Let me be totally honest with you, access to female business training and education is missing from our current business education. What I mean, is that no woman, until now, has ever redesigned business education to ‘fit’ the heart, grace, and creative value of a woman.

While the men have been leading the way in business education, training, seminar, and speaking engagements… What’s missing is the feminine leadership approach. A woman who leads with feminine leadership is the only one who can teach female business strategy, training, time management, and life balance.

There is no way in hell a guy can teach a woman how to build a business from a woman’s point of view. They don’t know how! They don’t have a vagina. Okay, so maybe that was a bit blunt. I can soften it and say they aren’t female. 🥰

The Female Business

I know this is not a common conversation. The idea that there is a better way for women to learn and implement business strategies seems insane. Yet if you look around, every top business trainer, speaker, and mentor is male. There’s nothing wrong with this, I’m asking you to take note of this.

Heck, I was part of the problem for years. I taught hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs business and marketing strategies that were heavy in masculine energy, not knowing that there was any other option. Almost all females who coach, train, and teach leadership, are teaching the masculine approach to business. They didn’t have any other resources or access to female business training until now.

The Female Business written by the Founders of Truth Bomb Marketing, reveals the first look at what women had to go through and what’s been stripped out of our business training. Today we desperately need a new approach to how women learn to create and nurture a business.

Our book is the first introduction to this new way of thinking and feeling. If you haven’t yet, grab a copy of the Female Business, What Women KNOW About Business That Men Don’t

We are challenging the status quo and listening to what females really want in their business training. Trust me, the founders of Truth Bomb Marketing hear you loud and clear. We know the struggle and anxiety that have come from creating and scaling successful businesses.

Plus there are multiple studies being done about the high ‘burnout rate’ women experience as entrepreneurs. It’s interesting to read…

Burnout can be described as failure, exhaustion, or fatigue resulting from excessive demand on one’s personal energy, strength, or resources.

Ladies… does that hit home for you as an entrepreneur? Do you feel a drain on your personal energy?

My gut feeling is that we’ve suppressed our feminine energy so much, that the masculine energy we’ve been using leads to our burnout. We don’t take the time to bask and acknowledge our feminine energy. We keep trying to put on an all-masculine approach to life and business and it’s exhausting!!

Women Business Education Re-Imagined

Truth Bomb Mobile App Image

Inside Truth Bomb, Female Business Education has been reimaged for women entrepreneurs by women entrepreneurs. For the first time ever we are slowing down and reconnecting back to our bodies and learning how to tap into our feminine source for family, home, and business.

We are uncovering a skill set that many of us women have buried… it needs to come back and see the light of day again. Are you ready to try a different approach to creating and nurturing your business? One that have you breathe a sigh of relief and be excited about the business you are in?

Truth Bomb is the first-ever female entrepreneurial community and foundational business training that teaches feminine leadership—a missing ingredient in today’s business world.

Every week in our Truth Bomb community, we unlock a hidden secret around feminine energy. As Female Manifesters we have the opportunity to create whatever we desire. Never have you ever seen an approach like this to building a business.

Plus women have the ongoing support of the Truth Bomb community via a mobile app. You can always take Truth Bomb with you on the go. We are one click away to connect, answering questions, and being your cheer squad.

Truth Bomb Community via Mobile App

As innovators in Female Business, Truth Bomb Marketing is leading the way by being a community/training mobile app. We are not a community inside of social media. We are a stand-alone mobile community app that you can download via Apple Store or Google Play Store.

You can access training, community, and virtual workshops all via our Truth Bomb Marketing App. Plus connect with a community of like-minded women who are on the journey with you in designing a business with fun & play. How cool will it be to say you were one of the first to be part of the Truth Bomb community where thousands of women millionaires are birthed?

Truth Bomb and the Female Business methods of business education are unique and innovative. It’s time we brought the feminine back into our lives and our business.

We hope you join us on this incredible journey as we shake up the business education industry!

Take us up on our FREE trial of Truth Bomb! Download the app, create your membership and we will see you in our live workshops and training!

Comment below if you are ready for a new era in Female Business education. We would love to hear from you!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Truth Bomb Founders

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    4 replies to "Shocking Female Business Truths Revealed"

    • Susan Cagle

      Finally, a community teaching, learning and sharing entrepreneurship, and life, from a feminine perspective. There is never a dull moment inside this community thanks to Katrina, Heidi and Karin. Let’s go women millionaires!

      • Katrina

        Hey Susan… it’s so true. There is never a dull moment inside our Truth Bomb community! We are excited to mentor and train the next group of millionaire women! I love that you are on this journey! ~Katrina

    • Lisa Carmichael

      Every female entrepreneur can benefit from the Truth Bomb community because of Katrina, Heidi, and Karin’s expertise and beautiful hearts.

      • Katrina

        We love that you are part of our community Lisa! Thank you for making a difference with your E.P.I.K. mastermind in supporting Female Entrepreneurs. Together we create and begin the ripple effect! ~Katrina

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