Learn the step-by-step for how to start a Shopify store in minutes! This is your beginner’s guide to Shopify!

There is a drastic untapped potential for women entrepreneurs. However, most women never break through that 6-figure mark in business.Β 

At Truth Bomb, we believe that this is because modern-day business success and mentorship are masculine-focused. We wish to show you how your feminine energy is your superpower that can help you reach whatever goal you desire! Without the frustration, overwhelm, and burnout that is currently an epidemic in the business world.Β 

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In this never been done before community and education for women, we are reimagining what it looks like to be a female in business.Β 

We provide on-demand digital training, courses, live workshops, mentorship, and wealth-building partnerships with a focus on the feminine perspective, energy, and balance.Β 

Our one-of-a-kind business formula is designed to help you tap into your creative genius, playfulness, and inner wisdom to create a thriving business with ease.

You deserve a digital business education and community that get what it means to be a woman in business. A female entrepreneurial academy that supports and collaborates with you to build a sustainable 6-figure business.

Join us inside the Truth Bomb playground! It’s time to uplevel your marketing and business skills and create a thriving business doing what you love.

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  • 00:00 – How To Start A Shopify Store In Minutes: A Beginner’s Guide πŸ›’
  • 00:54 – Why you should choose Shopify if you have an e-commerce business
  • 04:30 – Do you need your own domain with your Shopify store?
  • 07:09 – Why you need to understand keywords for your Shopify store, and what to do if you don’t
  • 07:56 – Join the Truth Bomb Marketing community for more business, financial, marketing, female leadership, and manifesting all from the female perspective!

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About Truth Bomb:

Truth Bomb is a female-driven business education and community created by three unique women in business. They include a stay-at-home mom, medical professional, and culinary artist, who wanted out of the corporate world or didn’t want to join the workforce.Β 

Together they have invested tens of thousands of dollars into digital courses, mentorship, and self-development programs. Only to realize that they couldn’t sustain their businesses doing it the masculine way. It wasn’t until they unlocked the secret to feminine that their businesses and Truth Bomb began to thrive.

So they set out and created the premier feminine business education and community where you could learn the real truth bombs about what it’s like to build a 6-figure business from a woman’s perspective.Β 

Their goal is to re-ignite the feminine energy that is within women to create a business that is of interest or importance to them. In the process, it will leave females transformed with more power, freedom, self-expression, and peace of mind.

If you’re ready to have more fun, make more money, and make a significant impact in the world, then Truth Bomb Marketing is for you!


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You know Shopify is super easy to set up. You can actually do it in one day. You don’t need super code experience, you don’t need super tech skills, it’s super easy.

So today, I’m gonna walk you through how easy it is to set up your Shopify store in one day. If I haven’t a met you before, my name is Heidi Mummau, and I’m one of the founders here inside a Truth Bomb Marketing where we are the premier business education for female entrepreneurs.

Click on the link down below. We encourage you to check out our community for you have a free trial that you can take advantage of.

So check it out today and see if it’s some and that will help you to increase your business and help you to not get burned out or or hate your business because you have to sacrifice your life to grow it. So check us out and build your business in the way that is most important to you.

And now we’re gonna walk through and see what Shopify is all about. When you’re ready to start your Shopify store, you’re just gonna go to Shopify.com you’re gonna click on here and it has you where you can ever…

This make change depending on when you’re seeing this video but it’s… Right now, you can start for a dollar a month for the first three months. But you can also start a free trial without entering any credit cards.

So you can go in and look in here and look around for right now it’s three days before you have to enter any credit card. So you can just put in your email address in here and you can just click start my free trial.

And then it’s gonna go through and ask you several questions and so whether or not you’re you can just like I’m just starting. I already have an nice… Or if you have a store can click you’re just started.

And then here, just depending on what you wanna do. This is all depend… Like, you can just click an online store.

You can do this other stuff. It’ll prompt you to enter this up. This can always be changed in the future also.

But this kinda of just opens up different options that Shopify if will show you. And then you can also you can add your social channels on here if you want to, and here’s whether whichever ones you’re on, you can click other or so you can just choose those.

Which online marketplaces do you wanna sell on. So if you do want you can… With your our Shopify store, you can also promote your products on Amazon, Etsy, Google different places there.

