Running a business as a female entrepreneur has its own set of challenges. Yet these time sucks can make us question why we got into business in the first place. In coaching and mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, what we often ignore is what later becomes a time suck.

You never know what will fall out of our mouth in our Truth Bomb Podcast, Did She REALLY Say That?! It’s the first REAL conversation and training for female entrepreneurs. It’s here that you will unlock a new paradigm shift in female business education and training. 

This week Chef Katrina & Heidi share some of the biggest mistakes that we see female entrepreneurs make over and over again. These mistakes are costing them time and money. Now’s the time for this conversation and training about what is sucking your time and energy in business and what to do next.

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Highlights from the Podcast:

  • What really drives women to create a business
  • What is the next step often missed in starting a business?
  • Tips to avoid time suck traps that are stopping women from designing a millionaire business lifestyle.
  • What’s next in female business education and development?

Truth Bomb’s Podcast | Did She REALLY Say That?!

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Get Ready to Scale Your Business Ladies!

Have you been wanting to scale your business but feel like you are spinning your wheels? You’ve done all the marketing you’ve been told to do and yet nothing works the way they say? You’re not alone.

Thousands of female entrepreneurs have been using outdated training and techniques that are causing women in business to burn out at a faster rate than ever before. Over 43% of women in business will experience mild to severe burnout. And less than 3% will ever achieve millionaire status in their business. It’s time to change this story!

And we can show you exactly how to scale your business as a woman who has a lot on her plate. It’s time for you to experience the Female Business model for planning, growing, and scaling your business by following YOUR natural rhythm. Inside Truth Bomb Academy we’ve designed the first-ever female business plan strategy that will show you exactly how to grow and scale your business while honoring your energy and hormonal cycle. Your infradiam rhythm is your superpower and we are going to show you how to sync your business to your cycle for increased productivity, energy, time, and financial freedom. This is premier business coaching that you won’t find anywhere else.

Enroll today and get our special pricing! Now is the best time to be part of a new era in business training that is designed exclusively for how women create and do business. Experience joy and passion for your business.

We’ll see you inside the Academy!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina 🦋🕯️🥰

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