Yup, count them. Six Feminine Energies that are needed and required in business.

At Truth Bomb Marketing Headquarters we are always at play in the reimagined Female Business. We look at what we’ve learned from the incredible male leaders and mentors and ask the question, “What’s missing?”

What’s missing, that if it were at play, would make a difference in business. The answer we found was exciting and simple

Feminine energy.

The side of business energy that creates, nurtures, and embraces possibilities.

So of course the next step in our journey is how do we add back this missing feminine ingredient. I’m so glad you asked.

Adding Feminine Energy Back into Business

There are six ways for women to add back feminine energy to the business. It all begins with honoring who you are and your contribution that is desperately needed in the business world.

And I do mean DESPERATELY!

Yes, we’ve been undervalued, and yet at the same time, the men had no idea what we could and do bring to the table for businesses. For too long women have been seen as having a supportive role and not a main role. Today this begins to change. Let me show you how.

The six ways women can help add back the feminine energy that is desperately missing.

#6: Lead with Empathy in Your Business

Let’s face it, women are naturally empathic when we get present to who we are. We are highly emotional people and that is a good thing. That means we connect on an emotional level that is needed and wanted in the business world.

I know, I know… every day we are told by the men in business to remove the emotion and focus on the decision or action. But there is something magical that happens when you add back the emotion to the decision-making process. You give it energy and life.

When female leadership is added to the business world we add back compassion and understanding. Allowing us women to create positive change and create those win-win situations.

Inside of Think and Grow Rich, it states that our unconscious will only act upon instructions that have been emotionalized, and handed over to it with “feeling.” (Ch 4. Autosuggestion)

Empathy is key to unlocking greater businesses and possibilities. Go lead with empathy.

#5: Encourage Open Communication

It is a little-known fact that women can create an open and transparent communication style, which can build trust and facilitate healthy conflict resolution.

Open communication is transparent, honest, and inclusive. It can be characterized by the following ingredients…

  1. Clear and direct language that is easy for everyone to understand. No showboating or egos’ allowed here.
  2. Information is shared openly and honestly, without any hidden agendas or motives
  3. All members are encouraged to participate in communication and have their voices heard.
  4. Open communication is a two way process, in which both the sender and the receiver actively engage.
  5. Timeliness. Open communication is timely, meaning that the information is shared when it is more relevant and useful.

To be honest… it drives men nuts that women want to talk it out. We need conversation and community. We want to know what you are thinking and feeling.

Men want to fix the problem… women want to understand the problem. There might be nothing to fix. Have you ever been in a conversation with a man and said, “I just need you to listen, there is nothing to fix.” (if you have, you’re not alone. 😀🤣)

As you build a digital business look for ways to create open communication with your team and your customers. Where can you be more authentic and open in your communication?

#4: Use Emotional Intelligence

It’s no surprise that women tend to be more attuned to the emotional needs of others and can use this strength to build strong relationships and create positive business cultures.

Often I hear men in business refer to emotional IQ as their level of self-awareness. How they can remove the emotion and come from an analytical point of view. Strip the information down and make less emotional decisions.

Curious enough, emotional intelligence is both self awareness and the emotional awareness of others.

The management of emotions is the ability to regulate one’s own emotions and respond appropriately to the emotions of others. Where do you see this showing up or not showing up in your business?

Again, as I read, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, chapter 4 talks about autosuggestion and the need to add emotion to our desires. It is the feminine energy of emotions paired with the masculine energy of thinking that creates new ideas and opportunities.

Feminine energy naturally has us look for an emotional connection and use it to better understand people and situations. In the world of digital business creation, we are typing or talking to a computer and that can be hard for women. It’s cold and unrelatable.

We are forced to look for ways to connect through technology that can seem cold and unfeeling. No wonder so many women struggle with the digital world. Don’t you ever feel that you would rather connect with a person in real life? That emotional connection is what’s missing.

#3: Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Feminine Energy that is needed in business is the Work Life balance redefined as we share here in this post by Truth Bomb Marketing

Men will tell you it is a myth. Women will tell you it is their day-to-day life.

As women, we juggle multiple responsibilities and prioritize work-life in a way that men may not.

