Welcome to Truth Bomb’s Podcast, “Did She Really Say That?” Today we are hosting our special guest Anne Pustil! Anne Pustil is a psychotherapist who shares many of her secrets to help you unlock your millions in your life and in your business. And stick around until the end because she is going to take us through a very special tapping session. It’s sure to make you say, “Did She Really Say That?!

In her own words, a little bit about Anne…

“I’m able to quickly see patterns and relationships that keep people blocked, unhappy and struggling. I will shine the light on your subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck and creating self-sabotage. My clients experience big shifts in themselves and their lives within a short period of time.

I have a very different way of dealing with anxiety so that clients can master it instead of controlling or managing it. I work with couples to create greater intimacy, joy and passion in their relationship instead of conflict, hurt and frustration. I also work with people who have achieved a high level of success in the world but are unfulfilled in the rest of their life.

I work with clients nationally and internationally. I have worked with CEOs, teachers, lawyers, coaches, parents, actors, therapists, writers and entrepreneurs among others.

I have a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. I am certified by the Canadian Counseling Association and I am registered with the B.C. Association of Clinical Counselors. (My Masters thesis was on the power of visualization to create healing.) I have studied coaching with the Coaches Training Institute in California.”


Tune in to “Did She Really Say That?” and get your hand on Unlocking My Millions as we pave the way for a future where women’s voices aren’t just heard – they’re amplified. Get ready to rethink, reimagine, and revolutionize your business ladies!

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Chef Katrina 🥓💕🕯️🦋

Co founders of truth bomb academy, Chef Katrina and Heidi
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    6 replies to "Truth Bomb🎙️: Tapping Your Way To Millions with Anne Pustil [Ep. 33]"

    • interesting info

      • Katrina

        LOL, we get that a lot! It’s a new paradigm in female business education. Hope to see you here on our blog soon!

    • Angie V

      “a 28-day hormonal cycle vs the 24-hour male hormonal clock” — that really makes sense to me! No wonder women get more things done!

      • Katrina

        It’s been amazing to watch women really unlock their business with this new approach. It’s the only way to create sustainability for women to reach that million dollar mark in business while still making themselves and family a priority. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

    • Miss Adore

      Really good info, thanks

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