Oprah Winfrey’s success as a self-made female millionaire by age 32 is nothing short of inspiring and amazing. She has a remarkable journey from rags to riches. Through my research of her, I unearthed 3 invaluable lessons her success story holds for aspiring female entrepreneurs like you. I’m excited to share the insights I’ve gathered after diving deep into her life and career.

Want a quick sneak peak into what those 3 secrets that I uncovered were? The run over to this video and hear more about this fabulous woman.

How To Become A Self-Made Female Millionaire

If you’re as fascinated as I am with this iconic woman, you’re probably going to want to study these 3 secrets. She’s a true example of a self-made millionaire, going from humble beginnings to achieving staggering success. 

It’s important to note that Cinderella stories like Oprah Winfrey’s often involve years of hard work and determination behind the scenes. We don’t always know many of the struggles and pitfalls that so many women in business face as they are growing. 

Remember that every stage in business has a season. Never compare yourself to anyone else’s success like Oprah Winfrey’s. Instead, use her story for inspiration as you continue to grow your own story as a successful female in business.

So, let’s uncover the three secrets that propelled Oprah to her female millionaire status and beyond. Let’s explore how you can integrate these principles into your own business journey.

Secret 1: Pursue Your Passion

Oprah Winfrey’s first secret to success was doing what she loved. 

In her own words, she expressed, “I decided that no matter what job I ever did, I wanted that same feeling I got when I first started in radio.” This passion-driven approach fueled her dedication. I love her approach so much, that I’d love for you to hear the whole quote that was written down here.

Ask yourself, do you approach your business with the same enthusiasm? If not, it’s time to consider how you can infuse your passion into every aspect of your business. This is exactly what we promote inside the Truth Bomb Academy as well.

We are helping women unearth their passions and collaborate to make business growth enjoyable. If you want to check us out, then click here.

Secret 2: Serve Others First

Oprah’s second secret was putting others before herself. She transformed her show by intentionally focusing on serving her viewers. 

Before this turning point, her show had encountered a few missteps that she herself admitted were cringe-worthy. However, her decision to dedicate herself to serving her audience transformed her show’s trajectory. She declared, “How we best serve our viewer is going to be the intention of every show from here on out.” 

This shift towards selfless service ignited a transformational spark, propelling her show to unprecedented heights. For the full story, check this out!

Are you prioritizing the needs of your audience in your business? Oprah’s journey teaches us that when you genuinely serve others, success naturally follows. At Truth Bomb Academy, we emphasize this philosophy. Always serving others needs to be at the forefront of your business strategy.

Secret 3: Embrace Self-Care

Perhaps the most cherished secret from Oprah’s playbook is self-care. She acknowledged that prioritizing her well-being was paramount. She recognized that by filling her own cup, she could pour into others more effectively. 

This approach not only prevents burnout but also enhances the positive impact you have on your business and the lives of others. I love her approach to self care so much that I want you to check out exactly what she has to say about it in this article that she was interviewed in.

Within Truth Bomb Academy, we champion self-care as a foundational element. Remember, success doesn’t mean sacrificing your well-being.

In a world that often glorifies hustle and grind, Oprah’s story serves as a poignant reminder that nurturing yourself is key to sustainable success. 

Our Truth Bomb Academy integrates self-care practices into every training session. We ensure that you embark on your entrepreneurial journey with a well-nurtured mindset.

So, as you venture into the world of female entrepreneurship, remember the lessons from Oprah Winfrey’s journey. 

Follow your passion, prioritize serving others, and nurture your well-being. If these insights resonate with you, I invite you to join the Truth Bomb Academy. It is a supportive community designed to empower female entrepreneurs to reach their full potential while maintaining a balanced life.

Are you ready to make your mark on the female business world while embracing joy, collaboration, and self-care? Join us today, and together, let’s turn your dreams of self-made female millionaire into a reality.

Your Sisters In Business,

Truth Bomb Founders

Three secrets to Oprah Winfrey’s self-made female millionaire success by age 32. What we can learn from Oprah Winfrey and how you can use it in your business to actually create that female millionaire status that you’re looking to create as well.

