What is a shopping cart? Is it a metal carriage that you drive around the grocery store?

It’s a great question, so let’s define the answer in the digital business world where you play.

A shopping cart for digital business owners is a way to accept payment for your goods and services. I often get questions about “how can I accept credit card payments or other forms of digital payment for my services”.

The use of an e-commerce shopping cart can save you time, money, and frustration. Today you will learn about three of my favorite shopping carts that I’ve been using in my business for over a decade. These are proven shopping carts with a long track record of working with both the buyer and seller.

Watch this video to learn about the top 3 shopping carts available for business owners.

It is easy to get a Shopping Cart? 

Yes, it is easy to get a business account even if you’ve never done so before. As a solo entrepreneur, the easiest way to get your EIN is by way of claiming sole proprietor of your business.  

What is a sole proprietorship? 

A sole proprietorship is a non-registered, unincorporated business run solely by one individual proprietor with no distinction between the business and the owner. The owner of a sole proprietorship is entitled to all profits but is also responsible for the business’s debts, losses, and liabilities.

You can learn more about sole proprietorship at https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/sole-proprietorships

When you apply for your EIN – use your real name and when it asks for the company name use your legal name also. This is not the place to be inventing a company name. That is something to think about when you apply for an LLC. 

To apply for your EIN online use this link… 


Follow the directions on this page. If you have any questions I recommend consulting with your CPA or tax advisor. They can help you make the best decision for your business. 

Once you have your business EIN in hand you can then apply for the business accounts on these following merchant accounts also known as e-commerce shopping carts. 

The Paypal Shopping Cart

PayPal Logo

A Paypal business account offers a variety of services to everyone from hobbyists to small business owners who need a no-hassle, affordable payment process solution. 

The pricing structure for receiving standard Credit and Debit Payments is 2.99% + $0.49


  1. Global Reach: PayPal is accepted in over 200 countries and supports 25 currencies. Making this an ideal choice if you have plans to grow your business internationally. 
  2. Brand Recognition: PayPal has been around since 1998 and is widely recognized and a trusted name for online payments. Many of us have been using them for years. 
  3. Ease of use. Paypal is always keeping up with the trends allowing you to collect payment from a personalized link, QR code, and even integration with other platforms. 


  1. If you are a new business account and you are expecting a high volume of transactions, be in communication with PayPal. They have been known to freeze accounts as a security measure. 
  2. Customer Service: Some have reported issues with PayPal’s response time to resolving issues. 

Overall, I’ve been using Paypal for years and I love having the option for my buyers if this is their preferred method of payment. Making the buying experience easier for them. 

The Stripe Shopping Cart

Super easy to start a business account on Stripe. They are amazing for integration and customization. I’ve been using them for years and while I might not be using everything they offer, I like to know that I have options as my business grows. 

The pricing structure for receiving standard Credit and Debit Payments is 2.9% + $0.30 (slightly lower than PayPal)

Here are the pros and cons of having a Stripe Business Account.


  1. Customization: Stripe’s API allows for extensive customization. Meaning it integrates well with services like SamCart, Shopify, Websites, and CRMs. Making it easy to accept credit card payments. 
  2. Transparent pricing: They’ve always had a straightforward pricing structure with no hidden fees. See above. 
  3. Advanced features: Stripe offers features like subscription services, mobile payments, buy now pay later, and the ability to accept international payments. 


  1. Limited Availability. Stripe is currently available in 46 countries. The primary focus in on U.S. businesses. 
  2. Payout Time: New accounts could have a two-day payout time, but if transactions are occurring, the payout is the next day. This could be a disadvantage for businesses that need quicker access to funds. 

Overall, I like the ease of integration with Stripe. I’ve used it for invoicing, and selling high-end coaching programs because I can request a bank withdrawal instead of a credit card. This is something important to know as you build your business and something we teach and train inside the Truth Bomb Academy

Next up is a favorite of ours…

SamCart – Our Preferred E-commerce Shopping Cart

Samcart is our preferred e-commerce shopping cart because it does it all without having to do much tech work. Honestly, I’m tech challenged so having SamCart in my business corner has been a God send. 

It integrates with both PayPal and Stripe so that I can give my customer the ability to pay their way. And if you want more buyers… make it easy for them to buy. It takes the best of PayPal and Stripe features and fine-tunes them into converting elements for your business. 


  1. Express Checkout: Experience the fastest checkout on the internet
  2. Checkout pages: Customize and conver with dedicated checkout pages
  3. Sales pages: Engage visitors with video, text, bullets, & more
  4. Embedded Checkout: Integrate your checkout into any page on your website
  5. Popup Checkout: Launch your checkout with one click of a button
  6. CheckoutOS: Smart technology that makes you more money
  7. Multiple Payment Methods: Flexible options for how customers pay for their order
  8. Order bumps & Add Ons: Maximize sales by offering recommended products
  9. Cart Abandonment: Multiply profits with stored credit card technology
  10. Integration: Plugin your favorite tools for email and community. 
  11. Course App: Deliver your courses, downloads, templates, and more
  12. Subscription: Build (and protect) your recurring income
  13. Affiliate Center: Recruit your own private army of sales partners
  14. Customer Hub: Automate your customer support


  1. Can’t use it to build a store with a massive selection of products
  2. Support: Only email support is available 

Overall, I believe SamCart to provides more to the digital business owner than PayPal and Stripe on their own. SamCart was created by digital marketers for digital marketers and digital creators. This is your shopping cart and I hope you take advantage of this ridiculous offer.

Because we have an excellent relationship with SamCart, I can make you this outrageous offer. 30-Day Trial membership. Launch SamCart (the best deal you will find on the internet and it won’t be around forever)

With SamCart you have the best of all merchant offers with a platform that wants you to sell more and grow your business. If you are just getting started selling online. SamCart is a shopping cart your business can grow with

Eth.id – Web3 Crypto Payment

The future web and possible payment. For our fans of Crypto… how would you like to get paid in crypto for your products or services. 

We attended an NFT event and discovered Eth.Id – one of the future shopping carts for how small business owners can accept crypto as payment. You might not be ready for it yet, but it is here and it could be a way to grow your business 

Reserve your site now, go to Eth.Id – pay once and it’s yours for life. No renewals.

Then your next step should be easy!

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    • Heidi Mummau

      I love and have used each one of the shopping carts at some point in my business. Samcart is by far the most comprehensive and versatile. Love the pay over time feature they offer for the high end products and services.

      • Katrina

        Samcart really is one of my favorite ecommerce shopping carts! They are always looking out for the small business owner, giving access to feature that all the BIG companies use. It really is an unfair advantage!

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