So If you are still other places, you can click those and it will help you add your products there too. And then here you can say what are you planning on selling?

Whether it’s products you make yourself whether it’s drops shipping that you’re gonna link your your site to?

Print on demand things. You can also sell digital products on here and services like coach and consultant and those types of things too.

So… And then here, what would you like your store name to be? So you can put in anything here.

And now this is going to create the URL for your Shopify store. I’ll show you later on where you can also have a custom domain so that it looks unique to you and stuff, but this is Shopify will give you a URL that you can use in the meantime before you set up your your custom URL.

And so where is your business located, whatever whatever country you’re in. I’m in the United States so you put that in here. And then you’re gonna create your Shopify Id.

I usually just do my email, but you can do whatever you wanna do with Facebook or whatever you wanna link it to. And then here, you just create your login here.

And then that’s your Shopify Id. They have a setup guide up here in the top corner. And where…

Right now, you can go ahead and you can add your first product. You can find products to sell, which is those you can…

Where you can connect the drops ship. You can customize your online store, which is choosing a theme. Now under the free trial, and they just have the one theme available as a default theme.

But as you if you choose a service, then you are a plan, then you can go ahead and and choose from different ones, you can add pages to your store like said you can have a blog.

You can have your products page. You could have an about me page. All those things are in here.

You can organize your store’s and navigation. And Here here I talked about your custom domain.

You can add a custom domain. You can buy a domain straight through Shopify or you can connect connect and existing domain.

My recommendation my experience is that it is less expensive if you have a custom domain name purchase somewhere else like, I recommend Name Cheap is where I have got mine and price comparison.

It is less expensive to purchase it through Name Cheap, and it is a simple connection that they will walk you through what when you just hit can connect existing domain, you follow the directions and it’s super easy to connect to them. You can… And also you can… Right here and like like I said, setting up your Shopify payments.

That is all super easy. You just click through here. And right now, this join me in error, but I’ll go through here.

So this is the theme that it automatically comes with. And you can customize that. With different colors and different things that you you can…

The announcement bar is super cool. So I’ll show you on our store right now… Actually. So right here, you can have the customized message that you want.

So if you’re running a special if it’s a holiday and you have a special sale going on, that’s a great place to announce anything for your store. But and then right here is your automatically goes in your the name of your website.

Here you can… This is where you customize your logos. You can customize your colors. All these different things are super easy right right inside of Shopify.

There’s no tech involved. You… It’s basically coming in here and clicking buttons and don’t be afraid to click buttons.

That’s one of the things that I’ve learned when building website to just click the buttons, You’re not gonna break it. It’s it’s all. Then you can come back and see it.

You always… Right here is a button right here, You can view your store. You can always see what the store looks like and to your shoppers.

And so right now it’s like, we haven’t added anything, but you can… This would be like where your banner would be and this is where all your products are gonna show up.

So right over here, you can see this is where your products this is where you can add your products. So this bar over here on the left, when you click on it, when you click on products, these other things show up you have collections.

You have inventory, you have transfers and you have gift cards. And so it tells you it’s super explanatory right here where you can add stuff.

And so when you’re gonna add your products, the things that you need to know and think about before as you’re add them, you need your title, you need your description, And also an understanding your keywords, all of these things are understanding SEO and keywords words are gonna be integral and how these are found on the Internet when people are Google and these things, will you get found by the title and your descriptions that you’re using?

And if you don’t… If if those get those words are foreign into you, or you don’t understand those, that’s what we we we dive a lot deeper into those inside a truth bomb. And so being part of our community, we walk you through things like this and we can help you go through it step by step, but you have your title your description, your photos, your price, and all of this stuff is super easy to upload and get inside of Shopify this soon your store is starting today.

Tutorials like this walkthrough through of the Shopify set up and build out is what we are doing inside a truth bond market. And when we are taken the business that most important to you whether that’s a Shopify store or a coaching business or some other digital product that you are selling, we helping women take those products and create that six figure income using their female energy.

We are building out the premier female business education that is helping you to build that business without sacrificing what is most important to you, not sacrificing and family and friends and those times that are special to us. So join us for a free trial and check out what we have inside the Truth Bomb community. See you on the inside.

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