Well, my name is Karin Angelly. I’m one of the co-founders here inside of Truth Bomb Marketing. We help busy women create more time and money with a simple business playbook so that they can create their millions without sacrificing their family. And today we’re gonna be analyzing what Oprah Winfrey did to actually hit that millionaire status by the age of 32, which is incredibly impressive.

If this sounds exciting to you, go ahead and tap that like button, smash, subscribe, and let’s talk about how you can start using this exact same secrets that Oprah Winfrey used in order to create that female millionaire status. So this was one of the more exciting videos to create because I did a lot of research on Oprah Winfrey.

I wanted to know how she ticked. I wanted to know what drove her to actually create the millions and billions at this point that she’s created. And through my research, I found some really cool things about the woman. Whether you like her or don’t like her, she did do a lot of amazing things.

Her story truly is a self-made millionaire. She went from rags to riches, which is such a Cinderella story and one of the things that I discovered as I was doing research on her is that a lot of times we think that those Cinderella stories happen overnight, but one of the things that can happen is you don’t realize all of the hustle that can go in behind the scenes as you’re building a business.

So secret number one that I actually discovered that Oprah Winfrey said was incredibly important to her success was actually doing what she loved. Here’s a quote from her that she wrote for Oprah.com. She said, “I decided that no matter what job I ever did, I wanted that same feeling I got when I first started in radio. The feeling of I love this so much, even if you don’t pay me, I’d show up every day on time and be happy to be there.”

I’m curious. Is this how you show up in your online business? Is this how you’re showing up to grow and connect and collaborate with other women in the online space?

If it’s not, probably want to start thinking about how you can actually start incorporating this into your business. And this is one of the reasons that we created the Truth Bomb Academy.

We want to help more women actually dig and find what they absolutely love and then start collaborating with other women in a fun and exciting way so that they can grow their business with ease. If you want to join the community for free for 14 days, there’s actually a link in the description.

Secret number two for why Oprah Winfrey is a phenomenal self made female billionaire at this point is that she decided early on in her career with her show that she wanted to actually put other people first. Before she made that decision of actually serving others with her show, she had a few incidents on her show that kind of made her and other people cringe that this is what happened.

In fact, she was quoted after having some really bad faux pas on her show that she decided that she was going to intentionally aim to be a force for good and service. She told her team that how do we best serve our viewer is going to be the intention of every show from here on out.

From this point forward, is when her show just dramatically took off. When she started to have a focus on putting other people first and aiming to serve their needs and desires, that’s when everything changed. This is one of the most important things that we teach inside of Truth Bomb Academy as well.

How do we actually serve other people with our business? So ask yourself right now. When you’re building your business, do you have the intention of serving and helping others? Oprah Winfrey would say that this was incredibly important for you to do.

Now Secret Number 3 for a why Oprah Winfrey is such a phenomenal success. It’s probably my favorite because it comes so near and dear to my own heart. She said that “Prioritizing self care is probably the number one thing that you need to do if you want to be successful.”

If you end up putting yourself last and end up burning out, you won’t have anything left to give to other people. So when you put yourself first and you prioritize taking care of yourself, you can actually pour from a full cup and give to others in a more effective way that ends up drawing more and more people to you and your business.

The other really beautiful thing about this self-care and prioritizing self-care is that you start to feel fulfilled in what you’re doing. You start to feel good about what you’re doing because you’re taking care of yourself first.

And when you take care of yourself first, everything else is affected in a more positive way. That’s the reason that inside of Truth Bomb Academy, we talk so much about self care and taking care of your mind and your body while you’re building your business.

All too often we hear that in order to be successful, we have to hustle and grind. And a lot of times this means for a lot of women that we neglect ourselves. We don’t take care of ourselves.

What ends up happening for women is that you tend to burn out, you feel frustrated, you feel overwhelmed because you’re not taking care of yourself first. That’s the reason the inside of Truth Bomb Academy, we start every single training session with some sort of self-care, breathing exercise, grounding exercise, things that take care of us and remind us to come back to ourselves before we jump into training before we get started.

If this sounds interesting to you, we would love to have you join us inside the world’s premier female entrepreneur community and training site. If you want to join us for totally free, check us out, see what we have to offer, check the link in the description.

We would love to have you join us inside. We can’t wait to help you create that female millionaire status with more fun play and ease.

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