When we put people over business, we create a more humane and sustainable work culture and business. For too long women have been forced to choose between family and work. This choice of either or has ripped our souls in half.

Women have proven time and time again that they can take care of family and business AS LONG as they have support in doing so. They need to be supported in this role of caretaker and business women. If we continue to tell women they have to do it all on their own we face a crisis of health issues and degrading of values in our lives.

Having women put family over the business, she is showing her feminine energy. And this is a strong powerful energy. This is a position of leadership and strength. We need more women choosing family over business. When we align with what is most important and who we are, then the business will seem like a part of our life, not the point of our life.

For women it’s not work-life balance… It’s actually Life-Work Balance. We have different priorities.

– Chef Katrina, Truth Bomb Marketing

#2: Embrace Collaboration and Teamwork

Team work makes the dream work. I’ve often heard this phrase throughout my volleyball career and my time at Disney. It always reminds me that collaboration and teamwork are fundamental in our lives.

As women when we collaborate and work together we get more shit done and we do it with ease. It’s because we don’t try to solve the problem ourselves, we look outside ourselves for support and feedback.

When I first started Truth Bomb Marketing, I was attempting to do it all. I was the creator, marketer, customer support, tech support, and about a dozen other hats. It was exhausting. No wonder I faced burnout and mental fatigue. I was attempting to do it all on my own. UGH!!

That is what men do… they attempt to do it all on their own to prove they can.

Yet the moment I surrendered to God and this vision of what Truth Bomb is in the world for women, everything shifted. Partnering with Heidi, as my Chief Financial Officer and Event planner, took the stress of these roles off my shoulders. Partnering with Karin, as my Chief Marketing Officer, allowed me to focus on my genius of creation, and her genius of marketing strategy.

When women collaborate and work together we create a network of support and leadership that makes us all feel valued and appreciated. We have what it takes to work together and the men (masculine energy) need to learn and incorporate this into their lives and business.

Women tend to be more collaborative and inclusive in their leadership style, which can foster a more harmonious and supportive environment as a female entrepreneurs. We have to lead the way.

#1: Truth Bomb Marketing – Female Business

It’s true, that feminine energies need to be added back to balance businesses. Somewhere along the way we’ve lost the importance of feminine energy and become totally focused on masculine energy.

For those of us women that have turned to the internet as a way to create a business and be a financial contribution to our families, we’ve struggled with the heavy masculine style of business. It has felt inauthentic and caused many of us to burn out or burn down our businesses.

Truth Bomb is helping you rediscover your feminine power and how to add it back to what you’ve already learned. Showing you ways to honor your power and grace while building a business in a way that fulfills you. Women and men do create and run different types of businesses, and here at Truth Bomb, our purpose is to share with you what Female Business design is and how you can take this into your business.

It’s time to stop the burnout, overwhelm, and frustration of building your business online. When you join Truth Bomb Marketing as a member, you get access to a community that supports you in having this new way of doing business and provides Female Business training that has been missing from all business training. It’s time to add it back in and you get to be on the forefront of this new business education.

Learn more about Truth Bomb and the Female Business today!

If you got value from this post, share it! Let’s share with female entrepreneurs so that they have the opportunity to learn and know more about the Female Business.

Your in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    2 replies to "The Six Feminine Energies in Business"

    • Baxter Cribbs

      Six awesome energy points:
      all of which could be a blog post of their own, but the one that catches my attention the most is #6.

      Because I have a super amount of empathy to the point sometimes that I don’t make the best decision but I make the one that feels right. And that sometimes bites me but I followed my gut, as they say,

      But then #5 is something most are really afraid to do because of the “being political(ly)” right.
      I can tell you how I feel, or think or anything that doesn’t agree with others because they might get mad, or leave or, or, or…

      • Katrina

        Hey Baxter, thank you for always being an amazing contribution to our blog and our Truth Bomb community.
        I think it is a great idea to create blog posts around each topic. There are lots of juicy conversations to start as we dive into the Female Business.
        Part of what you are sharing is what we are pointing to… sometimes following your ‘gut’ isn’t always well received but plays a critical role in honoring who we are in the world. It takes courage to have feminine energy at play in your life. Thank you for embracing and learning alongside us.

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