Today Heidi is going to be talking about the top 10 benefits for using Shopify for female entrepreneurs that are in e-commerce. There is a drastic untapped potential for women entrepreneurs. However, most women never break through that 6-figure mark in business. 

At Truth Bomb, we believe that this is because modern-day business success and mentorship are masculine-focused. We wish to show you how your feminine energy is your superpower that can help you reach whatever goal you desire! Without the frustration, overwhelm, and burnout that is currently an epidemic in the business world. 

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Our one-of-a-kind business formula is designed to help you tap into your creative genius, playfulness, and inner wisdom to create a thriving business with ease.

You deserve a digital business education and community that get what it means to be a woman in business. A female entrepreneurial academy that supports and collaborates with you to build a sustainable 6-figure business.

Join us inside the Truth Bomb playground! It’s time to uplevel your marketing and business skills and create a thriving business doing what you love.

πŸ’₯ Video Highlights πŸ’₯

  • 00:00 – 10 Benefits Of Shopify For Female Entrepreneurs In E-Commerce πŸ›’
  • 00:21 – Why you should choose Shopify if you have an e-commerce business
  • 00:53 – Shopify makes social media easier for female entrepreneurs
  • 01:45 – Shopify is the easiest platform to set up if you are in e-commerce
  • 02:18 – Join the Truth Bomb Marketing community for more business from the female perspective!

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About Truth Bomb:

Truth Bomb is a female-driven business education and community created by three unique women in business. They include a stay-at-home mom, medical professional, and culinary artist, who wanted out of the corporate world or didn’t want to join the workforce. 

Together they have invested tens of thousands of dollars into digital courses, mentorship, and self-development programs. Only to realize that they couldn’t sustain their businesses doing it the masculine way. Something was missing, and it wasn’t until they unlocked the secret to feminine that their businesses and Truth Bomb began to thrive.

So they set out and created the premier feminine business education and community where you could learn the real truth bombs about what it’s like to build a 6-figure business from a woman’s perspective. 

Their goal is to enlighten and re-ignite the feminine energy that is within women to create a business that is of interest or importance to them. In the process, it will leave females transformed with more power, freedom, self-expression, and peace of mind.

If you’re ready to have more fun, make more money, and make a significant impact in the world, then Truth Bomb Marketing is for you!


Some product links are affiliate links which means we might make a small commission if you buy something. Know that everything we suggest we have personally tested and used to build our own business.

Ten reasons why Shopify has become my favorite place to be selling online. My name is Heidi Mummau, and I’m one of the cofounders inside here Truth Bomb Marketing, where we have the premier female business education to help you take your business to the six figure level without sacrificing in your family and friends and the things that are most important to you.

Why Shopify? I love Shopify. I love creative products, whether it be physical or digital and like, there’s all these platforms to to sell on. There’s Etsy. There’s Amazon. You can do on Shopify.

You can sell create all these different… There’s there’s plenty of this plethora platform. So why Shopify? If you look at Etsy and look at Amazon, they’re both phenomenal places to sell.

They also have a lot of expenses, a lot of fees, a lot of different things like that. And they have their limitations too. Shopify also helps you to promote it on your social media.

You can sell it integrates wonderfully with Pinterest and Google you have your product reviews that are directly for your business and your company right on there. They have the abandoned cart recovery. So if somebody, you know, goes and puts things in their cart and then they don’t check out right away then you can go back and you can follow with those customers.

And also integrate with plethora of drop shippers, you can offer discount codes, coupons, gift cards, those are all things right there on the platform. You can also list unlimited product and it’s not there’s not, like, that per product fee and all those things that you have on some of the other platforms.

But you have a full blog that you can also have on on your Shopify site. And also, you know, one thing when you’re getting online, everybody says your website has to be mobile ready. Shopify is already mobile ready. And it’s a super simple setup.

Can you can have things up there in one day, and you can start promoting your products immediately that same day. If you’ve ever had a website before and you know there’s so much tech to it, Go through and we’re gonna walk through Shopify.

It is so easy to set up in one day. For more trainings like this on how to build out your Shopify store and also how to take it, What do you do with that store? How do you market it on the outside? What is the best marketing strategy that’s gonna work for you in your business take advantage of the of those free trial that we have for the Truth Bomb community down below.

Click on the link and and test us out. Inside of the Truth Bomb Marketing community, we are walking people through and how they are building their their female business and in was such a way that it is not sacrificing in their family and their friends like, so many times we are taught, we have to give everything up so that we can build our successful business.

And we are we are changing the script. We flipping it upside down, and we’re teaching women, how to build the business from what is most important to you.

Using your feminine energy in a way that more empowering into you and empower into those around you, join us for a free trial and check out what we have inside the truth bomb community. I’ll see you on the inside.

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Co-Founder Truth Bomb Marketing

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