Shhhhh, syndication is the secret they don’t want you to know! They would rather keep you stuck and broke using digital marketing lies that have you spinning your wheels. Sucking money right out of your bank account. UGH!

Can we please stop the insanity?! Posting and reposting is BullSh!t. Posting ‘X’ number of times a day… is a lie. Thanks for keeping the big boys paid by this nonsense. If you think cracking an algorithm will make you money… then you’ve fallen for the biggest digital marketing lie. Don’t worry… for years I fell for it also. I was one of the lemmings who followed the gurus and marketing coaches of the business industry who said to follow these simple steps… and then handed me a Daily Method of Operation for posting on Social Media.

The years and hours I wasted following this strategy almost destroyed my business. Until I discovered this hidden little secret that digital marketers no longer know how to teach anymore. The only people who use the syndication strategy are the rich… It’s time to level the playing field.

So let me reveal some syndication secrets to you… ready?

What is the difference between Marketing and advertising?

Ladies, we are taking you back to the basics of understanding and the use of psychology in marketing. Before the age of digital media, getting the word out about your business was mostly done by word of mouth. Unless you were a big business and had the budget to run ads in magazines, billboards, newspapers, TV ads, Radio ads, and storefront signage.

Marketing is the act or process of selling or purchasing in the market. Think of it like a local farmers market. It’s the place where you buy, sell, and mingle.

Advertising is the act of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements. This is why we saw those ads on TV, radio, and newspapers. They were attempting to get your attention.

In today’s digital media, marketing strategies are all the rage! Every business needs a marketing strategy, plan, content creation, video, email, funnel, website… and the list can go on and on.

Geez, even writing that I’m overwhelmed. How can you possibly run your business and provide your service if you are spending hours in front of the computer trying to do everything the gurus are telling you to do?

Marketing REALITY Check!

There is NO way you can do this all. Especially if you are doing your business all by yourself. STOP trying to be superwoman. There is a much easier way.

Three Marketing Methods That Actually Work

Here’s what you really need to know about marketing. Lean in… this is gonna surprise you.

YOU are your own media marketing giant. YOU.

Not Facebook, YouTube, X. Tik Tok, or Instagram. You hold the power to market and scale your business. STOP letting the gurus or these social platforms continue to sell you on the LIES. Ugh!

Digital Media gives you control of your business, marketing, and content in ways you’ve never imagined.

  1. The Newspaper is now your Blog
  2. The T.V. is now your YouTube Channel
  3. The Radio is now your own Podcast Station

Guess who gets to write the programming for each of these media outlets? YOU do!

And here’s the crazy part. You only need to focus on one of these to generate endless leads, customers, and increased profit. It’s not about doing it all. It’s about doing what you love to do and embracing one media outlet to market and advertise your business.

Then choose whether you want to write, speak, or be on video. All three work! Next, add this special syndication secret and watch your business grow!

Syndication Secret That Works

Finally, the secret few gurus or marketing coaches will tell you. It’s because they forgot, don’t know, or NEVER knew this was an option. Over the last 20 years, we spent so much time helping digital platforms build their wealth that we got lost in the pretty lights and fancy algorithms.

It’s time to stop being a marketing tool and take back marketing as a tool for your business.

Step 1: Choose what kind of media you prefer.

  • Video – TV Station that you control
  • Podcast – Radio station that you control
  • Blog – Print industry that you control

Step 2: Choose your pillar content. What do you want to be known for?

  • This is taken from your business plan (don’t have one, Unlocking My Millions)
  • Create your 4-5 pieces of evergreen content, the foundation of your business.

Step 3: Unlock your syndication strategy

  • Podcasts have fabulous syndication. Create your podcast and it goes to podcast platforms like Spotify, iHeart Radio, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, overcast, and many more.
  • Blogging is amazing for syndication with the RSS feed. Simply use your blog URL/feed and you can post that on platforms to get better reach. Plus leverage platforms like Blogger, medium, and Flipboard.
  • YouTube gives you the ability to create lists and syndicate your videos to video platforms like Tik Tok, Clapper, and many more. Use YouTube’s ability to create shorts to share on your reels.

Syndication allows you to share your content and bring it back to your business. Where can you create the money conversion? Marketing is all about creating the sale. If it doesn’t make you money, why are you marketing?

You are in business to make a profit, right? Don’t get caught up in the fake marketing tactics that are preventing you from growing your business and making money. Stop worrying about the algorithms that are using you as a tool! Instead, use the tools to grow your business and create profit.

If you want someone to hold your hand and walk you through this syndication process for your business… go right now to Unlocking My Millions!

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