As history has proven, women have challenged the status quo over and over again.  I just finished reading a book I highly recommend.  It’s not the typical business or professional development book that most business blogs promote but, rather, a novel.  

The book Lessons in Chemistry helped me remember how many stereotypes and biases women have fought and overcome.  I have to admit even the ‘role’ of a housewife is looked upon very differently than it was in the 60s and earlier.  I love how the main character consistently defies the status quo for both genders.

Over the decades women have fought for and have achieved respect and careers that were once reserved for men.  

We pushed through and knocked down what was widely accepted as the status quo.  

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In pursuit of knocking down the status quo we have forsaken some of characteristics that made us successful and fulfilled in our endeavors. 

We have been listening to the Business Gurus and mentors share what made them successful.

John C. Maxwell puts it very well:

“People may teach what they know, but they reproduce what they are.”

The Business Gurus and Mentors have taught business strategies very well and many entrepreneurs have gone onto to build successful businesses from their teachings.

While most of the Business Gurus and Mentors are men and they teach building a community is the easiest and fastest way to build a successful business. They are not natural community builders but, they are fantastic goal setters and natural at maintaining the drive to get ahead.

While they teach us about community they reproduce entrepreneurs who set incredible goals and sacrifice everything to get ahead in their business. The question I have heard the most is “What are you willing to give up today so you can enjoy your success tomorrow?”

The problem with that is women and men live different lives 😱(I know shocker). Women can’t or shouldn’t sacrifice everything in life for success tomorrow. (Everyone I know who has done that has regretted it and/or burned their successful business down.)

My question for you and myself is ‘Since men and women are so different how does building a business look different? What does it look like and what exactly do we need to do differently? And how would this make my business successful and actually fun….?’

In Truth Bomb Marketing we have Reimagined the Female Business Education and now women are thriving in their business and their lives.

Let’s look at this a little further…..

How Competing and Acting Like a Man Backfires…

I read this article in Forbes Magazine and was intrigued by it. Here is a short excerpt from it:  

Women Vs. Men: Who’s Better At Business?

“Now, Hillary Clinton is an excellent example of sort of both. I was going to say that men and women both compete and bond, they just do it differently. Hillary Clinton, as I see her–of course, I’m just observing her through the media, I don’t know her personally–I see a woman who is really caught. She is competing as a woman. She is authentic, but she’s cutting off from herself some assets because she’s trying to compete like a man.

When she cried and really touched those people in New Hampshire–if I were advising her, I would say, do more of that. That’s authentic to you, and that really touches people, but she’s caught. A woman right now running for office is caught. Especially running against a guy who is so dynamic. You’re constantly playing defense because [Obama’s] speaking skills are so incredible.

A lot of women will be sort of “competitive like a guy” in the workplace, but then when they go home, they realize that’s not fully authentic for them. They would like to have a more expansive or more authentic relationship in the workplace around competition. And they can help because they go home. Then they meet with their friends and then they’re not very competitive. So the workplace is trying to alter women, and some of that’s great. I think we need to compete.”

(You can read the whole article here:

I wonder what it would have looked like for Hilary to embrace her femininity and connect with her audience on a level Obama could not??

I agree and I disagree with the author.  When the author says, “She is authentic, but she’s cutting off from herself some assets because she’s trying to compete like a man.”  I think we often try to compete like men because that is what society has taught us. But as the author mentions, women have realized that workplace competitiveness is not authentic to who they really are. 

What Would it Look Like If Women Didn’t Compete With Each Other?

The author says we need to compete…Women often feel pressured to be competitive like men because they think that is their only option for success, but this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Looking at how and when women are most successful is often when they are collaborating and helping each other.  Women are natural community builders.  

The phrase ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’  Is one of the most accurate and often neglected realities.  

Women not only can’t but don’t need to compete in a man’s world. But they can thrive and create success when they step into the collaboration area. Here women can be more, do more, and have more. Let your feminine energy flow and see how the universe responds to your requests! 

Now, let’s talk about how you can collaborate with other female entrepreneurs. One of my favorites is to attend local networking events.  You can also find like-minded at conferences, meetups, or even virtual gatherings. These events provide opportunities to meet like-minded women who are also looking for ways to grow and learn from others. Another effective way is to join online communities or mastermind groups. These groups often have a specific focus, such as marketing or branding, and provide a platform to share ideas, ask questions, and support one another.


Inside Truth Bomb, you will not only find that group of female entrepreneurs to collaborate with, but you will also find The Female Business Education that has been reimagined for women entrepreneurs by women entrepreneurs. 

For the first time ever, we are slowing down and reconnecting back to our bodies and learning how to tap into our feminine source for family, home, and business. 

We are uncovering a skill set that many of us women have buried… it needs to come back and see the light of day again. Are you ready to try a different approach to creating and nurturing your business? One that has you breathe a sigh of relief and be excited about the business you are in?

Truth Bomb is the first-ever female entrepreneurial community and foundational business training that teaches feminine leadership—a missing ingredient in today’s business world. 

Every week in our Truth Bomb community, we unlock a hidden secret around feminine energy. As Female Manifesters we have the opportunity to create whatever we desire. Never have you ever seen an approach like this to building a business. 

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