From burnout to having fun again. Today’s Truth Bomb Academy Member Spotlight highlights Deb Andrews! We are interviewing our members about their entrepreneurial journey into the world of business.

We can learn so much from other women in different businesses. Each female entrepreneur in Truth Bomb Academy has experienced a new approach to business, finances, marketing, and manifestation. Their stories share the heartbreak and success of running a business as a solo entrepreneur.

They also share the personal transformation they experience in their life and businesses because of our NEW business training designed for women that support them on the journey to becoming a millionaire while still prioritizing their health, family, and other areas of their lives.

We completely ReImagined the entire process and curriculum of business education and marketing training to highlight and enhance the innate superpowers of women. Our focus is to support the direct relationship between business education and female millionaires. It’s all about the Truth Bombs!

Shout out to Deb Andrews and the incredible business you will be building as you let the fun of creation be your guide. Welcome back to your business and the life you are open to creating.


Deb Andres said, “I was sitting at my desk trying to figure out what to post or write about for my business. I looked over at the calendar and noted the date… I got up and walked away from my computer.”

For over a year, Deb barely touched her computer or her business. She had crashed into severe burnout just as she was starting to see success in her business.

Can you relate to being overwhelmed in your business? Have you ever found yourself sitting for hours in front of your computer doing everything the gurus have been telling you, only to have few or no results?

Many of us come to the internet looking for solutions. We want to grow our business, many money, and still take care of our health and family. Yet, at times it seems the internet and digital marketing are taking away the best moments of your life.

Yet, after a year away, Deb Andrews shares what reignited her heart and her business. It’s tough to come back from burnout. What Deb shares might have you ready for this new approach for women in business.

What Changed? Truth Bomb From Deb

After the insight that Deb shared with you, she realized that she still has so much to give. No one should struggle in business like she did. Deb tells you that she didn’t have a ‘business brain’ when she got started. When you don’t know the basics of business, burnout will be severe.

Being a business owner doesn’t always translate into creating and having a business plan. Many of us wing it. We make it up as we go or get sucked into someones else business strategy not realizing that it isn’t ours.

If you follow someone else’s 90-day business success formula, what you have to understand is that it is theirs. They created it for their business. Each business plan is unique to each business and the person running it. While we would like to believe all marketing is the same, it really isn’t. To stand out you have to know your business from IDEA to M.V.P. to MARKETING to COLLABORATION. Each step is an important process in running your own business. (Food for thought)

Why Truth Bomb Academy?

Truth Bomb Academy is the premier female business education, training, and community. When we launched ‘Unlocking My Millions‘ we knew that we had a better way to help women become millionaires.

Deb, what made ‘Unlocking My Millions’ different?

“It made sense to me. When the guys were teaching me I would have to hear it numerous times. My brain wasn’t a business brain so I had so many questions. Truth Bomb Academy has opened my eyes to a simple way, it pulled me from my deep business burnout. I’m learning how to say stop, this isn’t right for me, and not lose myself, which is what happened. Losing myself caused my burnout.”

Deb Andrews
Truth Bomb Academy image with Unlocking my millions and what community access looks like.

This is NOT your traditional business model. Creating a business plan can take anywhere from 30-90 days. After that, you will need ongoing support and resources to ensure you and your business thrive.

We offer a ‘Do It Myself’ or a ‘Done With You’ option. Allowing you to choose the best approach for you and the future of your business.

Enrollment is open for our LIVE, Done With You, virtual workshops and Q&A, inside the Truth Bomb Academy. Grab your spot today! Discover a better way as a female entrepreneur to build and grow your business. You will LOVE this new approach. Increase your profits and have more time for what’s important in your life.

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P.S. Collaboration is key to growing your business and we love collaborating with our Truth Bomb Academy members to give their business more visibility by spotlighting them in our podcast and blog. Isn’t it time you had a company and founders that really cared about you? You’re invited to join us in Unlocking My Millions, it’s your turn.

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