What is the best community app to use to grow your business? This is a personal review of Disciple Media, unsolicited.

For almost 3 years Truth Bomb Marketing has partnered with Disciple Media to create the ideal blend of course, community, and privacy. If you haven’t been paying attention, I recently received a notice that Facebook is about to remove the API connection for all admin group users. What does this mean?

  • No More Zoom meetings in your FB group
  • Can’t live stream via Zoom, Streamyard or any other 3rd party service into your FB group
  • You can use third-party posting services like Hootsuite, Metricool, and Zapier.

Honestly, you are losing control of your groups and your company brand if you continue to keep your groups on Facebook. The next question is where do you go to build your community?

Today I share my favorite community app company, Disciple Media. Three years ago I saw the writing on the wall, that at some point every business was going to need to create and develop their community if they wanted to grow and scale as a business. We can no longer lean on FB, X, or LinkedIn to host the most valuable and profitable piece of our business. Our customers.

Disciple Media – Community App

It’s time to build your social platform to connect, grow, and scale your business. What I love about Disciple Media is that their focus is on building community apps. Meaning, it’s not about being a web-based community — it’s mobile!

Companies like Might Network, Circle, and Disciple Media are on the cutting edge of community app development. What is a community platform? It is a virtual space where a group of people unit in interests, goals, and other commonalities come together to meet, connect, and build relationships with each other.

What makes Disciple Media stand out is its flexibility and customization options. It’s suitable for creators looking to create a unique and immersive community experience. With this platform, you can create multiple groups, segment your audience, share video content, and reach your members through live stream broadcasts, direct messages, and more. It also offers the option to sell online courses and subscriptions.

Truth Bomb Academy is an independent community. It’s not tied into any other community or community-based web service. My app and domain are my own. I have complete control over privacy, data protection, and keeping my community safe. And I love that I have this with Disciple Media. To see reviews on other community platforms — see what LearnWorlds has to say!

Community Builder Tips to Grow Your Community

Like any element of your business, if you choose to create and design a course, or community experience, begins with clarity of your idea and purpose. What is your intent? Courses? Live Training? Exclusive Access?

Before you pay for a community, map out your intentions.

For Truth Bomb Academy I looked at the experience I wanted to create. I love having courses and a community in one place. Plus the ability for members to connect and resource each other. So our community begins with our flagship product, Unlocking My Millions.

From there I looked at how I wanted groups to engage. I’ve built about 10 courses over the life of my business and each course had a separate group on FB at one point. It was exhausting to keep up with all the groups on FB and have my students jump from group to group based on access, VIP, and course. So having all my groups in one app connected to a specific course made sense.

From this point, I could lock groups to specific products based on the access my students and customers needed access to. When you become a member of Truth Bomb Academy, you start with the basics.

  • Start Here – an introduction to Unlocking My Millions course and how to navigate the content.
  • Unlocking My Millions course – structured with both video, content, and assignments.

From there you will unlock bonus training, courses, and groups. Plus have continued access to live training, member directory, events, and more. The idea was to keep it simple and make it flow. If you have questions about this process, comment below. I’m here to help.

Resources and Tips from Disciple Media

What I love about Disciple is that their community and community training is invaluable. Meeting and connecting with other successful community builders ensures the success of Truth Bomb and gives me ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. I love the creativity, support, and community that Disciple Media provides.

From the creation of your community app to getting it approved for iOS and Android – they are with you every step of the way. Plus as new rules and regulations roll out from Apple and Google, they are on top of it. I don’t have to worry about the coding or logistics of having an app. I can focus on my courses, community, and gamification. Highly recommend Disciple Media for any entrepreneur who wants full control of the look and feel of their community and courses.

As a partner for Disciple Media, if you choose to create your community with them, you can get 10% off your first invoice when you sign up for the Disciple Mobile App. Just tell them that Truth Bomb Marking sent yet you. And yes, we do make a small commission that we take a portion of and donate to Heifer International. We believe in paying it forward.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

three founders of Truth Bomb Marketing, Truth Bomb Academy, and Unlocking My Millions

P.S. We help women unlock their millions. Empowering the whole woman to grow and scale her business with fun, play, and ease—a paradigm shift in female entrepreneurship. Experience the difference.

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