalize on that. Imagine creating content around the keywords “cash flow formula” because, hello, that’s what they’re craving. 

Doing this method is like knowing the secret sauce to your audiences favorite dish! But this isn’t the only method. Let me show you more.

Method Two – YouTube Research

Since you’re creating content for YouTube, why not use YouTube? Same drill here as well. Pull up that incognito window, type in “cash flow,” and let the magic happen. 

The suggested searches are golden nuggets. “Cash flow statement” and “cash flow analysis” are waving at you. Incorporate these keywords into your content, and you’ll be the wizard attracting leads and sales like it’s no one’s business.

Method Three – Answer The Public

Next we have one of my favorite ways to search for YouTube trending keywords. Enter the stage,, our little treasure trove. 

Feed it your chosen keyword, like “cash flow,” and voila! Discover what people are typing into search engines and what questions are on their minds. We’ve got 139 burning questions about cash flow to turn into your content goldmine.

And here’s a pro tip: focus on the questions that pop in that juicy orange color. It means people are hungry for that info. Imagine creating content around “cash flow being negative” because, well, people want to know. It’s like being the guru of all things cash flow.

Don’t Forget This In Your YouTube Research!

Now, here’s the kicker with this whole method. TESTING! Testing is your superpower. Experiment, see what works, and discard what doesn’t. Think of it as pressing the “winning” button repeatedly. 

The more you cater to what people are searching for, the more your business will flourish.

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Transcription Below

How rich women do YouTube research so that they can start attracting more clients more leads and sales so that they can start building a business that they absolutely love. I’m going to show you the step-by-step of how to actually start doing this for your business.

Well, in case we haven’t met my name is Karin Angelly, I’m one of the co-founders here inside of Truth Bomb Marketing. We help busy women create more time and money with that simple business playbook so that they can create their millions without sacrificing what’s most important to them.

So listen if that sounds awesome to you and you want to hear more about how you can start creating more of your millions in your business you’re probably going to want to smash that subscribe button and of course tap that like because that helps us create more content that’s just for you. And in case you didn’t know that we’re doing this we actually have a totally free training for you where you can actually start learning how to create more profit in your business and build that business that you absolutely love with more fun play and ease.

We have a product called the Female Millionaire Code and we’re going to teach you exactly that. So in case you want to check that out you’re probably going to see it in the description there is a link for you where you can join and check that training out today.

So let’s dive into YouTube research because this is honestly one of my favorite things to talk about how to actually find what is effective in your marketing so that you can start attracting more leads and sales straight to you in your business and to show you how to do that I’m going to actually show you how to do that. So stick around with me. So I’m going to show you three methods of how to actually start searching for keywords that are actually trending so that you can start using this in your YouTube research.

One of the simplest places is to first of all go to Google. I don’t know if you know this but if you go to an incognito window on Google meaning you are using a window that you have not done any kind of researching on because your research will actually skew the research that it pulls up because Google’s a marketing platform but if you go to an incognito window and you choose a keyword that you think might be interesting for people that they are searching or that that’s related to your content Google will actually start suggesting more keywords for you to start using.

So today for this example we’re going to use the word or the keywords cash flow because we want to see what people are actually searching for and I don’t know if you notice this but Google is literally showing what people are searching for when it comes to this keyword of cash flow. Okay so one of the things that I might do in my marketing is I might go here in cash flow formula actually works really really well for helping female entrepreneurs to build their business and start paying themselves more.

Heidi talks a lot about profiting first and so I would probably start creating content that use the keywords cash flow formula because people are searching for it. This is what people are looking for and if I had some sort of cash flow calculator which we actually do inside of Truth Bomb Academy we have this cash flow calculator that shows you how to start pricing your products how to start actually paying yourself first and the whole process with that you could actually start creating content that we talk about a cash flow calculator because we know people are searching for this.

This second place and probably more important if you’re starting to create content for YouTube and you’re looking for keywords for YouTube you actually can look directly in YouTube and do the exact same process that I just did. So once again let’s go to that incognito window which I already am in and then let’s type into YouTube that same keyword of cash flow and wouldn’t you know cash flow statement was actually on our Google search as well.

So we might want to think about using that keyword also because people are looking for it cash flow analysis was also on our Google search so it’s definitely something to think about and something to consider as we’re creating our content. But these keywords are literally what people are searching for and so if they’re searching for it we probably want to start thinking about creating content that uses these types of keywords so that we start attracting more people to us, attracting those clients that we absolutely want in our business.

Now the third method that I love, this is one of my favorite methods to use to actually start searching for keywords to start using for attracting more clients, attracting more leads and sales, is going to a little website called I love this because you can literally take that same keyword cash flow and we can actually see what people are typing in to the search engines like YouTube or Google and we can actually see what the ranking is with that as well.

We can see how many times people are searching for that. What are the most popular questions that people are searching for when it comes to that question.

So we can actually literally take the questions that they give us as you can see. There’s 139 questions that people ask Google about cash flow and we can start creating content around those questions that people are naturally asking on the internet.

So just as a quick how to of how to use Answer the Public, you can actually see what people are more so asking than other questions. So when I’m looking at a highly searched question, I’m going to look at the ones that are more dense in this orange color.

There’s actually a key up here that tells you a little bit about what people are doing as far as search volume and it tells me the search volume is pretty good. But then it also tells you the key highly searched.

Like I said, that denser orange people are searching more for that question. So that question of cash flow be negative. People are searching for that. So maybe if that fits your content, you can actually answer that question and you’re probably going to see a spike in people searching for that particular content on your social media, which is super exciting when you actually start attracting those leads and sales that are looking for a particular keyword type or content that you’re creating already on social media.

It’s really about making these small tweaks and actually creating more cash flow in your business as a result. And I think that this also is incredibly important to talk about as well. Anytime you test any one of these methods that I just shared with you, it really is about testing and seeing what works and then discarding the things that don’t work and continuing to do the things that actually do work in your business.

So what I like to do is I like to find the things the topics that people are searching for and I call it you keep pressing the button. I like to call it keep doing that button, keep going over and over again because that’s what people are searching for. So you the more you create content around that specific topic or around that specific niche, more likely it is that you are going to be found talking about exactly what you want to be talking about on social media and on the internet.

So I hope this training was super enlightening and help you figure out how to start attracting more leads and sales using the power of YouTube and YouTube research. If you’re looking for even more ways to actually start growing and scaling your business, you’re probably going to want to check out the Female Millionaire Code.

Inside the Female Millionaire Code, we talk about those 3Ms to profit. We’re going to be talking about your marketing, your mindset as well as your money and how to actually start using all three of those things to start building a business that you absolutely love with more fun play and ease.

So if that sounds interesting to you, you’re definitely going to want to check out the link in the description. We left it down below for you because we can’t wait to help you build your business in a way that most serves you and makes you feel like an empowered female entrepreneur. So with that, I can’t wait to see you inside the Female Millionaire Code.

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